Muslim man in Northampton asked what he’s doing about ISIS

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A 38-YEAR-OLD Muslim working as a land surveyor in Northampton has been asked how he plans to stop ISIS.

Mohammed Rahman, who was born in Kettering and attends mosque around four times a year, has been informed that responsibility for halting ISIS rests with the Muslim community and that means him.

He said: “Tony in marketing came over specially to ask how I was fighting creeping radicalisation in young Muslims. They seemed disconcerted when I said my daughters preferred 5SOS, which I then had to explain was an Australian boy band.

“Pam in the postroom wanted to know if I was going on an anti-ISIS march. I said I would if there was one going on, and she pursed her lips.

“Then I got called into the management meeting to tell them whether airstrikes could be effective against Syria or if we needed boots on the ground.

“I said I didn’t know. They didn’t say anything, but I felt like I’d let them down.”

Rahman decided to make an effort by leaving critical comments under an ISIS video on YouTube, following which he was placed on MI5 and CIA watch lists.

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Nov 18, 2015 8:28 AM

The Onion couldn’t possibly put it better.