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Charlie Hebdo: “Now begins a new world war”

Stéphane Charbonnier, aka Charb, director of Charlie Hebdo, assassinated in the terrorist attack of January 2015.
Life News reports:

Patrick Pelloux [pictured below  speaking to Life News], a journalist who works for Charlie Hebdo, said the goal of the Russian cartoons was to make fun of those who arranged the attack on flight A321.

– You see, it is a caricature, we laugh at those who committed this act of terrorism. It is neither against the victims nor against the Russians, it is against those who committed this act of terrorism – said Pelloux. – The meaning of our cartoons is to laugh at this. To laugh at violence. And both the Russia cartoons and this week’s cartoons are necessary so that we can laugh and not applaud the attacks

The satirists were also not too kind to their own countrymen. The cartoonists depicted a Parisian with bullet holes from which pours champagne, after the attacks on the night of 13 to 14 of November. But as it happens, in this case the artists showed a subtler sense of humor for it is not the dead that are being mocked and laughed at but those who brought death to Paris.


– It’s all very simple. We say, yes, you have a weapon but we have champagne. And by champagne we mean that our spirit is stronger than their stupid weapons. Although, you know, to be honest, it is not the strongest and most vivid cartoon drawn by Charlie Hebdo, – the journalist said.

According to him, attention shouldn’t be paid to the controversy caused by the cartoonists’ work. He calmly said that you can not always please everyone.

– Now a new world war begins. Because by attacking Paris, the terrorists attacked all the world’s capitals. And this is a war that threatens our culture, all mankind. I am therefore delighted that François Hollande suggested to form a coalition with Russia and the United States. This will help us to quickly finish this World War – concluded Patrick.

The journalists of Charlie Hebdo have also been paying attention to the European refugee crisis. They do not share the growing hostility towards refugees and call for the destruction of the terrorists so that the people of Africa and the Middle East have no reason to flee their homes in the Old World.

– It is an excellent solution – bomb and destroy ISIS. And we must continue to take in the refugees in order to show them what a democratic country in the real world is like. And accept that eventually they could go back to their homes, knowing they are going to create a new Syria. And after we win this war, and we will win it, these countries will be rebuilt and in 10 or 20 years they should be able to create an alliance with the EU and the UN – opined the Charlie Hebdo collaborator.

The Charlie Hebdo satirists strongly recommend that their countrymen do not to give in to the intimidation of terrorists.

– Paris must now continue to live its normal life. We must keep going to to the café, to walk around. We must be a confident army.

Pelloux is convinced that sooner or later the war will end with the victory over ISIS. And although he and other journalists are now receiving threats from the radicals, they feel they cannot give up and must continue living a normal life.

The Charlie Hebdo covers about the ISIS terror attacks in Paris and against Russian flight A327:


Two cartoons from the “Crash dans le Sinai” Charlie Hebdo issue:

Daesh: Russian air force intensifies its bombings (left); The dangers of Russian low costs – I should have flown Air Cocaine (right).


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