Putin: New sheriff in town

PutinSheriffCartoon “There’s a new sheriff in town” by Christo Komarnitski

A highly representative sample of comments about Russian president Vladimir Putin being currently posted on popular US news sites such as Yahoo News:

For the first time in my 65 years, I am ashamed of my President, and proud of a Russian leader!

yes…times sure have changed… I grew up thinking that Russia was evil….cause that’s what the American press told me. strange when you have more confidence in the “enemy” than you do one of your own”

I trust Putin more than Obama

At least Putin is a leader and will deal with evil in a meaningful manner.

Thank God for Putin – HE has a set on him, unlike baby Obama.

I can’t recall EVER being sympathetic to Putin or Russia, but on this one point, they have my deepest sympathy and respect for what they are trying to do about this terror attack.

Putin is one hell of a president we need one that strong. He is doing a great job keep it up.

Putin is a good President! He does what he say’s, and no Bull!

Message to Putin: go Ivan the Terrible on them.

Why am I jealous that Russia has Putin? Maybe we should just let Putin take care of the ISIS problem because we have failed to do anything but spend a bunch of money and arm rebels.

At least Putin will stand and fight. Obama is either an ISIS sympathizer or a coward.

Is there anyone here who doesn’t think Putin’s words have more bite than Obama’s?

Kill them all Mr. Putin. Mr. Obama doesn’t have the stones to do much of anything except talk.

Putin is the one world leader who has the balls to carry out what needs to be carried out. Obama is still waiting for his to drop.

My feeling is Putin will not be quite as sedate as Obongo and actually do something to protect his people. It is what a real leader does.

Putin is a doer, while Obama is a talker. Never judge a man on what he says, but on what he does.

Wish we had a president w/ balls. Apparently Putin came out and said, “It is up to God to forgive the terrorists. It is up to me to send them to him.” And we are stuck w/ Obama folks.

Applause to Mr. Putin for leading the fight against ISIS, unlike another guy who draws lines in the sand and allows them to be crossed; and, who seems to have an agenda supportive of ISIS.

May Putin do to the terrorists what the US and every other country doesn’t have the guts to do.

I LOVE PUTIN, I LOVE RUSSIA !! THEY will NOT MESS AROUND and do all the LIBTARDOCRATIC hand-wringing that goes on here in the USA when it is time for WAR. THEY will SHOOT FIRST and ASK QUESTIONS LATER as it should be , and not worry what the LIB IDIOTS in the MEDIA THINK !!! BRAVO for the RUSSIANS!!





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