Opinion: The last chance of Monsieur Hollande

Hollande’s dilemma: Join Russia or remain a Neocon poodle

Ajay Goyal writes for Sputnik International:

When François Hollande arrives in Moscow [on November 26] to meet President Vladimir Putin, France will be 15 years late joining Russia against Islamic terrorists. Russia has been at this war not just since the start of the military campaign in Syria against ISIL/ISIS/Daesh, but for nearly two decades.

There is no doubt that President Putin will provide all the help the French are humble enough to seek in destroying ISIL’s infrastructure in Syria and Iraq, but he is not going to indulge Hollande. The French president may yet be all bluster and bluff, directed at domestic public opinion, but Putin will not have any patience for theatrics. Hollande will need to bring substance and gravitas if he wants to create a meaningful and effective alliance against ISIL, he will need to make a genuine overture toward Russia, showing that he means business to earn its trust.

Unless he makes a fundamental shift in French policy toward Russia and against ISIL now, his successor will. France needs Russia, but Russia is not holding its breath for France even if it sheds tears for the French people.

Sooner or later, Europe will reset relations and align itself with Russia as a matter of survival. Angela Merkel and François Hollande can either initiate that process or watch themselves relegated to the garbage heap of history as the leaders who led Europe into an abyss. They can either set things right, or be forgotten, as leaders whose fumbling inadequacies saw the end of European security and its dreams of a prosperous future.

Europe has not imploded because of home-grown Islamic terror, or an ideology exported from Syria, but because of years of misplaced antagonism toward Russia that diverted critical resources from real threats and challenges. Worse, Hollande and Merkel joined in demonizing Russia while European acquiescence enabled the Islamic State, the most dastardly terror machine of twenty-first century, to grow.
Hollande and Merkel lost touch with the instincts of visionary Europeans, who have remained steadfast despite two decades of rampant Russophobia from the mainstream media. These people know that Russia is a natural ally of Europe, a valiant defender of humanity in the face of evil, and a guarantor of peace and security on the Eurasian continent.

Hollande would do well to visit tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow and make up for his absence from the 70th anniversary of Russia’s victory over Nazism. He should also visit the Nord Ost theater – the Bataclan of Moscow – where 50 armed terrorists in suicide vests took over 850 hostages thirteen years ago, paying homage to those victims.

But if he wants to protect France and Europe from specter of Islamic terror, he will have to do more. He will need Russia to pull Europe out of the spiral of recession and economic morass.

He will need to understand that Russia won the war over domestic (foreign sponsored) terrorism not only through military strategy, but because while waging and winning a war with terrorists, Vladimir Putin created a Russian federation of democratic institutions and multiethnic cohabitation.

He will need to bring back lessons for France: how, in the face of terror, it can give new meaning to equality and fraternity with all faiths and cultures. As Russia has done, France will need to create a safe common space for all French and migrants whether they are Christians, Muslims or Jews.

Its future will be assured only if like Russia, it reasserts the founding principles of the United Nations charter, respecting the security and sovereignty of all nations.

co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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“Hollande’s dilemma: Join Russia or remain a Neocon poodle”
Apparently, you don’t know what kind of guy Hollande is, and how powerful! Not even a dilemma for him, since his option is : join Russia AND remain the neocon poodle he’s at origin as French American Foundation fellow.


…just as his mentor joined the Resistance AND remained a vichyst poodle.


Both Putin and Hollande have several things in common; 1) both have Jewish family background, 2) both support Israel and are good friends of Netanyahu and Lieberman, and 3) both fears political Islam.

However, while Hollande believes ISIS to be an “Islamist” terrorist group, Putin believes it to be US-Turkey creation.

Hollande’s offer to join Russia’s war against ISIL in Syria (for Israel’s security), is a trap to bring Russia back into the Western “civilized world” by putting wedge between Russia and Iran.

If Putin is smart as portrayed by his supporters, he should listen to Iranian leader Khamenei, rejected a similar proposal from the US.

Even Netanyahu is smart enough to reject Hollande’s offer to mediate between Israel and PA leader Mahmoud Abbas.

In September 2015, Russian president Vladimir Putin has blamed the ‘self-centered’ Western policies in the Middle East and Africa for Europe’s current refugee crisis. Putin also said that Syrians are not running away from Bashar al-Assad regime but ISIS, the terrorist militia created by the US for Israel.


Le Ruscino (@LeRuscino)

Listen and or read the testimony/ies from the Bataclan survivors – when the girl switched on the lights and the hall was well light momentarily before she was shot dead & the lights blown out the survivors saw 3 white faces of the terrorists giving the orders in perfect French – not Arabic or black !

Hollande’s hands are dripping with French blood.


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“He will need to bring back lessons for France: how, in the face of terror, it can give new meaning to equality and fraternity with all faiths and cultures. As Russia has done, France will need to create a safe common space for all French and migrants whether they are Christians, Muslims or Jews.”


seems he’s thrown his lot in with Turkey the political wing of ISIS certainly it;s biggest supporter Some interesting material Iv’e heard that the US armed forces are not happy with some of the roles they’ve been tasked with



Hollande will do what the U.S. wants.
The French have been the most vocal supporters of the US policy of enabling
ISIL to weaken the Assad govt.
Supplying arms to the rebels since 2012.

The recent attack on Paris would give him the chance to reverse this policy. The opposition and even his own prime minister urge this course. He visits obama on Monday or Tuesday he will get his orders then!


The truth is Francois Hollande will do what French powerful Jewish lobby wants him to do. British veteran journalist and author Alan Hart called Hollande “Zionist whore” for falsifying medical report to show that Yasser Arafat died of natural causes instead poisoned by Israel Mossad.

In January 2015, Hollande’s Spanish-born prime minister Manuel Valls (married to an Israeli Jewish woman) in a interview he gave to Jeffrey Goldberg, former Israeli prison guard turned American columnist at ‘The Atlantic’ said: “If 100,000 Jews leave, France will no longer be France. The French republic will be judged a failure.”