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Video: Syrian soldiers from Kuweires airbase return as heroes

SyrSoldiersHeroes1Syrian soldiers reunite with their families today in Tartus.

Today, soldiers from the Kuweires airbase got a heroes’ welcome in Tartus, Aleppo, following the base’s recapture on November 10 by the Syrian army, with the help of Russian airstrikes, that ended an almost three year-long ISIS siege.


  1. Parisienne says

    It looks like even the Guardian didn’t mention the liberation/re-capture of Kuweires airbase by the Syrian army with a single word, correct?

    See here:

    Instead, they prefer reporting about the alleged killing of “Jihadi John” (without any evidence) and using Russian footage for an alleged US bombing of ISIS oil infrastructure (again without any evidence).

  2. vittorio says

    linked in italianpaper corriere della sera
    see if censored

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