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do Belgians really need civil liberties when they have funny pics of cats?

In what may well be a test case for the rest of Europe,the capital city of Belgium is placed under what amounts to martial law. People are being advised to “avoid places where a lot of people come together like shopping centers, concerts, events or public transport stations wherever possible.” The transport system is shut down. Armed soldiers and police and military vehicles are patrolling the streets. Residents are told to stay inside. In photos the city appears deserted, apart from military gentlemen carrying automatic weapons.



And all this in response to a completely theoretical “terror threat”, that has not, as yet, harmed a single Belgian citizen.

But never mind about that – the Guardian tells us it’s all cool, because Belgians are Tweeting funny pictures of cats!


So, laugh. Take your meds. Stay indoors. Get in the cattle trucks when we tell you to. Don’t ask where they’re heading.


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  2. DomesticExtremist says

    Cowering indoors looking at lolcats, too terrified to go outside or even talk to the neighbours – a neo-liberal wet dream.

  3. Is it any surprise that the Guardian isn’t taking comments on the Paris “terrorists” attack, and Europe’s intensified police state.

  4. unheilig says

    Even for loyal vassals of the Empire of Stupid, the Belgian authorities seemed unusually moronic. The few people interviewed on the city streets said the military occupation was “absurd”, “unnecessary”, or “letting the terrorists win”. Meanwhile, over on Airstrip One Prime Minister Condomhead announced huge increases in the cost of replacing his favorite radioactive toys. “I might need a bigger bathtub,” he admitted, “what with rubber ducky George taking up all the room.”

    No facts were harmed during the writing of these remarks.

  5. rehmat1 says

    The Belgians like the rest of Europeans are easy target of terrorist hoax especially involving Muslims thanks to Zionist-controlled western mainstream media.

    Last year, such terrorist hoax destroyed the career of Pakistani diplomat in Belgium.

    On November 14, 2014, Assim Abbasi, 22, son of a stenographer at Pakistan’s embassy in Brussels became a target of Israel’s paranoid security agency, Shin Beth which is responsible for the security of Israeli embassies around the world. One of its agent saw a non-White young person with a beard carrying a “concealed weapon”. The agent took the picture of the “suspect”, ran to the nearest public telephone booth and reported his “terrorist discovery” to Israeli embassy in Brussels. The embassy immediately raised “red alarm” and shut-down the embassy.

    The pictures of the “suspected terrorist” were published by dozens of Belgium’s Jewish controlled media under the header “anti-Semite killer”. To a great Zionist surprise, next day a brown young man showed-up at a Brussels police station carrying his “concealed weapon” supposedly mean to kill a few Jews at the Israeli embassy. The “weapon” was a cricket bat which he had covered with his sweater to protect it from rain. He was on way to a cricket practice (Pakistan’s national sport) when he was spotted by the Israeli terrorist.

    “I wrapped my bat in my sweatshirt because it was raining and if it is wet I cannot play cricket properly,” Assim Abbasi told police officer.

    However, the Jewish smear campaign against his son shortened Abbasi’s assignment in Belgium. He along with his family was recalled by Pakistan’s foreign services department in Islamabad.

    • Why does it have to be Jewish? Why Jews? There are many Jews just like there are many Christians Muslims, Jainists, atheists, Buddhists and all the others.

      But no. It’s Jews, Jew Jew Jew. What I think you may mean in your racist generalisation is Political Zionism. You can read about it here;

      There is a huge amount of resistance towards political Zionism, right wing Zionism and Iraeli apartheid within the Jewish community, you can read about it here

      So why don’t you stop with this appalling lame and childish racism and actually try to find out about how the states of the Middle East came to be, what the British/American Empire has planned for the Middle East and why things are the way they are, instead of wandering sheepishly along with all the other racists, blaming a group of people who you wish were guilty, the very behaviour of what you might call a “sheeple”

      Religion and race have very little to do with what is going on. Resources and national interests do.

      Other thinks you might want to search for include,

      The Balfour Declaration
      The history of modern Israel
      Benzoin Netynyahu

      If you really must take the Zionist line then at least familiarise yourself with it. Because when you blame Jews you blame ALL Jews and that includes the bloke that sweeps the leaves up outside my house, and I think that’s a bit unfair, don’t you?

      • rehmat1 says

        @shatnersrug – I’m afraid you lost your creditability by using Israel’s hasbara site Wikipedia.

        As far racism is concerned I suggest to study Jewish brothers Max Blumenthal, Glad Atzmon, Roger Tucker, etc.

        Max Blumenthal, in his new book, ‘Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel’, recounts his personal experience while reporting from the Zionist entity for four years.

        “I was most surprised at the banality of the racism and violence that I witnessed and how it’s so widely tolerated because it’s so common. And I’m most surprised that it hasn’t made its way to the American public,” says Blumenthal. I bet, as a Jew and journalist, Max knows why Americans are so ignorant of Muslim and Christian Native Palestinians, who face racism and violence on daily basis, because all the corporate media in the US, Canada and EU is controlled by Zionist Jews.

        • misericordia says

          Never mind, Rehmat. There are still many people who like to call essentially powerless people racists, forgetting that the word was coined in a Marxist milieu, as part of an interrogation of the asymmetric power relations between the colonisers and the colonised. Racism presumes power (along with prejudice). Therefore it is unfair to apply the epithet to the disenfranchised, the powerless, and the voiceless, as the Palestinian people are. Or to the people who stick up for the Palestinians and Muslims.

          Possibly you are prejudiced, but, since you have no real power or influence, it is unjust to label you a racist. After all, you are not Benjamin Netanyahu, and you don’t own The New York Times.

          • racism
            the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

            That’s the dictionary definition – rewrite it if you choose,but then you’ll be just as bad as the Americam government in changing the meaning to fit situation.

            It is wrong to tar everybody with the same brush just because of an accident of birth, period. If you can’t get that through your skulls then you have no hope of making this a better world.

            • misericordia says

              I didn’t rewrite the dictionary definition: I included it in the word “prejudice.” I am aware that, by convention, racism subsumes prejudice, but the semantics hardly matter because seemingly everyone these days dishonestly uses “racism” as a catch-all, and hardly anyone bothers to check if the person to whom they apply the barb actually believes such nonsense as that a member of a race is ipso facto this or that. Maybe Rehmat does, but I wasn’t defending him on that. It is the power to act on the prejudice, whether it is in the vein of “scientific racism,” which your dictionary definition veers close to, or simple visceral dislike of the other, that matters. I am not the United States government. That was the point.

              • Saying Jews are corrupt is racist, It doesn’t require 2 paragraphs, and every person that spreads it in effect says this is a legitimate thought process.

                Words have power, how else do you think Muslims get branded terrorists and Jews got sent to death camps? Because it was/is acceptable to dehumanise them. You know “1 in 5 Muslims support Isis” from Murdoch the other day.

                • misericordia says

                  That’s true, words do have power. You seem to be immune to my attempt to offer a fresh perspective, so let me try another tack.

                  You do know that cultural Marxists now effectively act as the enforcement arm of the neoliberal order, by using, wittingly or unwittingly, the weaponised word “racist” to shame people whose countries are targeted for mass-immigration in order to drive down wages, and to reduce all its inhabitants into being little more than obedient, deracinated consumers?

                  Gramsci, Adorno and Fanon fought the good fight, but the world has changed. Those who aim to rule us have changed tactics.

              • I know that Liberals are wealthy hypocrites that jump to the right when there finances are threatened.

                I know the empire has embraced liberal identity politics to break up left opposition and know that the Gay marriage laws have effective broken the LBGT movement into have and have nots leaving wealthy Gay men firmly on the right.

                Yes there is a class war going on. It uses identity politics. But within the confines of this thread matey not up there was seeking to tar all Jewish folk with the same brush, and I think it’s lazy and unacceptable and I will not keep quite about it.

                There is no room for racism of the left, otherwise we have no moral authority.

    • Rehmat – please read our comment policy.

      “Jewish” used to collectively identify political action is not only racist it’s also inaccurate and absurd. The Jewish race/religion is not a monolith and many Jewish people do not support the actions either of Israel or of the 1%. If you really can’t find a more intelligent or sophisticated way of expressing your opinions maybe this site isn’t for you.

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