do Belgians really need civil liberties when they have funny pics of cats?

In what may well be a test case for the rest of Europe,the capital city of Belgium is placed under what amounts to martial law. People are being advised to “avoid places where a lot of people come together like shopping centers, concerts, events or public transport stations wherever possible.” The transport system is shut down. Armed soldiers and police and military vehicles are patrolling the streets. Residents are told to stay inside. In photos the city appears deserted, apart from military gentlemen carrying automatic weapons.

Brussels2_0 Brussels3_0

And all this in response to a completely theoretical “terror threat”, that has not, as yet, harmed a single Belgian citizen.

But never mind about that – the Guardian tells us it’s all cool, because Belgians are Tweeting funny pictures of cats!


So, laugh. Take your meds. Stay indoors. Get in the cattle trucks when we tell you to. Don’t ask where they’re heading.


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