VIDEO: Interview with ISIL members captured by YPG

Still from the video below.

Interviews with ISIL members captured by the YPG (People’s Defense Units, the armed forces of the government of Rojava, the Syrian Kurdistan), that have been fighting ISIL since 2013. From a 2015 report in Israel’s Channel 1, edited by Binyamin Edelman.

[…] — Where’s the money coming from?
— Saudi Arabia, Turkey… we get plenty of support.
— Weapons too?
— Everything is coming from abroad. Support, weapons, money, everyhing.
— Do you like Saudi Arabia?
— Yes, why wouldn’t we like them?
— And Turkey?
— Yes, we like Turkey. Why wouldn’t we like them? They sent us everything we needed. Even doctors. […]

co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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Totally rehearsed.
This is about as genuine as a bucket of Scottish mist.
Most of these clowns aren’t even Muslim, but they’ll say and do anything to implicate the Muslim community, and yet we all know this has nothing to so with Islam, and more to do with MOSSAD, MI6 and the CIA.


These poor people suffer from gross misinformation and a hard life. The irony is that they make a distinction between Christianism, Judaism and Mulslim religion. All these religions are historically intertwined and related in some ways. It is ridiculous that we are still fighting about these things.


Who knows whether Ahmed Mohammad was born into a Muslim family or a Jewish family like ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who was born into a French Jewish family. al-Baghdadi’s real name was Simon Elliot and he received terrorist training from Israeli Mossad.

So think about before you believe this dude.


Amer Hudson
Amer Hudson

Very interesting. Their belief is so simple and complete. Deluded, too, but that’s another argument.


So they’re drugging them, eh? Meth? Or some such variant. Well if anyone wonders how it is they carry out such atrocities there’s your answer. Yeah some folks are psychos but the rest, young stupid and drugged. Where do the drugs come from eh?


Did you hear about the Saudi Arabian prince who was busted by Lebanese customs officials at Beirut airport for carrying two tonnes of methamphetamine pills? They were going to be loaded onto his private jet bound for Saudi Arabia.



Bingo, what a surprise


I remember it, but the Saudi terrorist regime of Wahabbis/salafists (IS) are our “friends”, so what is the likelihood of him going to prison?