Russian Bombing

by Bryan Hemming

At least 18 people killed in Russian airstrike on town in Syria – reports”reads a headline in this morning’s Guardian.

Guardian screenshot--BrianHemming

According to the corporate media when Russian bombs kill, they kill people. On the other hand, US and NATO bombs kill terrorists and extremists. That some collateral damage is caused in the process is only natural and hardly worth the column inches of mentioning.  After all’s said and done ‘you can’t make an omelette …’ The fact that one person’s collateral damage is another person’s grandmother is highly regrettable and easily deniable. As one loving grandmother once remarked, “the price is worth it”.

The Guardian’s Mark Tran goes on to describe the jihadists holding the town of Ariha in Northwest Syria as ‘insurgents’. That’s novel way of describing al-Qaida-led rebels, which is how one article in the Telegraph described them on May 29th of this year. Headlined “Al-Qaeda-led rebels take Idlib’s last Syria regime bastion” an accompanying photo shows a tank flying the flag of ISIS. In fairness, the caption doesn’t say the photo was taken in Ariha, there again, neither does it say it wasn’t.

Another article published by the Guardian on July 4th this year carried the headline “Syrian mosque blast kills at least 25 with al-Qaida links”. Note the headline omits the word ‘people’. Are we supposed to think there were no ‘people’ killed in that attack? Just 25 somethings; every last something a signed up member of a terrorist group linked to al-Qaida, I suppose. Back then the Guardian told us: “Syrian Observatory, which tracks the war, said the explosion in Salem mosque in Ariha, also killed a senior non-Syrian member of the hardline jihadist organisation.” In less than six months, and with a bit of Russian bombing, we are expected to swallow the unlikely idea that “hardline” members and somethings of a “jihadist organisation” have morphed into “people” and “insurgents”. People or insurgents, whatever they are now, one thing we can be sure of is that they must certainly be moderate ones. Russki bombs; unbelievable, eh?

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Mihangel apYRS
Mihangel apYRS

Well, having just been expelled by the Guardian (after 42 years) for upsetting their rad-fem moderators for the last time, I reflect on changes over the years, from a left of centre liberal paper (with some ace correspondents) to what is now an authoritarian and censorous rag.

However, they fail to realise that there are many alternative news sources available now – they will fade as the feminazis and right wing “labourites” block out all dissention

Mihangel apYRS
Mihangel apYRS

dash it wrong place – sorry

John G
John G

The article, which is not open for comments, is based on the work of a 4-person outfit called Airwars — three of whom are former BBC and Al Jazeera journalists or contributors, i.e. pens for hire. As their website says, ” our data is drawn heavily from US and allied militaries”.


Reblogged this on Siem Reap Mirror and commented:

Oh well, they killed some 10 million German “people” during WWII as well. Just as some killed over 200,000 “people” in Dresden bombings during the same war. Shit happens.


Shouldn’t they be more careful-ish categorizing these people as “insurgents”? Might recall bad memories from the Iraq occupation, or the ongoing counter-insurgency operation in Afghanistan…

Having said that: heard more than one official, German FM Steinmeier among them, recently explicitly condemning al-Nusra as “terrorists”, in line with both the long-standing entry of that lot into the UN-terror list as well as the current Vienna Conference. So maybe the Guardian should take that development into account.


“The Guardian” has sold its soul, no need to remind us – RIP ! Hence Off-Guardian