Ukraine: Odessa judges forced to resign on May 2 case

The Odessa Malinowski court judges writing their resignations (video below).

 The Times of Odessa reports:

Three judges of the Malinowski court in charge of the May 2 case were forced to resign.

They wrote resignation statements under pressure from “Euromaidan” activists, who accused the judges of having taken the wrong decision by agreeing to release on bail five defendants in the May 2 case.

If the resignations are accepted, the court will hear the case from the beginning, disregarding the year’s hearings.

Earlier, a group of activists of the Odessa “Euromaidan” had blocked Judge Victor Coro of the Malinovsky Court in the courtroom, and forced him to write a letter of resignation.

The activists were angered by the fact that on November 27 the panel of judges led by Coro had agreed to release on a bail of half a million hryvnia five “Kulikovo Field” activists accused of organizing riots in Greek Square on May 2, 2014 [hours before the Odessa Trade Union House fire]. They believe that by taking such a decision the judges acted against the interests of the Ukrainian people.



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