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Video: 100s of Sunni tribe fighters arrive in Aleppo to aid Syrian army

Still from the video below.

A huge contingent of Sunni fighters from the al-Bakara tribe have decided to join the SAA. The convoy arrived in Aleppo a few days ago and is set to aid the government’s efforts to liberate the city.


  1. Systematic says

    Sorry about this, berhaps we should disregard this post, as the video was removed by the Syrian Republic Facebook group who posted it originally, probably by finding out it did not correspond to what it purported to show. This would be in line with the impression I have of the Syrian Republic group of being partisan but not propagandist.

  2. Guest says

    Looking at this film, they could be mistaken for ISIL.
    We’re they fighting for them before and have simply changes sides?

    • Systematic says

      I thought the same, but noticed in the closer footage at the end that there didn’t see to be many bearded guys riding the trucks…

      This article on Juan Cole’s blog from 2014 gives some credence to your suggestion that it may be a case of changing allegiances:

      Iraq: Tribes and other Sunnis begin Splitting from so-Called “Islamic State”

      Anyway, the video has been removed for some reason, sorry about that to the readers who didn’t see it.

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