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Video: Homs schoolgirls thank Syrian soldiers


Undated and unlocated photo from Syria.

Technically this is a propaganda video, but the feelings expressed by the civilians are likely genuine. It relates to the Al-Masdar December 2 report Syrian Arab Army Officially in Full Control of the Third Largest Syrian City. The city in question is Homs, formerly known as “the capital of the revolution.”



  1. Seamus Padraig says

    The heroes of the Syrian Arab Army are models of courage, sacrifice and steadfastness. They also embody true patriotism–which should never confused with the phony jingoism and ‘values’ now emanating from the west.

    Just like the girls in the video, I am moved to say: God keep the Syrian Arab Army!

    And one more thing: Hasta la victoria siempre!

  2. Doug Colwell says

    I, for one, have seen next to nothing showing the men of the Syrian Arab Army. From here in the west they have been anonymous and vilified. But I see them as everyday heroes, and hope I would have their courage, were I in their place. They wear no masks.
    I salute them.

  3. Marc Krizack says

    This may be a propaganda video, but one thing that I saw that clearly is not propaganda is that of all the school girls, none wore a burka and only a few wore headscarves, while presumably a majority of them are Moslem. If Americans (and Europeans) want to defeat ISIS, Al Qaeda and radical Islam, then it is clear that support for the government of Syria can be the only course. If Americans want to defend the rights of women, then it is clear that support for the government of Syria is the only course. And for those Americans who want to support Christianity, then support for the secular government of Syria is the only course. I would rewrite the article that accompanies this video to make the above points. I would also not characterize the video as propaganda, although I would note that it was made by supporters of the Syrian government. It would be good to know the % of the girls that are christian. It might be a useful statistic.

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