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Video: Protests in Kiev as US VP Biden visits


Still from the video below.

Protesters rallied in front of Ukraine’s Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada [as US VP Joe Biden was addressing it] in Kiev, Tuesday, to demand the resignation of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

RT in Russian reported:

In Kiev, activists lined up along the route of the motorcade of US Vice President Joe Biden with signs reading “Biden go home” and “U.S. — evil Empire”, with videos of the action being shared on the internet.

According to the activists, representatives of the security service tried to prevent the demonstration, seized the large banners and then with threats forced the protesters to disperse.


  1. SL says

    fake. fake. Svoboda protest (right wing party) from video didnt protest against Biden at all. Random banner placed w during their protest and this is how this news was made.

    • profecto says

      And for those of us who don’t read Russian – translation please.

      • Milla says

        Kinda “It’s too late to drink Borzhomi ( healing Caucasian mineral water) after the person has neglected his health up to an incurable condition”

          • Milla says

            You are welcome 🙂

            Hopefully, the situation in Ukraine is yet curable and probably nothing is too late IF the Ukrainians would get rid of their current puppet government, should also get rid of their delusions and restore the friendship and old ties with Russia. Speaking straightly, if they want to be truly secured, they should better return to the real Union with Russia (as in the USSR)…However, I have no idea how the Ukrainians are going to earn the forgiveness (if it’s possible at all) for what they did and still doing to pro-Russian folks in Odessa, Donetsk, Lugansk, Mariupol, Slavyansk, etc… IMHO

              • Milla says

                True. That is why I said “if possible at all”. That sudden mass insanity and shocking cruelty of Ukrainians are absolutely beyond any understanding and can’t be justifying by anything. Apparently, more than two generations should pass before such terrible wounds could be healed and all the lessons learned..

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