Mock executions, the West’s new moral high ground in Syria


US liberal media outlet Mic and Western MSM in general are now promoting a mock execution by “moderate rebels” in Syria, as depicted on a recently released video, as the civilized alternative to ISIS barbarism.

This may appear to be another ISIS nightmare — but the end is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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It’s curious how unwilling the west was to hoist in the message that “Muslims are not criminals” when the USA was rounding them up and making them register in the wake of 9-11, because the Muslims were broadcasting the same message then. Nobody wanted to hear it. But now that it is narrowing to a choice of the Muslims or the Russians, the west has no trouble choosing sides.

I would not put it past Washington to have coordinated the whole rebranding effort, the way Hill & Knowlton sold the Iraq War for Kuwait.



Jeez! And I was inclined to believe the Russian President’s definition of “moderate rebels”: they behead their hostages softly.

Oh, wait …

Norman Pilon

On the assumption that this video is what it purports to be (– which is not an assumption that I am willing to make –) I fail to see how it could conceivably be “the civilized alternative to ISIS barbarism.”

What, psychologically speaking and from the standpoint of the prisoners, is the difference between being subjected to a mock execution and the real thing? Is one less traumatic than the othe? Each spectacle or depiction is as barbaric as the other, every bit the equivalent nightmare.

Seems like the purpose is to further the desensitization of an already highly inured public.

The only consolation, here, is that in all likelihood we are indeed watching a ‘ Moderate Rebels ™ ‘ production wherein no one was tormented as there were no real prisoners. That, too, unfortunately, is an assumption that one has to make.



This is what wikipedia says about the site of the video:

Mic (Formerly PolicyMic) is a media company focused on news for a generation known as the “millennials”. The company reaches 19 million unique monthly visitors [2] and has a higher composition of 18- to 34-year-old readers than any other millennial-focused news site, including BuzzFeed and Vice.[3]

Contributors to the site have included Senator Rand Paul,[13] former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice,[14] and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.[15] Advisors to the company include David Shipley, executive editor of Bloomberg View and former op-ed editor at The New York Times, and Jacob Lewis, the former managing editor of The New Yorker.[19]

The company will not disclose its valuation. Mic generates revenue through advertising known as “branded content”.

So there you go, Moderate Rebels ™

Who the hell decided to make immaculately clean orange jumpsuits a standard practice for all of this executions photo-ops? It is just getting ridiculous, the guy selling those must be making almost as much money as the weapon dealers.


It links to nothing!