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Readers’ Letters: Guardian [of the status quo]

Continuing our series publishing letters/e-mails to and/or about The Guardian. If you have written any letters that you have sent, or wish to send, to the Guardian – feel free to submit them to us at [email protected].

Woof! The herald hacks do bark
Growling over smears so stark
War is Peace – PR is News
Whores to advertisers’ views
(not that prostitutes lie so)
Raking muck from gutters low
Brave and free the Guardian
Classy as Kardashians
Lefty liberal New Statesman
Subtle as old Genghis Khan
Use the work of WikiLeaks
Libel Chelsea, Assange freaks
Take the work of Ed Snowden
Break the harddrives when frightened
Lead the sirens wet for war
Back the cuts, sharpen the saw
Undermine democracy:
Lucrative hypocrisy
Blind even with oxbridge firsts
To their own fallacious bursts
Corbyn-fear, what reams of shite
Pass the Daily Mail (now lite)
Never mind the Guardian,
‘tween the lines, a Charlatan

– George Symonds


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Dec 10, 2015 9:45 PM

I tried singing this carol to myself but when I reached the rhyming couplet of “Guardian / Kardashians”, I couldn’t continue, I was cracking up so much.

Thanks so much to George Symonds, you really made my day!