Putin: 5,000 FSA militants fighting alongside Syrian army

Free Syrian Army fighters. Photo Reuters.

RFERL reports on its “Tracking Islamic State” live blog:

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Here’s a translation of the full quote from Putin regarding his claim this morning that upward of 5,000 Free Syrian Army fighters are attacking “terrorist” positions along with Syrian government troops.

I emphasize that the work of our air group [in Syria] is facilitating the joint efforts of government forces and the Free Syrian Army. Now several of its parts totaling more than 5,000 men are, just like the regular forces, carrying out offensives against terrorists in Homs, Hama, Aleppo and Raqqa. Apart from that, we are supporting them from the air, just like the Syrian army, we are giving them assistance with weapons, ammunition and material resources,” Putin said.

Putin was speaking at an extended Defense Ministry meeting this morning.

And here’s a full translation of Putin’s comments about the Russian military’s “harsh response” if it is threatened in Syria.

I want to warn those who are again trying to organize any sort of provocation against our military personnel. We have already taken additonal measures to safeguard Russian military personnel and air bases [in Syria]. It is reinforced with new air squadrons and air defense assets,” Putin said.

All air strike operations are carried out with fighter cover. I order you to act in a very tough manner. Any targets that threaten the Russian [military] group or our ground infrastructure will be destroyed immediately.” […]

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All of the news I have read said that the FSA had joined al Nusra or scattered, and that it had effectively ceased to exist as a viable force. The FSA always wax composed of mercenaries and criminals anyway.
Then the US DoD admitted that as a result of its $500 million training program, it had produced around four or five ‘moderate’ (not cannibals) rebels. That’s $100 million per mercenary
So RT is justified in accidentally reporting that Putin has claimed that the 5000 ‘rebels’ are fighting with the terrorists; I learned about this mistake on this site with the publication of Putin’s statement. I think Putin was imprecise in calling these 5000 fighters ‘FSA’, and that they are probably forces that survived on CIA support and theft but not FSA.


See; America won’t dare attack Russia front on. But instead get those suckers Turkey to have a go. This will be a sight to see if Turkey even try and mess with Russia again. When someone offers to help a sovereign nation stand against the odds, it stands against backstabbing monsters hiding behind their ‘NATO’ bubble blowers.
You don’t need balls; you just need years of building your weaponry in readiness for just such an attempted to push you around.


I beg to disagree: the fact that Putin has gone to Syria’s defense, knowing what the US/NATO reaction would be, shows that he has balls.


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Thanks God for a man with balls; he’s going to need them against the crazies in US, Saudi, Turkey, and the rest.