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RT parody VIDEO: How Kremlin propaganda works

RT: How Kremlin propaganda works, or Simonyan, a bear and some gopher juice (With English subtitles)


  1. You worked for the organisation and pocketed the money for some times. When you were offered a better pay by the warmongers you made a 180 degree angle. You expect people to believe you?

  2. You will not earn the trust from the public that easily. Because you are a liar and a deceiver. The best way would be to go away and let people forget about your lies.

  3. If one compares what comes out of RT and Press tv to what Al jazeera and the western MSM come out with TRhe later mentioned ones ar pure fantasy. Fully scripted propaganda . Press Tv Tele Sur Rt yes state funded organaizations but atleastr alternative news narratives that copme out of the MSM. Examole the yemen crisis poorest country ion the ME being bombed to the stone age by Saudi Arabia and backed by USA and Israel. Never3 gets a mention in the west. Thje constant violations of the Minsk agreement by the Fascstic Kieve regime never gets a mention in the west.The rebranding of the proxy Rthschild and Rockefeller Takfiri terrorist never get a mention in the west. Tha Kosovarian clandestine mobster organisation that is still a destabalising force in the Balkans never gets a mention in the west. The constant human rights violation by the Tel-Aviv regime never gets a mention in the west. YUes the alternatives that I have mentioned are state sponsored news outlets but give us in the west the so desperately needed alternative to the rubbish that gets spewed out in the west. Thank goodness for the internet . The western cabalist are going for a rest too much debt and no growth hence they either rite off all the debt from the books or they go the John Mccain way and push for a global confrontation of catastrophic proportion. History repeats itself the mess we are in originated from Sykes -Picot and Balfour these countries were invented by the imperial western powers. Hell Sykes over a pack of cigars and 2 bottles of Scoth designed all the flags that these ME countries have. Churchill ordered the gassing of thousands of civilians in the late 20’s and early 30s of Arab dissedents in Iraq to prtect Rothschild investment in the petro industry. So when Cameroon and co talk about defending our values what values? Western democracy is a fairy tale. Mussolini wrote the book The Corporate State and we in the west our living it today. This book is a manual on modern fascism. Yesterdays news gets wrapped in todays fish.

  4. I don’t think it is aptly described as “…not self-parody as much as it is a parody of some in the west and how they think it works.” Empire officials must deny the authenticity of RT’s coverage because the Empire’s is so infiltrated with bias, fake news, and false-flag events. Although some may buy into their media’s coverage, but I think most know that their media are lying simply because they feed the media these lies.

  5. Nino says

    Its not self-parody as much as it is a parody of some in the west and how they think it works. They posted it on RT Russian but not RT International yet, probably fearing those same in the west will actually think its a documentary

    • Systematic says

      “Its not self-parody as much as it is a parody of some in the west and how they think it works.”

      Yes, you are right of course.

    • Systematic says

      I changed the title to “RT parody video”, thanks for the observation.

    • Systematic says

      This is another “fictional” RT video, you may enjoy it in case you haven’t seen it yet:

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