Documentary: #ThisIsACoup – How The EU Destroyed the First Radical Left Gov in Modern History

Director Theopi Skarlatos and producer Paul Mason present #ThisIsACoup, a four part documentary series telling the story of how the European Union destroyed the first radical left government in modern history. Directed by Theopi Skarlatos. Produced by Paul Mason.

co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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The ultimate Greek tragedy. In my view, Syriza’s fatal error was to limit the referendum to approving (or rejecting) the bailout conditions. They should have sought permission to leave the euro. Finance minister Varoufakis had a Plan B (http://yanisvaroufakis.eu/2015/08/01/in-favour-of-varoufakis-plan-b-by-paul-tyson/) for creating a parallel currency in place of the euro. Syriza wasted six months trying to negotiate with European banksters when they should have been preparing to dump them.


SYRIZA never had this option due to the fact that the leading team had already decided to keep the country in eurozone at any cost. As Varoufakis said Tsipras was in a very bad mood when he realized the overwhelming win of “No” in the referendum. Let’s accept the bitterest truth. Tsipras “spent” 6 months not to negotiate with the lenders but making his U-turn easier. Do not forget that when the capital controls were set, Tsipras had already used any available funds just to pay ECB and IMF bonds. It was nothing more than a betrayal. Unfortunately, Greek people gave to his government another opportunity in September 2015. That was the real surrender of “No” supporters. Now, on the top of the economic collapse, a huge wave of refugees has been added on. Greece remains alone with no hope and no future. In 1903 a Greek satirical poet named Souris wrote: “Unfortunate Greece because of her children. In the past it was a land of heroes but now a grazing land for donkeys”.


Great. You have Part 4. I wasn’t able to find it on YouTube or any of the documentary sites. They kind of leave you hanging at the end of Part 3.


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