Western poll: Assad supported by most Syrians

The President of Syria Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma paid a surprise visit to the Christian Church of Our Lady of Damascus in the Syrian capital yesterday.

Global Research reports:

In the view of Syrians, the country’s president, Bashar al Assad, and his ally, Iran, have more support than do the forces arrayed against him, according to a public opinion poll taken last summer by a research firm that is working with the US and British governments. [1]

The poll’s findings challenge the idea that Assad has lost legitimacy and that the opposition has broad support.

The survey, conducted by ORB International, a company which specializes in public opinion research in fragile and conflict environments, [2] found that 47 percent of Syrians believe that Assad has a positive influence in Syria, compared to only 35 percent for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and 26 percent for the Syrian Opposition Coalition.

Syria Poll Table 1

At the same time, more see Assad’s ally, Iran, as having a favorable influence (43%) than view the Arab Gulf States—which back the external opposition, including Al Nusra and ISIS—as affecting Syria favorably (37%).

The two Arab Gulf State-backed Al-Qaeda linked organizations command some degree of support in Syria, according to the poll. One-third believe Al-Nusra is having a positive influence, compared to one-fifth for ISIS, lower than the proportion of Syrians who see Assad’s influence in a positive light.

According to the poll, Assad has majority support in seven of 14 Syrian regions, and has approximately as much support in one, Aleppo, as do Al-Nusra and the FSA. ISIS has majority support in only one region, Al Raqua, the capital of its caliphate. Al-Nusra, the Al-Qaeda franchise in Syria, has majority support in Idlip and Al Quneitra as well as in Al Raqua. Support for the FSA is strong in Idlip, Al Quneitra and Daraa.

Syria Poll Table 2

An in-country face-to-face ORB poll conducted in May 2014 arrived at similar conclusions. That poll found that more Syrians believe the Assad government best represents their interests and aspirations than believe the same about any of the opposition groups. [3] […]

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This looks like a totally Psyop, who in their right mind would say that the Arab Gulf states or ISIS are a positive influence in Syria?
This can’t be taken serious and is designed to water down the overwhelming support Assad enjoys amongst Syrians. How come just a few months back he was re-elected with an 88.7% majority and his support has probably even increased since then, so a paltry 47% looks like a sleight against the most popular President or any Politician on the Planet to make it look like he’s not really that supported.


there was no free election in Syria for more than fifty year. only the late Assad or his son can win.
after destroying the country and economy. 300 thousands death. half of the populations are displaced. these woman think he is the most popular politician in the planet. she might be thinking also he is a god .
the big question is about the validity about the poll. who you can conduct face to face survey in a country where there is no freedom ?. if you put like on Facebook for someone against Assad (in a government controlled area) you could go to detention center. the same with ISIS. who you reach the besieged areas?


The elections were monitored by the UN and had observers from many nations including the US and Europe and they were declared FREE & FAIR!

Bashar al-Assad won by a landslide and the honest way unlike all the tyrants in DC, London and Paris who had the connivance of the MSM whores and massive rigging of the elections in the US which uses the Diebold machines for just that reason so the elections can be rigged by huge margins, like 50% or more……….


With respect this poll is total & utter rubbish as a white wash to save face for the US “U-Turn” we have just seen.

The ORB poll cannot be taken seriously as people living in Syria are intimidated by the so-called “Unicorn Moderate Rebels” like Al-Nusra etc will and can never say the truth to a stranger or another local as the cost for not being seen to be supporting the the Unicorn Moderate Rebels is DEATH !

After the “US/UK Jihad” is defeated and peace comes back to Syria & free & fair UN monitored elections are held – I’ll put money right now with anyone that Assad will be the undisputed winner & then the political purge MUST begin in ICC or legitimate World court where Obama, Cameron, Merkel & Hollande will have to face trial for what they did to Syria & the Syrian people.

Jerry "Peacemaker"

Agreed on the necessity of world leaders facing trial for war crimes. United Nations reform calling for mandatory member state agreement to join the ICC or face expulsion from the UN is urgently needed. If such a reform were carried out decades ago, war criminal leaders, notably George Bush, Tony Blair, Cheney, etc. would’ve been deterred, and so, so much absolutely unconscionable harm would never have occurred.


They’ve been running these polls in both Syria and Ukraine before and after US/EU/GCC interference (not intervention) and they always show the same results. It’s amazing – one would think after a few years of getting the “wrong” answers they would stop, but NOOOO!!!! These idiots continue to keep doing the same things that obviously the majority of citizens of these countries DO NOT want.
2nd thing – I want names of the people they polled in Raqqa. If US can’t manage to bomb ISIS in that city and they claim ISIS has total control of it, how did they manage to conduct a poll in the city??? Maybe they just polled all the ISIS twitter and facebook accounts.LOL

mukul chand

Great Post

vanessa beeley

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