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Video: Syrian universities under fire

Soldiers survey the cafe at Damascus University where a mortar strike on Thursday [in March 2013] killed at least 10 students and injured 29. Andrea Bruce/The New York Times

The Middle East Channel reports:

“Neither studying nor teaching until the president falls”. A motto raised by the “Syrian uprising” in its beginning. All kinds of educational institutions have been one of the main targets for rebels including ISIS and Al-Nusra.

On November 10 RT reported:

At least 23 people have been killed by shelling in the Syrian city of Latakia. Another 65 were injured, RIA Novosti reported citing a source in local police. […]

One shell reportedly fell near the city’s Tishreen University and another hit a bus stop.

Other reports said that two mortars hit near the university, another claimed that one of the mortars hit near a girls’ high school.


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