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VIDEO: Al Jazeera advocating Allawite genocide in Syria

Still from the video below, showing Al Jazeera talk show host Faisal Qasim presenting the results of the viewer poll “Do you think Allawites brought genocide upon themselves?”


  1. The really classic bit is at 2:17 minutes in, when this character Sherrifedine talks about the Alawites being protective of their cattle and other property. “The only way to steal their cattle was over their dead bodies.”

    He says this, like it was SO inconvenient for HIS tribe to steal the Alawite cattle, although stealing was a natural right for them. And how dare the Alawites protect their property from these murderous thieves!

    Yechhh! What a repulsive and murderous lot, these Al Jazeera “intellectuals” !

  2. yep says

    Al Jazeerait is more than propaganda site, it is a hate filled website,, and the sooner it is shut down the better

  3. Al Jazeera is the propaganda arm of the BBC in the region and is the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Jazeera being based in and financed by Qatar. When I drove by the Al Jazeera offices in Qatar, I had this intense urge to stop the car in front of their offices to urinate on the front of their office doors. A German journalist who defected from Al Jazeera stated that Al Jazeera is the “Muslim brotherhood.”

  4. David Rense says

    Arabic is a terrible language that begets terrorism. Just listening to it gives me the creeps and confirms the obvious. I’d like to see the formation of a global movement that pushes towards an end to use of the Arabic language. It’s worse than swear words in any other language.

    • Dear David Rense:

      Speaking as a trained linguist, I must tell you that your remark displays MUCH ignorance.

      I think you must be trolling, I can’t believe you actually think that a major world language whose dialects are spoken by over 400 million people, should be banned, simply because YOU find it displeasing it to your ear.

      Some basics from the science of Linguistics, which you obviously never studied:

      There is no such thing as any human language “begetting” anything political, let alone terrorism.
      All human languages are equivalent, no one language is superior to any other.
      All human languages are merely tools for communicating thoughts, using sounds as symbols.
      No human language has any subtext or subconscious inclination.
      Language is independent from culture or politics.
      All contemporary languges evolved from earlier proto-languages, and very possibly ALL human languages had a single proto-ancestor in the distant past.
      Very likely, many thousands of years ago, the proto-Semitic languages were probably one and the same with the proto-Indo-European languages.

      I studied Arabic a bit (not well enough to learn it), and I personally find the sounds of it smooth and pleasing to the ear. That’s just my personal impression. De gustibus non est disputandum.
      The vowels are open and pleasant-sounding. There are some harsh velar consonants, true, but no harsher than anything in, say, Russian (or Scottish dialect of English). Whether one likes the sound of, say, Italian or Arabic or Russian or French, is a matter of personal taste; but in any case, there is no such thing as a “terrorist phoneme” or a “terrorist language”.
      And, by the way, Assad and the Alwawites speak that same tongue, and they’re the good guys, right?

      In summary: Your remark was incredibly stupid, and you should apologize for it.

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