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VIDEO: Iraqi infantry recapturing Ramadi from ISIS

Iraq – Ramadi – Part 1- The Iraqi army infantry taking buildings in the hands of ISIS – 30 December 2015

Moments of the last battles of the Iraqi infantry against ISIS terrorist groups within the city of Ramadi, finally released and secured by the Iraqi army.

More than 700 ISIS terrorists were trapped within the city of Ramadi by the Iraqi Army, and they devoted themselves to booby trap all possible buildings in order to prevent the progress of the Iraqi army.

Days before the fall of Ramadi, the terrorists engaged in executing all the civilians who refused to join ISIS to fight and die. Even ISIS militants themselves were forced to put bomb vests on to avoid being captured and many of them were executed for treason by ISIS for refusing to commit suicide, the goal of ISIS being not to leave evidence of the horrors that were lived in the city under its control over the last year (fortunately almost 90% of the population of the population of Ramadi had abandoned the city before it was taken by ISIS).

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  1. Capturing Ramadi from CIA/ISIS was a choreographed event !

    Think & study and you will see a preplanned publicity stunt for the MSM to masturbate over in order to exalt the US with a modicum of success for the 2015 history books in comparison to Russia’s very visible successes in Syria working legally with the Syrian government & allied forces.

    In regrettably & horrifically normal warfare cities are taken house by house, street by street – Soldiering tells you that from centuries of bloody battles BUT this was a cake-walk for all to see & against some of the most evil, brutal head choppers with no morals or ethics that the World has ever seen.

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