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VIDEO: Pro-Assad march in militant-held Syrian town

Still from the video below

In March the town of Madaya, in the Rif Dimashq Governorate, was occupied by terrorists. On 11/30/2015 a march was held in the town in support of the Syrian Arab Army and Bashar al Assad, calling for the army to liberate the town from terrorists. Madaya’s inhabitants are predominantly Sunni.

“Are you not hungry – we are hungry!!” Civilians protest a militant blocking them from reaching food in government-held districts [of Madaya].

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  1. mark delmege says

    same sort of story was run on the Ausralian state broadcasting Tv stations (ABC/SBS) tonight.

  2. Coincidentally, the Guardian published a one-sided article on Madaya today claiming Assad’s forces are starving the residents to death by laying seige to the town. In typical NewGuardian fashion the piece is bereft of any substantiated facts. Based on a phone interview with a social worker called Louay, it centres round the starvation claim without explaining properly why Madaya might be under seige.

    In fact, the story is rendered completely unreliable by making light of the fact anti-government forces hostile to Assad took the town and are still holding onto it. Quite obviously they were on their way to try to take Damascus, which is only a few dozen miles away.

    I can sympathise with the residents of Madaya, as they are effectively being held as pawns by anti-government forces. It seems the Guardian is also prepared to exploit the town’s civilians as pawns in its propaganda war against Assad. The newspaper appears to be of the opinion the Syrian government should feed enemy forces trying to invade Syria in order that they don’t have to go to all the bother of surrendering. Only one name comes to mind here: Fallujah, I don’t remember US forces feeding the residents there.

    A very shoddy piece of Guardian journalism once again, which relies on a Syrian Army deserter for some of its information. The reporters tellingly refer to the deserter as a defector. and the Syrian Army as pro-government forces. So when was the British Army last referred to as pro-government forces, as in ‘pro-government forces rescue stranded flood victims in Cumbria’? Obviously, language is being manipulated to give a various terrorist groups, composed extensively foreign mercenaries and armed by the West and its Arab allies, a legitimacy they don’t have under international law.

    The Guardian article can be read by following the link:

    Pity I can’t see the video as I am not connected Facebook or Twitter.

    • according to the uk daily mail,telegraph etc Syria is black and white,good guys aka moderate ? head choppers; and bad guys or assad`s boys. the real horror of Syria is the refugees freezing and dying of starvation with no help.

    • In addition to my earlier comment on today’s Guardian article concerning Madaya.

      Though I’m sure there are people in desperate need of food in Madaya and other towns in Syria, the Guardian should have have reported that the media outlet publishing the video of starving civilians claiming to have come out of Madaya is Orient News

      Orient News is a Syrian media group based in Dubai owned by the Syrian opposition supporter Ghaasan Aboud. Aboud is a media mogul and an outspoken critic of the Assad regime. He also connected to the Syrian American Medical Society Foundation.

      Guardian articles not providing highly relevant source information (like the one I link to in my previous comment) serve only to stain the newspaper’s reputation even further.

  3. the Syrian conflict is like a patchwork quilt. americans believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. in the whole middle east it aint necessarily so`.

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