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A New Saudi War Crime in Yemen

by Vaska

As FortRuss reported on January 6, the Saudi Air Force has bombed a centre for the blind in the Yemeni capital Sana’a, leaving at least 3 dead.
The raid took place at night, while the residents of the centre were asleep.  Exact information on the number of casualties is still not available.
Blind boy in Yemen

“These blind children are made to be the target of airstrikes?  Where are the NGO’s?  Where is the UN?” [….]  It should be noted that Saudi Arabia have committed dozens of war crimes on the territory of Yemen. For example, only recently Saudi warplanes have attacked schools, hospitals, roads where there were no military targets, factory of Coca-Cola, a dairy farm, and 2 industrial enterprises.

Bombed centre for the blind 1
Bombed centre for the blind 2
Bombed centre for the blind  3
So far, there’s been a complete lack of reaction on the part of the EU, the individual European countries themselves, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as international human rights organizations and the UN itself.
Bombed centre for the blind 4

Bombed centre for the blind 5

Illustrations courtesy of FortRuss

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