Syria UN ambassador: “The whole Syrian people is besieged”

Children in Madaya, as a UN/Red Crescent humanitarian convoy reached the besieged Syrian town yesterday.

[…] at 12:45 journalist (al Jazeera) asks if the reports of starving people are fabrications.
Dr. al-Ja’afari [Syria’s Ambassador to the UN]: “Yes, indeed, and the main responsible for these fabrications is your own channel, Al Jazeera, and Al Arabiya….Your channel is mainly responsible for fabricating these, for these allegations and lies.
Today, 65 trucks entered Madaya, al-Zabadani and Kafraya and al-Foua. 65 trucks of humanitarian assistance, including medical supplies”
[…] The main problem is that the armed terrorist groups steal the convoys and trucks, and they deviate them to their own warehouses and storage. And then they re-sell it to civilians at prohibitive prices that the civilians cannot afford it.
There is a problem, yes. But the problem is this. The terrorists are stealing the humanitarian assistance from the Syrian Red Crescent as well as from the United Nations, and they are keeping this assistance in their warehouse, and then they use it as a leverage of political and financial gain for them to survive.”
“Those who are besieged are all the Syrians. We are talking about Syria being besieged by enemies, by criminals, by murderers, by hostile governments targeting the whole Syrian people.
…It’s about 23 million Syrians besieged, by economic sanctions, by terrorists crossing from Turkey, from Jordan, from Lebanon, from Iraq. This is the reality. The whole Syrian people are besieged.”

Transcript by Eva Bartlett


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