Video: Fox News goes ballistic over Iran

Still from video below

Robert Bridge writes for RT:

[…] Just how long and deep America has snorted from the cracked mirror of imperial power, intoxicating the nation with delusions of grandeur and exceptionalism, was nowhere more apparent than this week in the Fox News studios where five pugnacious pundits cheerleaded for a full-blown clash with Iran (the Full Metal Jacket moment starts around the 3:10 mark).

[…] By conjuring up the insane idea of bombing Tehran over nothing more than a mishap, Tantaros has exposed herself as a smoking gun, a media weapon of mass destruction, proving exactly how lethal and dangerous the Western mainstream media message has become irrespective of the channel. Instead of these media pundits speaking from a position of level-headed neutrality, reasonably weighing issues of enormous gravity in a fair, unbiased and non-hysterical manner, they come out screaming and shooting from the hip. At the same time, allowing any opposing voice to balance the circus act has now become an exception as opposed to the rule.
It may well prove to be the tragedy of our times that the Fourth Estate is actually proving to be more gung-ho about war and conflict than those men and women now serving in the military forces. […]


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