VIDEO: The curious incident of the polonium in the nightclub – UPDATED

This short, ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek, documentary interviews material witnesses and renowned experts to probe into some of the gaping holes left in the official “explanation” of Mr Litvinenko’s murder. Read the full RI column here.

See update below video

UPDATE: After this article appeared we were contacted by one of the makers of the documentary. Apparently they have been offering segments of their work – free of charge – to every broadcasting outlet in the UK. But none of them even bothered to reply, let alone run the story.

So, what happened to balanced broadcasting guys?


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Purely Coincidental
Purely Coincidental
Apr 20, 2016 2:37 AM

So I’m all for a little investigation to go with anything but let’s be honest it was 100 times the polonium they were talking about at a value a tens of millions of dollars. My money is on Russia.

Jan 26, 2016 12:49 PM

In isolation the allegations may have basis, however as not privy to facts I remain in ignorance. Given the disproportionate media attention, reliance upon secret testimony and quite frankly, implausible set of circumstances, how can one take this seriously? I can only conclude a clumsy, desperate fabrication by a desperate author.

Jan 26, 2016 8:19 AM

The UK is nothing but a proxy in the US war against Russia. Cameron and this foolish report on secret hearings should be embarrassed.
The report based on the lies of Russian criminals who were given asylum in the UK, the cohorts of Berehnovsky- who a judge in another case said was not to be believed.
I am getting more disgusted with the constant demonisation of putin and Russia.

Norman Pilon
Norman Pilon
Jan 26, 2016 2:31 AM

Now, if I had me 70 Gs lying around . . . or if I knew someone who owned a textile factory . . . Hm . . . Maybe Masha knows someone who knows someone who knows someone . . .

Jan 25, 2016 10:08 PM

Reblogged this on Susanna Panevin.

Jan 25, 2016 2:24 PM

UK has zero interest in the truth !

Aug 16, 2016 12:17 PM
Reply to  leruscino

IF the truth does not support who you are invested in being and becoming – or reality as you conceive and believe it/you to be, then you will frame truth in ways that only allow inside insiders to know or speak it – with other insiders or in secret within your hidden thought – because without that ‘framing’ others cannot and will not ‘understand it’ and it will therefore have hateful or destructive outcome to your sense of self/reality.
The framing is a narrative set of definitions we might call our ‘mind’ – by which to make a false reality seem self-evident, but is more like a personal sense of power and control over our consciousness – which includes intuition, feeling and sensation, as well as imagination and thought. All facets of consciousness are integral to and will reintegrate – given freedom to align in unified purpose or joy – which is inherent to Life rather than overlaid upon it as meanings of a mind apart.
This sense of coercive power then operates in relation – in the world of relations – along the same lines as in our ‘conditioned’ consciousness – as manipulative and coercive – based upon a foundation in deceit – for there IS no capacity to separate from consciousness in order to be a ‘different’ or ‘other’ power acting upon it – in truth. But in the imagination and wish of such a power, is true power of desire and intention given to setting up and having the experience and exploration of a personal sense of segregative consciousness – whose asserted identity implicitly conflicts with truth and therefore denies awareness of truth, to have it’s experience or fulfilment of an idea.
Whereas true fulfilment is fruited in joy, the experience of successful fragmentation results in a sense of lack, struggle and pain that never actually arrives at victory – excepting as a wished for outcome that seems sometimes closer or possible – like a carrot just out of reach – while pain makes the present into something to escape, get away from or successfully cover over with distraction. I describe a negative loop that is being touted as ‘perpetual war’ – and this is seen as the basis for our economy and our nature and our ‘survival’ – because the framing of mind has become our identity and thus the dictate of our ‘survival’ in an exclusive and unshared or private and agenda of power. But this ‘power’ operates against Life – as can be readily seen and recognized by any who calm enough to see and feel.
Waking within a nightmare is waking to the need to wake from it. To put down or desist from using or unsubscribe from employing the ‘mind’ that frames Life lovelessly – or shall I simply say hatefully – but masked in terms that seem ‘justified’.
Until a fundamental acceptance of self, frees us from its conflicted assertion within and against itself – truth abides unrecognized and our true desire unfruited and unfulfilled amidst a sense of Life denied. Seemingly by Them, by Others and by a failure of Life to support our envisioned power to make in our own image and thus seem ‘unworthy and inadequate’ and indeed hateful. But the first act of hatred and denial is self-judging and self hating and all else simply finds leverage through this division that tries then to rule out rather than feel and hold the balance within a wholeness of being.
Until there is a shift of recognition the interest in truth is in ensuring its denial, distortion or subversion to serve ‘survival’ in framed terms. And the mind is busily engaged in ‘finding’ and asserting its ‘truth’ with the force of the survival fears and ‘notional security dictates’ that are running undercurrent and ‘projecting out’ through false narrative as a kind of contagion of fear.
True context is part of true ‘facts’ and any framing will introduce some distortions to that which truly lives and knows itself being. If hate denies the heart – then truth can only be cold and unfeeling. The truth is that hate will corrupt us if given power to operate in and as our name. Under the rage and the hate is hurt and loss of – or sense of denied – love and Life.
If opening to truth includes re-opening rage, hate and hurt to expression – where is the way to hold this from ‘self and other – or world – destruction’ while it finds a deeper acceptance in place of denial? For the true of who we are needs acceptance – not hate and blame and denial. Not from the outside in – as some permission to hurt – but from the inside out – as a re-cognition or uncovered perspective from which to live truly and truly live – or at least take a good step forth that leads to a greater willingness.
Truth is not just data with which to convict and punish or deny – it is a living and freeing recognition – and thus not available to a mind engaged in its own spin.