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VIDEO: The curious incident of the polonium in the nightclub – UPDATED

via Russia Insider

UPDATE: After this article appeared we were contacted by one of the makers of the documentary. Apparently they have been offering segments of their work – free of charge – to every broadcasting outlet in the UK. But none of them even bothered to reply, let alone run the story. So, what happened to balanced broadcasting guys?

This short, ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek, documentary interviews material witnesses and renowned experts to probe into some of the gaping holes left in the official “explanation” of Mr Litvinenko’s murder.

Read the full RI column here.


  1. Purely Coincidental says

    So I’m all for a little investigation to go with anything but let’s be honest it was 100 times the polonium they were talking about at a value a tens of millions of dollars. My money is on Russia.


  2. In isolation the allegations may have basis, however as not privy to facts I remain in ignorance. Given the disproportionate media attention, reliance upon secret testimony and quite frankly, implausible set of circumstances, how can one take this seriously? I can only conclude a clumsy, desperate fabrication by a desperate author.


  3. Guest says

    The UK is nothing but a proxy in the US war against Russia. Cameron and this foolish report on secret hearings should be embarrassed.
    The report based on the lies of Russian criminals who were given asylum in the UK, the cohorts of Berehnovsky- who a judge in another case said was not to be believed.
    I am getting more disgusted with the constant demonisation of putin and Russia.


  4. Now, if I had me 70 Gs lying around . . . or if I knew someone who owned a textile factory . . . Hm . . . Maybe Masha knows someone who knows someone who knows someone . . .


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