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Hammond Accidentally Tells the Truth

by Kit


Philip Hammond is talking again, lying again, contradicting proven facts again. Pushing an hysterical pro-war agenda again. Demonizing Russia, again. And, again, nobody believes him.

Even the Guardian seems lack energy in its reporting of the same handful of lies Hammond et al have been telling for months. Namely that Russia aren’t bombing ISIS, that they are bombing the (entirely fictional) “moderates” 70% of the time. That Russia are inhibiting the peace process, despite the fact that they have been calling for the use of diplomacy for years, and that the most peristant block to negotiation has been the West’s war-cry: “Assad must go!”. That the inscrutable Putin has some master plan, that we simply can’t guess what their plans are for Syria.

At moments like this Hammond, and his ilk, seem like programmed automatons rather than people – they have set responses, set behaviours, set language, and can only repeat them endlessly. Regardless of the appropriateness, apparent irrationality or the simple fact that nobody believes them anymore.

A simple look at the Guardian comments shows you that:




That’s just a taste. The overwhelming tone? “We know you’re lying”. I have written before about the modern idea that narrative can is somehow more important than reality, that you can shape the world through simple repitition of a lie. It is – of course – not true. The increasingly feverish desperation with which people like Hammond make their case is becoming uncomfortable to watch. The Western plan for Syria has, so far, failed. Assad was meant to be gone by now – the Syrian state torn up and scattered to the four winds. Some for Turkey, some for Israel, some for Iraq – and a brand new mediterranean seaport for the US Navy. It was meant to be a new Libya. But then the Russian’s came…

In all of his quasi-delirium Hammond accidentally stumbles over a truth:

‘Everything we are doing is being undermined by the Russians,’



  1. Phillip Hammond turned up here in Auckland, New Zealand claiming that our country was ‘part of the family’. Using the concept of ‘Family’ to drum up support for more war, death and destruction is obscene. What of the 3.9 million Iraqis that have lost their homes and families and become refugees inside and outside Iraq, under appalling conditions??

    In 1998 both UN Humanitarian Commissioners Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck resigned rather than continue policies that added to the destruction in Iraqi – both Lives and Families.
    Would that Philip Hammond ( Oxford educated, net worth £9m, family and two homes to return to ) show the same degree of integrity. Or any degree of integrity

    • Yes. That is what all those Zionist stooges do. they go around the world promoting their diabolical wars and making themselves the angels from heaven who are executing the bad guys. Thanks to the Internet and hundreds of books that are telling us the truth now, we are waking up from the lies we have been told for many decades.

    • New Zealand is a legitimation weapon in the US propaganda arsenal. the peaceful kiwis are in Afghanistan? Must be a worthy cause…

      Our anti-nuclear acts as a chimera of independence that make our assent to US propaganda lines seem objective.

      • Today we have massive traffic stopping protests against the signing of the TPP agreement. This is because most kiwis are smart enough to realise that capital searching for maximum return will end up with us being treated just like the German bankers treated the Greek pensioners. Most of us have not forgotten the “Rainbow Warrior” sunk by our allies in the French secret service, nor the threatened trade sanctions that lead to us handing over the perps. Most of us are aware of the role of the US plays in destabilizing ‘colour revolutions’ worldwide. The problem is the present Government, lead by an ex bankster, is in the thrall of Washington and more concerned with the use and misuse of power than in promoting healthy democracy.
        I left a copy of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”
        at the office of our local MP in the hope it might give him another perspective before the lust for power set in. No such luck. It remains unopened and unread in his office

        • I emigrated to NZ when I was 12 with my family to Christchurch, by Sea in 1953 from the UK. It was too much of a culture shock and we returned after 7 months. We came from the West Midlands in the UK and my new NZ young friends mistook my dialect for an American accent . We soon corrected this as Yanks seem to be universally despised. In those days Kiwis kept out of senseless wars even though a lot of NZ Army officers were emigrated Poms; who seem to be ignored by NZ other ranks. Sorry that your leader is an Obama puppet like our compulsive liar David Cameron. Cameron`s latest money saving wheeze is to take 14,000 Motability Scooters from our Disabled and presumably use the money to send more bombs to the Middle East Your cricket team is pretty good these days sorry to say.

  2. Reblogged this on wgrovedotnet and commented:

    Hammond has already fallen foul of the majority of the British people with his backing of the apartheid, genocidal neo nazi Israel and the murderous, terrorist enabling Salafist crimes against humanity Saudi regime. He foolishly believes that by him saying something, somehow he can fool the idiot people into believing it, as though we are all really that stupid?

  3. Shelly says

    Is it just me or does anyone else find the language used about Russia in the MSM irritating? E.g. Hammond ‘scolded’ Putin as though he’s a naughty school kid, when ‘ranted at’ would have been a more accurate choice. IMO the Guardian pretends to be progressive and anti-racism but their choice of language suggests the opposite.

    • The Guardian has moved substantially to the right since the departure of Glenn Greenwald and the enforced destruction of their Snowden disks at the behest of the British Government’s Security Fascists. The management has changed and they have also slowly weeded out the strongest leftist voices from their online comments. This is how and why Off-Guardian continues to grow. It is also why links to Off-Guardian are almost immediately wiped from the Guardian’s “free” comment section.

      When the bastards threw me off for criticizing Shaun Harding, I found out about this site, which has good writers and an ever-growing comment community.

  4. MichaelK says

    Given Hammond’s obvious lack of basic rhetorical skills, or somebody proficient to write stuff for him to say, one wonders why he simply doesn’t just choose to keep his mouth shut? He’s not really good at this, lying convincingly, is he? Blair, at least, had the gift of being able to mimic sincerity and truth, skills Hammond lacks. He seems to, without realising it, reveal just how subservient the UK is to US interests. It’s grotesquely ironic that at the same time as Cameron is blustering about pulling the UK away from Europe and prioritizing the UK’s sovereignty and independence; Hammond should underline the UK’s abject position in relation to its imperial masters in Washington.

  5. sounds like Philip Hammond is playing with his Hammond Organ again .he should try playing with David Cameron`s Wurlitzer controlled remotely by nice Barak Obama. Vladimir Putin would much rather kill rabid Chechens in Syria than have to kill them in Moscow.

  6. John says

    There is a largely similar response in today’s Independent too.
    Ever since the phoney Iraq War “dossier” as a response to 911 no one believes any politicians.
    We have all witnessed the absolute mess left behind in Aghanistan, Iraq and Libya.
    Now they are trying to make the same mess in Syria, generating huge numbers of refugees.
    Well, no more refugees and not in our name any more.
    Are Hammond and his co-conspirators out to undermine the Geneva peace talks?

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