Hammond Accidentally Tells the Truth

by Kit

Philip Hammond is talking again, lying again, contradicting proven facts again. Pushing an hysterical pro-war agenda again. Demonizing Russia, again. And, again, nobody believes him.
Even the Guardian seems lack energy in its reporting of the same handful of lies Hammond et al have been telling for months. Namely that Russia aren’t bombing ISIS, that they are bombing the (entirely fictional) “moderates” 70% of the time. That Russia are inhibiting the peace process, despite the fact that they have been calling for the use of diplomacy for years, and that the most peristant block to negotiation has been the West’s war-cry: “Assad must go!”. That the inscrutable Putin has some master plan, that we simply can’t guess what their plans are for Syria.
At moments like this Hammond, and his ilk, seem like programmed automatons rather than people – they have set responses, set behaviours, set language, and can only repeat them endlessly. Regardless of the appropriateness, apparent irrationality or the simple fact that nobody believes them anymore.
A simple look at the Guardian comments shows you that:
That’s just a taste. The overwhelming tone? “We know you’re lying”. I have written before about the modern idea that narrative can is somehow more important than reality, that you can shape the world through simple repitition of a lie. It is – of course – not true. The increasingly feverish desperation with which people like Hammond make their case is becoming uncomfortable to watch. The Western plan for Syria has, so far, failed. Assad was meant to be gone by now – the Syrian state torn up and scattered to the four winds. Some for Turkey, some for Israel, some for Iraq – and a brand new mediterranean seaport for the US Navy. It was meant to be a new Libya. But then the Russian’s came…
In all of his quasi-delirium Hammond accidentally stumbles over a truth:

‘Everything we are doing is being undermined by the Russians,’



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