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BuzzFeed: U.S. in proxy war with itself in Syria


Free Syrian Army fighters in the Salah Al Din neighborhood of Aleppo, Aug. 22 2015.

BuzzFeed News reports:

ISTANBUL — American proxies are now at war with each other in Syria.

Officials with Syrian rebel battalions that receive covert backing from one arm of the U.S. government told BuzzFeed News that they recently began fighting rival rebels supported by another arm of the U.S. government.

The infighting between American proxies is the latest setback for the Obama administration’s Syria policy and lays bare its contradictions as violence in the country gets worse.

The confusion is playing out on the battlefield — with the U.S. effectively engaged in a proxy war with itself. “It’s very strange, and I cannot understand it,” said Ahmed Othman, the commander of the U.S.-backed rebel battalion Furqa al-Sultan Murad, who said he had come under attack from U.S.-backed Kurdish militants in Aleppo this week.

Furqa al-Sultan Murad receives weapons from the U.S. and its allies as part of a covert program, overseen by the CIA, that aids rebel groups struggling to overthrow the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, according to rebel officials and analysts tracking the conflict.

The Kurdish militants, on the other hand, receive weapons and support from the Pentagon as part of U.S. efforts to fight ISIS. Known as the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, they are the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s strategy against the extremists in Syria and coordinate regularly with U.S. airstrikes.

Yet as Assad and his Russian allies have routed rebels around Aleppo in recent weeks — rolling back Islamist factions and moderate U.S. allies alike, as aid groups warn of a humanitarian catastrophe — the YPG has seized the opportunity to take ground from these groups, too.

In the face of public objections from U.S. officials and reportedly backed by Russian airstrikes, the YPG has overrun key villages in the northern provinces of Aleppo and Idlib. It now threatens the town of Azaz, on the border with Turkey, through which rebel groups have long received crucial supplies. Over the weekend, Turkey began shelling YPG positions around Azaz in response, raising another difficult scenario for the U.S. in which its proxy is under assault from its NATO ally.

Yet as America has looked on while Russia and Syria target its moderate rebel partners, it has failed to stop the YPG from attacking them too. “That is a major problem,” said Andrew Tabler, a Syria specialist at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “It’s not just that it’s a nonsense policy. It’s that we’re losing influence so rapidly to the Russians that people just aren’t listening to us anymore.” […]



  1. No such thing its all part of the game that the anglo-zionist and their NWO cabalist intentionally want . How Orwellian the times have become. The Petro-XDollar is on the out and the financial crisis is just around the corner and negative interest rates are being suggested to get the west out of the financial crisis. Their Ponzi scheme is being exposed for what it is . Morally and intellectually bankrupt west is passed its use by date.

  2. This is a classic example of what gets done in the name of America, even though it is never voted on. This election does offer a choice between Hillary who has been responsible for the Syrian fiasco, and Bernie who does not support the use of American military for deposing other countries leaders or making them cooperate with our corporations.

    Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath

    Bernie Sanders, the Foreign-Policy Realist of 2016

    Now google: A Secret War in 135 Countries

    I think one of those pointed out what a difference our worldwide reputation would be if we had spent the money we have on war since 2001 on helping underdeveloped countries with infrastructure, schools and hospitals. Meanwhile we have another generation of veterans. Being a retired RN now, I will not be as up close and personal as with the WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and Gulf vets. Maybe we will soon realize and decide that our military would better serve the world for climate change disasters, especially refugees.

    • James Carless says

      …..and use the SAS to combat the armed poachers of endangered species, that would really enhance their reputation around the world and I suspect be less distasteful to the regiment than training shifty ‘moderate terrorists’ in Jordan

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