Ukrainian radicals trash Russian banks on anniversay of Maidan (w/ VIDEO)


A protester against “the financial occupation of Ukraine” in action inside Russias Alfa Bank office in Kiev, February 20 2016

 RT reports

Ukrainian radicals wrecked the offices of Russian companies Sberbank and Alfa-Bank in Kiev as they marked the second anniversary of the bloody Euromaidan riots, which left around 100 dead and led to major unrest in the country.
The angry mob accused the Russian banks of “financial occupation of Ukraine,” throwing rocks and other foreign objects at the buildings and shattering their windows.
The police prevented the radicals from setting the Sberbank office doors on fire, but the attackers managed to get inside the Alfa-Bank office.
They trashed the furniture and glass partition walls inside the bank, shouting nationalist slogans, including: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!”
The offices of the eastern Ukrainian oligarch, Renat Akhmetov, were also attacked in the capital on the same day.
Many of the protestors were wearing balaclavas and camouflaged uniforms with the insignia of the radical Right Sector movement, recently branded “illegal” by Ukraine’s Judge Advocate General.
Members of the volunteer battalions which participated in Kiev’s military campaign in East Ukraine, activists from the far-right Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), and other radical groups were also among those responsible for the violence.
According to LifeNews, Ukrainian security forces have not made a single arrest in connection with the attacks on the Russian banks. […]


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