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Syria: Ceasefire sparks infighting between anti-Assad militants (w/ VIDEO)


A suburb of Damascus turned into a  no-man’s land

Fresh clashes have erupted in Syria between secular rebels and Al CIAda-linked extremists. It’s the latest spate of infighting among the anti-Assad camp, which has seen a rapid rise of radicals in their numbers. Western analysts put the total number of rebels at around a hundred thousand. They’re split into as many as a thousand different groups. Ten thousand fighters are radical jihadists with links to Al CIAda. Up to 35 thousand others are hardline Islamists, who share many of Al CIAda’s views. That leaves the more moderate rebels vastly outnumbered. Let’s get reaction from independent news editor James Corbett.

BEIRUT – The two most powerful Syrian rebel groups in the northeastern outskirts of Damascus have engaged in a firefight, according to an NGO monitoring the conflict in the war-torn country.

“Damascus’s eastern Ghouta is witnessing… continued unrest between Jaysh al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman after quarrelling between the two sides and fierce armed clashes,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Tuesday morning. […]

Read in full Rebel allies fight each other in east Damascus: monitor at NOW.



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    Unfortunately the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights(SOHR) is rather unreliable since he has been exposed so frequently for his propagandist lies. Perhaps he is no longer being bankrolled by the EU terrorist supporters? Maybe he can’t find any anti Assad stories to promulgate or he has turned a new leaf.

  2. John says

    al CIAda – right on !!!
    ISIS = Israel Secret Intelligence Service.
    Need anyone say more?

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