Reports: Anti-ISIS revolt in Raqqa, terrorists deserting their Syrian capital

Raqqa's Residents in Syria Rebel against ISIS Terrorists, Flown Syria's Flags
Alleged photo of a Syrian flag being flown in ISIS-help Raqqa on Sunday.

Bas News reports:

RAQQA — Residents of Raqqa, the heart of the Islamic State (IS), are reportedly uprising against the jihadist group as a result of their hostile treatments and brutalities.
Arab media reported that there have been heavy confrontations in Raqqa between IS militants and the residents of the city due to IS’s ill treatment towards the people.
Abu Ali Tunsi, a prominent IS leader and a number of his men were reportedly killed in those confrontations, according to the information obtained from the area.
A group of 200 militants have abjured IS in the last two days in Raqqa, and the IS jihadists have tightened the security measures and increased the number of checkpoints in the city, fearing the attacks by the residents and the abjured group, according to sources from Raqqa.
In a recorded video [see below], a man appears talking to the cameraman saying they have given up on IS due to the inhumane treatment meted out to the people by IS militants and “executing everyone they suspect.”
A large number of men, abandoned IS, and are appearing in the footage walking hastily seemingly running away from IS.

Al Alam reports:

Residents of the Syrian city of Raqqa, occupied by ISIS, on Sunday clashed with the terrorists and flown Syria’s flags in the city, witnesses said.
Syria’s flags had been flown in five neighborhoods of Raqqa, according to the witnesses. The residents took to the streets in two neighborhoods, killing a ISIS terrorist.
The witnesses added that on Saturday there were armed clashes between the the terrorists, after a group of some 100 terrorists tried to desert the city.
The city of Raqqa is the main city occupied by ISIS. It has been under control of the terrorists since August 2014. Currently the Syrian army, as well as the Kurdish militias are carrying out offensives to liberate the city from ISIS, which is outlawed in many countries, including the United States and Russia, Sputnik reported.

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