"Shakespeare Loved Refugees"

by Kit

In one of the more bizarre incidents of agenda pushing that I can recall – even by recent Guardian standards – William Shakespeare has been enlisted to spread the pro-refugee, anti-Brexit message of the modern liberal media.
This partial play script, claimed to be the only extant passage in Shakespeare’s handwriting, apparently has a long speech from Sir Thomas More all about how awful it is to spurn refugees and immigrants.
Leave aside that opinion is divided over who wrote this piece – it doesn’t matter, excepting that presenting a theory as a fact helps them push their rather odd agenda. Leave aside the authorship question, leave aside whichever side of the refugee issue you stand on. Ignore the differences in period, political situation and all the other myriad rational objections to such an argument. It merits no rational response.

“Shakespeare liked immigrants! So should you!”

…is just…absurd. Fortunately, for anyone hoping to maintain some faith in humanity, it was treated as such in the comments:


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