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Elizabeth Warren’s Silence

by Brad Benson

Last night Senator Elizabeth Warren weighed in very critically on the Donald Trump Candidacy, calling it “ugly and dangerous” and imploring, “decent people everywhere…to say No More Donald (sic).”  Senator Warren’s comment has since “gone viral” and been lauded by many.

Sadly however, the hypocritical irony of her final sentence, “There’s no virtue in silence,” has been largely missed in the mad rush to trumpet her attack on the much-loathed, and greatly feared, Trump.  Quite simply, Senator Warren cannot seriously implore others to “Just say no!” to Trump, while she continues to sit on the sidelines of the Democratic Presidential Primary.

Senator Warren has rightfully earned her reputation, first as an economics professor that could not be silenced; next as the visionary behind the legislation that authorized the much needed Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB); and finally, as an outspoken Senator—still demanding Wall Street Reform, even after Obama “threw her under the bus” and refused to fight for her to become the CFPB’s first Director.

That being said, it is obvious to everyone and should be abundantly clear to her that there is only one candidate in the Democratic Primary Race that shares her values.  That candidate is Bernie Sanders and he needs her help right now.

In marked contrast, Hillary Clinton’s coziness with the sleaziest oligarchs and dictators around the world has long been known and her Wall Street Speeches have become a recurring theme in the campaign.  Moreover, her waffling, weasel-word responses to repeated requests that she release the speech transcripts have been universally mocked, despite being strategically recrafted and “focus-grouped” after each quixotic failure.

Finally, Hillary’s Candidacy is founded upon a Clinton Machine that was always based upon the charismatic cult of personality surrounding her husband Bill.  However, this machine has long since lost its luster and, to many, she was never more than a hood ornament.  As a result, her support has been lukewarm at best and, if the Democratic Party Establishment proceeds with this long-planned coronation, a very weak Hillary Clinton will face off against an emboldened Donald Trump over a long hot summer.

Nor should anyone believe this delusional and diversionary talk about the break-up of the Republican Party.  When and if Trump secures the nomination, Republicans will fall in line and, like lemmings, will march over the precipice with him.  It’s what they do.

For that matter, after years of denigrating Hillary almost daily in their beltway “talking points”, no self-respecting Republican could ever openly go against any Republican Candidate in support of Hillary Clinton and not expect to be run out of office on a rail.  They know that their power lies in their unity and that truly would be the end of the Republican Party!

On the other hand, a Hillary defeat would most probably signal the end of the Neo-Liberal-Interventionist Control, which has gripped the Democratic Party since the first Clinton Presidency and, while this might not normally be a bad thing, there’s a little matter of three and, perhaps four, Supreme Court Justices in the mix.  These Justices will most certainly be named by the next President, whether Democrat or Republican, and therefore, a Republican win in November has the potential to lock-in right-wing extremism for possibly the next quarter-century.

All of this brings us back to Senator Warren who remains popular, with many still wishing that she had run for President.  While she sits on the sidelines and refuses to endorse her ideological twin, who only ran because she stayed out, Hillary Clinton continues to limp to the nomination and almost certain defeat in November.

Therefore, if Senator Warren truly believes in the economic reforms which have been the hallmark of her meteoric rise to fame, it is time to endorse Senator Sanders and give these goals their very best chance to achieve fruition.

Even in the unlikely event of a second Clinton Presidency, Senator Warren has to know that no one who has taken more than $15 M from Wall Street could realistically be expected to lift a finger for her reforms.  So why is she posting distressed Facebook comments about the more likely outcome of a Trump Presidency, when she probably is the one person in the whole USA whose lent prestige might yet stop it in its tracks?

Finally, an endorsement of Senator Sanders might still not be enough to beat Trump in November, but most polls indicate that he has a better chance to beat Trump than Clinton.  However, those same polls also show some “crossover” in support between Sanders and Trump, since both express satisfaction that their candidate is not part of the establishment; “can’t be bought”; and has pledged to terminate the job-stealing “free-trade deals”.  Then there’s the added bonus that both Sanders and Trump have denounced the “regime change” wars, for which Hillary is extremely vulnerable, and which Trump has frequently characterized as “stupid”.

Unfortunately however, there is one other thing that has shown up in some of these polls and that is the fact that a significant number of Sanders’ Supporters are indicating that they might opt to stay home, vote for a third party candidate like Dr. Jill Stein, or even cross over and vote for Trump against Hillary Clinton due to her hawkish past.

Senator Warren also sees these polls, since they are widely publicized in the media, virtually around the clock.  She also has to know that further delay on this important endorsement can only advance the day in which the Grail she has sought for so long will be lost for the foreseeable future.  Therefore, if she has ever truly believed in the economic reforms for which she has so strongly advocated:

There is no virtue in silence!



    • Brad Benson says

      Hey Joe, I checked out your site. I was also a whistleblower and so was Dr. Bramhall below. It’s not a coincidence that we all ended up learning the same lessons and responding in much the same ways. I am also planning on finally putting up a site, but I’m lazy. My own whistleblowing ended on the operating table, but I won–by breaking even!

      See my response to Dr. Bramhall below if you get the time.

    • Brad Benson says

      Checked out your site Dr. Bramhall. I experience a similar epiphany as a Federal Manager and Whistleblower. I’m one of less than 2% of Federal Employees to have “won” a settlement. It took eight years. I lost everything and ended up on the operating table, but I won by breaking even and getting out. Before they finally got rid of me through my resignation and early retirement, I gave them the “gift that keeps on giving” in the form of the first white collar union ever formed within the Agency HQ. I also blew the whistle to then VP Gore on National TV (CSPAN) and committed political suicide, while buying time to save my career.

      Here is a link to an early story, which appeared on June 25, 1991 in the Free-Lance Star of Fredericksburg, VA. The case was not settled until 1999.


      Here is a link to the April 8, 1993 Washington Post Article, from the Federal Page, in regard to a town hall style meeting in which I blew the whistle to VP Gore. This is not the complete article because a subscription to either the service or the Washington Post is required for the full story. However, the headline and the first paragraph are there.


      Finally, I also became an expatriate after my experience and lived for nearly 10 years in Germany. I came home to take care of my aging father, who has now passed away. However, I can’t leave again since, in the interim, I met a wonderful girlfriend who loves to travel with me and also took in a stray kitty cat. Neither one is showing any desire to leave the country!

      How’s New Zealand?

  1. cl clark says

    um, she said say no to Donald and you accuse her of silence? If she never said anything about The Donald, THAT would be silence. Enough nit-picking and gotcha. Please.

    • Brad Benson says

      You didn’t read beyond the first paragraph. But thanks for commenting. If you want to understand what is meant by her silence, you have to read to the bottom of the piece.

  2. Mark IT Geek says

    I guess it’s just the party game. Clinton is the establishment chosen one, anyone wanting to remain in good standing better either toe the company line or remain in the background. Standing up too big for Sanders will cost her. Clinton and her insiders in the establishment won’t fail to extract penance for stepping out of line.

    • Guest says

      This point exactly the clintons are known for this.
      Plus the fact that Bernie is not running to win. He has not made one argument to attack her many weaknesses. He is running to push Hillary to the left agenda.
      She is the establishment choice ” it’s her turn” that’s it. It’s been decided.

      • Mark IT Geek says

        Really, in all walks of life, punishing enemies and rewarding allies, is how it works, that’s humanity. All political parties, all politicians do that. Behind the faces and speeches, behind closed doors, the people running the apparatus of any organization, business or politics, whatever, pick sides and decide who will help them or hurt them, then act accordingly. The Clinton’s do it, they all do to some degree. The Clinton have been around a very long time, they know everyone, they have made deals with everyone. Politics in general is like any “business”, there are people behind it all, and well, we know how humans work in their clubs and cliques, they remember who helped me and who fought me.

        As for Sanders, I dont’ know if he’s not trying to win, or hes people just aren’t all that good. But either way, he/they know, if he loses, he is still in the Senate and has to work with whomever is the President and in the Senate, so you don’t want to alienate too many people. Down the road, being too harsh or burning bridges will come back to bite you. Again, it’s just how humans and organizations work.

        Yeah, of course Clinton is definitely the establishment choice and well, if nothing else, it will be cool to finally have a female President. Many think she can’t win in the general election, that too many people hate her, but I think she can.

      • Three Graces says

        Bernie is not running to win? Because he hasn’t made an attack on her many weaknesses? This is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve read all day.

        • Brad Benson says

          Okay, if that is your opinion, why?????

      • Jen says

        If Bernie Sanders isn’t running to win the Democratic Party nomination, then he should get out and let someone else who wants to win run against Hillary Clinton.

        Why else would so many Democratic Party voters be voting for Sanders in the party’s primaries? Isn’t it because they don’t want to see Clinton as President?

        • Mark IT Geek says

          My 2 cents… I think he wants to win. But he’s not a great campaigner and his team doesn’t seem terrific. They aren’t pushing the proper buttons and really, it’s understandable to a degree. He likely will head back to the Senate and doesn’t want to alienate Clinton and the establishment too much.

        • Brad Benson says

          Yes it is and I am one of those people. That’s why I wrote the piece. Last night again Warren was on Chris Hayes’ Show on MSNBC with a blistering attack on Trump. That’s all fine and good, but when asked by Hayes about the Democratic Race, she demurred and gave a non sequitur answer.

          The Democratic Campaign is not “doing just fine”. They are gonna get a major ass-whupping in November and Trump will sweep in a Republican Party Congress, while maintaining their Senate Majority–this in a year in which a Sanders Candidacy could actually do the same thing for the Democrats!

          Ms. Warren and her Democratic Cohorts are going to be in for a big shock and this truly demonstrates the naivety of a non-politician Senator like Warren. She’s trying to act like a politician by remaining loyal to the party and not getting involved on either side of the primary process. However, she doesn’t have the savvy to recognize that her party will not exist in its current iteration after a crushing defeat.

          Some of us are beginning to think that, like the British Labour Party with Jeremy Corby, the party must go back to its roots. Right now it is nothing more than Republican-Lite and maybe, like the peasant villages in Vietnam, it might be time to “destroy the party, in order to save it”.

        • Brad Benson says

          Yes and there would be many more of them if Sanders really appeared to be trying to win. Even then, it would be an uphill climb because the party is lined up behind the war criminal and bent on their own self-destruction.

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