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Is Putin Weaponising Stupidity?

from The BlogMire, via Russia Insider


For some time I’ve been trying to develop an all-encompassing theory to account for the behaviour of Western leaders and the media over the last few years. At times their actions and the words of many of them have appeared to be, shall we say, unhinged.

But it was only when I heard what the British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, had to say in the House of Commons on 14th March that the penny finally dropped for me and my all-encompassing theory was finally settled. He was answering a leading question on the Russian withdrawal announcement from Syria, put to him by one of those servile members of the so-called Conservative Party who clearly sees his job as being the asker of leading questions, rather than calling the Government to account. Here’s Mr Hammond’s reply:

Somebody goes in to another country, starts bombing civilian populations, destroying hospitals and schools. If they decide they have done enough, let’s not give them too much praise. It’s a bit like ‘did he stop beating his wife’. The fact they are there in the first place is something we have to continually protest about. We certainly should not give them any credit for simply withdrawing from these illegal activities.”

What is wrong with this statement? The word everything springs to mind. Firstly, although Western leaders have consistently said that Russian airstrikes were targeting schools and hospitals, often drawing on the Coventry-based one-man-band known as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights for proof, we now know from a leaked Nato memo that privately they were impressed at the accuracy and efficacy of the Russian strikes.

Secondly, this is the same Mr Hammond who voted in favour of the war against Iraq, who is part of a Government which dismembered the state of Libya, and who has consistently supported the so-called “moderate rebels” in Syria. His bleeding heart humanitarianism is therefore more than a tad nauseating and to paraphrase his own analogy, it’s a bit like a wife-beater getting upset over someone shouting at their wife.

And finally, there’s that bit about Russian activities being illegal. Of course they were the opposite of illegal, since they were done at the request of the Government of the sovereign state of Syria. Mr Hammond wouldn’t understand that, of course, since he is part of a Government that despises the idea of national sovereignty and has consistently meddled in the affairs of sovereign states, which pose no threat whatsoever to Britain. British bombing in Syria was illegal, and for Mr Hammond to accuse the Russian campaign of being illegal is a stunning display of selling a falsehood as the truth.

But you might wonder why his speech gave me the answer to my search for an all-encompassing theory to explain the policies, words and actions of Western leaders, and what that all-encompassing theory is. The answer to the first part is this: Mr Hammond’s words were so utterly, mind-numbingly stupid, that it became clear to me that there must be much more to it than meets the eye. Surely no-one in such a position could voluntarily come out with such trash and expect anyone to believe it, could they? Yet the fact that he clearly did expect people to believe such an unhinged and false statement, solved the mystery of what is going on.

Isn’t it obvious that the whole thing has the Hand of Putin all over it? Isn’t it clear that Putin has been Weaponising Stupidity itself? And wouldn’t that explain all the other instances of stupid behaviour we have witnessed over the past few years?

But how, you say. Well let’s say that the Russians have invented some way of making people do or say really ignorant or stupid things — things that actually work against their interests and those of the people they lead. And suppose they have also discovered a way of putting it into capsule form. Well, Putin and members of the Russian Government have met with most high ranking Western leaders at various forums haven’t they? They’ve probably even had a cup of tea with most of them (emphasis on the word probably, which is a British legal term for certainly). How easy would it have been for them to slip a pill into their drink while they weren’t looking?

What about the media, though? Whilst the capsule explanation might explain the behaviour of a handful of politicians, they can’t have had tea with every Western journalist that writes stupid things about Russia or the Middle East can they? Of course not. But then if they have invented a way of Weaponising Stupidity, and if they have discovered the technology to put it into capsule form, who’s to say they can’t find a way of, say, pumping it into newspaper offices through the air-conditioning?

All well and good you might say, but it does beg a question: Why would Putin want to make Western leaders do and say stupid things? What benefit would he get out of Weaponising Stupidity? Again the answer is obvious, is it not? The more the leaders of Western countries and the media have displayed their folly and sheer ignorance, the more they have dragged their countries towards collapse. And since Putin’s goal is obviously to Weaponise the World, no doubt for his own dastardly reasons, you can begin to see how it would be in his interests to use Stupidity as a Weapon to achieve his aims. Can’t you?

Then again, I don’t want to be overly dogmatic about my new theory. I may be wrong. In fact, I still hold out the possibility that the truth might well be much simpler. It could just be a case that we really are run by ignorant buffoons who never learn, and even if Mr Putin were inclined to develop a way of Weaponising Stupidity, he’d actually be wasting his time.


  1. Kit: “the legitimate government of a sovereign state”. Is that a serious way to describe a dictatorship that came to power through a coup? And whose patriarch’s son was installed after his death? I suppose that you must believe that the 90+ percent votes that Baathists routinely get “legitimizes” them. If so, you need to read Chomsky on demonstration elections.

    • It is recognised by the UN and every other international organisation and nation state as a the government of Syria, there is no question they are the Syrian government. Are you suggesting Syria’s sovereignty no longer exists? To cherry pick one line from a four paragraph post, and then act as if the truth of it is a matter of debate is a singularly pointless exercise.

      I asked you a number of direct questions in the hopes of initiating an actual dialogue – possibly inolving you giving citations for the figures you claim as the truth. I have no interest in playing rhetorical games of tag.

      • Vani says

        “I asked you a number of direct questions in the hopes of initiating an actual dialogue” I’ve only now read down the comments and for fcks sake, Kit you are waaaaay too polite and patient with this idiot, you answer, nicely, calmly, providing facts and evidence, this is 3rd time you ask this moron for evidence about nonsense that he babbles, let me answer you, no he cant provide anything, he is absurdly stupid, like a cartoon character, I’ve seen plenty of trolls but omg this is surreal. Ironically this moron calls himself marxist yet uses biggest imperialistic propaganda and lies for his crap, official propaganda of USA, UK and their various “organizations” like SOHR, and think tanks not to mention official propaganda of Saudis, plus defending Guardian lmao

    • Vani says

      you are too stupid even for a troll, its a legitimate government, recognized and present at UN and more importantly supported by majority of Syrians

      Kit I’m afraid you are wasting time talking to this brain dead and no life troll louis, he has a high defense against facts, reality and logic, to put it more bluntly he is dumb as sh|t

  2. Paolo says

    Bush really introduced the west to blatant stupidity and absurd argumentation and appeared to get away with it. It seems as if western leaders just collectively shrugged their shoulders and said “what the hell, why not”.
    The first tentative steps however were taken by Reagan in the 80s. He was probably suffering from the early symptoms of alzheimers but it appears rednecks found his fallibility endearing, i mean smart people tend to frighten idiots which is why center right parties now seem to increasingly generate such figures. Look at Boris Johnson, or Bojo as he’s endearingly referred to. What a loveable rogue (not).

    • Mr Reynard says

      Philip Hammond make actually Bush looking highly intelligent ??

  3. Oh, and by the way, if Focus is you people’s idea about a trustworthy alternative to the Guardian, maybe you want to link to this article:

    It states (Google translation):

    The former coroner of the University Hospital of Aleppo reported according to “Bild” continued that he and his colleagues were forced by the Assad regime, issuing false death certificates. The pathologist told the paper: “I saw with head shots, executed rebels. They were not fighting, they were cold-blooded murders of the regime. My boss wrote, heart attack ‘or’ renal failure ‘on the death certificate, behind us was the secret police with their weapons at the ready. “

    • Jen says

      No-one here at Off-Guardian ever said Focus Online was a trustworthy alternative to The Guardian and that part of the Focus Online article that you have just quoted is itself a quotation from German newspaper Bild. For all you know, Bild itself may not be trustworthy in its reporting. How do we know you’re not cherry-picking articles from Focus Online just to “prove” that the magazine or its online edition is not reliable in its reporting?

      You were the one who wanted to know which German publication mentioned the secret NATO report that praised Russian efficiency in Syria and you got your answer.

      You can split hairs all you like and throw invective all you like but at the end of the day you are still just a troll.

      • The article has not been found. What has been found is an article that references the article. Clearly I was mistaken in believing that the article had never been written but that is a function of having seen in operation for five years. It is to the Kremlin what Fox News was to the George W. Bush administration if you gather my drift. When reporters are being killed and hounded in Russia, it is rather depressing to see you people laud it as superior to the Guardian that actually has people like Seamus Milne on its payroll. When was the last time that interviewed someone like Robin Yassin-Kassab? I suppose I am asking a question that would be lost on you people because there is as much chance of you having heard of Robin as there is of you having read Karl Marx.

        • Seamus Padraig says

          You didn’t hear? Seamus Milne quit The Grauniad last summer. He is now working for Jeremy Corbyn.

          As far as the German MSM is concerned, they are definitely no better than the British MSM, and quite possibly even a bit worse. I have lived in Germany for a decade now and have watched the media here deteriorate rapidly. Josef Joffe picks up where Josef Goebbels left off. What’s really galling is that I’m obligated to pay Bundesrepublik more than 200 euros a year to subsidize their bullshit pro-NATO propaganda.

          Oh well, at least there’s still the internet … for now.

          • Sure I know Milne quit the Guardian. Everybody knows that. The point is that he wasn’t fired for writing Assadist propaganda like the kind that appears here routinely.

      • Vani says

        Everything is a trustworthy alternative to the Guardian, and this moron uses random article that quotes tabloid Build, not their own story lol
        The Guardian is the Fox News, most of them are Fox News, they all peddle official propaganda where it really matters

        “When was the last time that interviewed someone like Robin Yassin-Kassab? I suppose I am asking a question that would be lost on you people because there is as much chance of you having heard of Robin as there is of you having read Karl Marx.”
        HAHAHAHAH Seriously this can not be an actual person, are there people actually this stupid???? Sounds like a poorly written bot. Louis if you want to help Marxism in UK then please hang yourself, you are a living joke and the reason everyone will make fun of Marxist when they read your garbage, you are absurdly stupid, still cant believe wtf Ive just read

    • Paolo says

      You state: “You people are hopeless. The article refers to a “German magazine” that cited a secret NATO report that praises the Russians. I defy you find such a magazine. Even the pro-Putin website Veteran’s Today confesses that no such magazine can be found:”
      When people find the article in the magazine you change tact yet remain on the offensive. I would call that dishonesty.

      • You did not find the article, did you? You found an article that referred to the article but that is not of much importance. What is of importance is the text of the NATO document that it references. You people hoist it like a banner indicating that Russian airstrikes were accurate but the Focus article states that according to the document only 20 percent of the strikes were aimed at ISIS. How accurate is that? In fact, just a week after Russia announces to the world with some indifference to the truth that its mission had been accomplished. But today there are reports that it is bombing again in Palmyra. As it happens, the Russian bombing is not that “accurate” there either.

        • Paolo says

          Yes but i did find the article as you already know…

          Unfortunately you made the claim that “how in the world can you have the audacity to pose as press critics when you don’t have the slightest concern for journalistic integrity?” on the back of a suggestion that the article doesn’t exist. It quite obviously does and what is also patently obvious is that its you who has no integrity. Your lack of credibility is compensated for with invective, slurs and scatter gun hyperbole that is essentially nothing but hot air.

        • Jen says

          The Russian airstrike campaign was limited in its scope and duration. It was aimed at assisting Syrian armed forces who were being attacked not only by ISIS but by other terrorist groups and foreign governments funding those groups and ISIS and sending them reinforcements, arms and equipment. The Russians worked together with the Syrian government and military command and their allies. Therefore if only 20% of airstrikes were aimed at ISIS, that is because the other 80% were aimed at other terrorist groups like Jabhat al Nusra.

          You have no way of knowing whether groups of jihadis remained allies of ISIS or were switching their allegiance to Jabhat al Nusra or any other terrorist group during the period since late September 2015 when Damascus requested Russian help. You also do not know whether those who reported that statistic about Russian airstrikes were reporting honestly or were either trying to exaggerate or downgrade the Russian strikes deliberately. It could very well be that as soon as Russian fighter jets trained their sights on an ISIS stronghold, that target’s allegiance was suddenly changed to another group or the target itself was re-labelled “moderate Syrian rebels”.

          The Russians only announced a partial withdrawal, not a full withdrawal, and they have jets in the Caspian Sea area that can fly to Syria in a matter of hours if the need arises.

          Relying on so-called activists like the Palymra Revolution Coordination who appear to report through the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (one of the more dubious sources of information about Syria as most regular Off-Guardian visitors know by now) does not flatter you much at all.

          The more you engage in trolling commenters on this website, rather than offering constructive criticism that can help advance everyone’s understanding of the issue, the more damage you do to yourself and the more contempt you attract. Is that what you really want here? Why else then do you waste your time and energy coming to this blog’s comment forums? I know you have your own blog so why not spend the time you waste here over there?

          • ” I know you have your own blog so why not spend the time you waste here over there?”

            Because I find the notion of press criticism directed against the Guardian so preposterous that I can’t resist. This website, like Information Clearing House, Global Research, et al, is a sounding board for and Press TV. Meanwhile, as I said, the Guardian has had Neil Clark, Richard Gott, Seamus Milne on its payroll and publishes op-eds fairly frequently by Tariq Ali and other supporters of the “axis of resistance”. Meanwhile, journalists get killed in Russia or hounded.

            It is an interesting phenomenon how a large swath of the left today basically functions as tools of the Kremlin. At least when they were doing it in the 1930s they could be excused to some degree because they believed they were supporting socialism. What are they defending today? A government that is making alliances with the far right in Europe, that puts Pussy Riot in prison for offending the Russian Orthodox Church and whose luminaries buy $20 million apartments in London and New York.


            • Paolo says

              Strange, and i thought it was the Kiev coup government that was pushing the boundaries of right wing extremism in europe.
              Russia only became a problem for the west when Putin put a stop to the full scale theft of sovereign wealth and of state assets that was in full flow under Yeltsin and under the tutorship of the west by way of supposedly establishing democracy. Its strange how these attempts to establish democracy always seem to invlove establishing chaos. Is that whats called creative destruction or is it simply theft under cover of chaos?
              Similarly the west only began to remobilise on the Syria issue when Putin put a stop to the illegal oil exports to Turkey. For anyone looking its clear whats happening and its clear that someone like you is actively involved in erecting smokescreens. Your position is as proposterous as your wild claims and its quite interesting to juxtapose your claim that “a large swath of the left today basically functions as tools of the Kremlin” with the claims repeatedly made in german mainstream media that the european right are functioning as Kremlin stooges. You North atlantic trolls need to make your minds up, or are you simply of the belief that everyone is out to get you?
              Maybe everyone is out to get you because your position is impossible to defend without generous utilisation of the stupidity that this article is talking about.

            • Jen says

              That The Guardian sometimes employs writers whose views don’t agree with its own increasingly dubious position to provide the pretence of “balance” and “diverse viewpoints” and to look good is an old ploy, nothing more and nothing less.

              In case you have not yet been informed, Seamus Milne has taken extended leave of absence from The Guardian to work for Jeremy Corbyn and Tariq Ali stopped reading The Guardian on a regular basis in November 2015 because, among other things, he couldn’t stand their “neocon” reporting.

              Where is your evidence that Off-Guardian and several other websites and you mention are connected to and Press TV, and ultimately to the governments of Russia and Iran? If you are serious about investigating press criticism of The Guardian, then one presumes you have researched this issue and have the evidence to back up your claim, otherwise you make yourself open to claims of libel and slander.

              If you continue to make outrageous claims that you can’t support with actual evidence, and which other people can refute very easily, after which you simply run away and make more straw man arguments on flimsy pretexts, you only end up deserving scorn as a coward.

              • Where is your evidence that Off-Guardian and several other websites and you mention are connected to and Press TV, and ultimately to the governments of Russia and Iran?

                More evidence of the conspiratorial mindset that prevails here, at Global Research, Information Clearing House, et al. I never said that this website is “connected” to, only that it is part of the same current on the left (charitably speaking) that supports the murderous Assad dictatorship. It is what we call an elective affinity. That being said, there is evidence that Russia does pay people to spread its talking points on the Internet although I am quite sure that most websites do it because of a misguided belief that Russia is part of the “axis of resistance”.

                • Jen says

                  In other words you don’t have any evidence to support what you say and when you are backed into a corner you resort to lies and slander, picking on trivial details in other people’s comments, replaying MSM propaganda, and generally talking down to other commenters at Off-Guardian as though they are all small children.

                  Keep replying all you like because the more you do, the smaller and more pathetic you become.

            • Vani says

              “A government that is making alliances with the far right in Europe, that puts Pussy Riot in prison for offending the Russian Orthodox Church and whose luminaries buy $20 million apartments in London and New York.”
              As I said even for a retarded troll you are way too stupid.
              “far-right”? Really I thought it was far left and communists that Putin is supporting like Syriza? Oh wait you morons just change story the way you like it. Pussy Riot was arrested for the same reason they would be arrested everywhere in the world, first they broke inside and had orgy in Moscow biology museum, you can even find pics of them online so enjoy, then they attacked people at one of Moscows most important churches, they got away far to easily, if they did that sh|t in Smithsonian and St Patrick Cathedral they would still be sewing socks in some dungeon in Louisiana, these brain dead idiots who cant sing or write music or play any instruments yet are called “punk band in west propaganda” and hang with biggest neocons and warmongers in the world are lucky Putin is so nice and signed amnesty for them. And you keep changin topics when someone points out your bullsh”t. Fck you are so incredibly stupid jfc, And Guardian is a garbage, brain dead propaganda for lowest common denominator
              “supports the murderous Assad dictatorship”
              “murderous dictatorships” are in Washington DC and London, and Berlin and Paris, murderous dictatorships that illed millions just in the last 15 years of this century, that destroyed numerous countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria being most prominent examples, Yeman, Somali and Haiti being lesser know ones despite being also destroyed by these murderous dictatorships

        • Vani says

          Dear poor retarded Louis, Russian bombing in Palmyra is pinpoint accurate as you can see because most of Palmyra got liberated in few days of Russia bombing and entire Palmyra will be free from your terrorists in few days.
          “only 20 percent of the strikes were aimed at ISIS. How accurate is that?” that is pretty accurate you damn retard as most and biggest problem in Syria is actually Alqaida and its various subgroups like Nusra and affiliates like “rebels”, and as Putin, Lavrov and official Rus government stated they will bomb all terrorists as they should. Alqaida hardly gets mentioned in west propaganda nowdays but their various incarrations are well and alive and kicking. Now after Jen exposed your lies,instead of apologizing to her and apologizing for being stupid you just bury your previous crap as it never happened and pull out something irrelevant. Poor retard had to scroll to Focus to find something that he can do back his previous lies (despite being disapproved with a link) and still fails

    • Keep it up the fifth column of the ashkanazi-khazarian mafia always has an angle for the liberal interventionist . Not once do u have anything against the zionist state how quintessentially zionist of u repentent marxist my left !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The Russians ,Iran and hezbolah all have revealed how nonsensical and duplicity u and ur cohorts r.

      • “ashkanazi-khazarian mafia”?

        My good man, I realize that you are only semi-literate but what is the point of such an intemperate outburst as if being a Jew is some sort of crime. I have noticed in the past that Putinite websites like this one, Moon of Alabama and Information Clearing House are a magnet for Jew-baiters. I suppose that the people who run them naturally feel comfortable with this.

  4. Who can understand the character of the likes of Hammond? This drudge who sticks to a script.

    Is he merely stupid … or calculating and cynical about the effect of his words on his target audience. Maybe it is considered that discerning, intelligent and informed parties in his audience just don’t matter.

    We are of no significance …. as our inability to prevent the ongoing crimes of those who direct the activities of the Hammonds of this world demonstrates.

    False-flag terrorism is the primary political art-form of the 21st century. With these lying creeps at the wheel looks like nothing will change soon.

  5. Alan says

    The choice of Mr Hammond as Foreign Secretary owes more to his allegiance to the party line than his clumsy, oafish attempts at being a statesman.

  6. Vani says

    “Turns out that Louis Proyect can’t read german.” -elenits
    More like; turns out Louis Proyect can’t read, full stop

  7. You people are hopeless. The article refers to a “German magazine” that cited a secret NATO report that praises the Russians. I defy you find such a magazine. Even the pro-Putin website Veteran’s Today confesses that no such magazine can be found:

    “Editor’s Note: The source mention for this NATO report in the German online magazine Focus, but where I could find nothing there, as it might be buried by now. Click your translate button if it comes up in German.”

    How in the world can you have the audacity to pose as press critics when you don’t have the slightest concern for journalistic integrity?

      • elenits says

        Turns out that Louis Proyect can’t read german.

      • Let me see if I got this straight. The link above directs me to an article that is not really the original article but one that refers to it:

        “The North Atlantic military alliance NATO , the Russian Air Force deployed in Syria certifies a high level of professionalism . This was reported by the news magazine FOCUS , citing a confidential NATO analysis from Brussels .”

        To tell you the truth, I confess being rather puzzled by the fact that the link above is to Focus online, which ostensibly has some relationship to the magazine where the article appeared originally. But I do accept that a German magazine did have an article to this effect, even though the pro-Baathist articles making the rounds are based on a article that cites an online publication called Focus that appears to be referring to a print magazine of the same name.

        In any case, if we are to take the NATO report as something to swear upon like a bible in a courtroom, shouldn’t we also accept that only 20 percent of Russian air strikes were aimed at ISIS? That, of course, goes against the Putinite talking points that this website, Veteran’s Today et al are so anxious to promote.

          • I apologize profoundly on my hands and knees but bless your heart for finally finding the article. It took a couple of days but your efforts paid off. I especially commend you for bringing to our attention that article’s final sentence “Nur 20 Prozent aller Luftschläge gelten IS-Terroristen”, which means that only 20 percent of the Russian airstrikes target ISIS. This, of course, is what people with their heads screwed on about Syria have been stating from the beginning as opposed to Alex Jones,, Patrick Cockburn, et al.

            • Louis – ISIS is only one of many terrorist organisations operating in Syria. Even if the NATO figure of 20% is accurate it is hardly susprising as Russia’s stated intent was to bomb all terrorist organisations operating in Syria – to claim that they were only meant to be targeting ISIS, or only claimed to be targeting ISIS, is a straw man argument.

              Now – this is a note to ALL COMMENTERS – please try and keep the comments polite and fact-oriented. Trolling and personal abuse are a waste of everybody’s time.

              • I don’t know what to make of this. Russia has bombed places where neither Nusra nor ISIS exist. I could take the time to show you how the FSA has been targeted but I am sure you will agree with Assad that they too are terrorists. In fact, the Baathists stated in 2011 that they were in a war with terrorists long before the arrival of jihadists–the same excuse that Sisi gives for his coup in Egypt. That is why there is a confluence of interests between Egypt, Syria and Russia:


                Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi met with his Russian counterpart President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, during a joint press conference the presidents announced a Russian initiative to form a coalition to fight the Islamic state group [IS], which includes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as one of its partners.

                The heads-of-state also discussed the construction of the Dabaa nuclear power plant in northern Egypt and possible cooperation between Egypt and the Eurasian Economic Union, during Sisi’s third state visit to Moscow.

                • Could you provide sources and citations for these claims? I get the feeling your talking about the figures and assertions from the SOHR – a widely discredited source. Again, ISIS and al Nusra are hardly the only jihadist groups operating in the country – and the FSA is nothing but a sweeping term applying to all the disparate and allegedly “moderate” rebels operating in Syria. These “moderates” are backed by KSA, who are hardly likely to be backing secular democrats when their homeland is neither secular nor democratic.

                  You seem to be taking up the line that there are “rebels” who are good, and “terrorists” who are bad – a peculiar position, irrational and indefensible. If a foreign backed, mercenary and ideologically backward group take up arms against the legitimate government of a sovereign state then of course the government will consider them terrorists. This holds true for every country in the world. To try and maintain that somehow the Syrian regime, and their Russian allies, are morally obliged to not fight back against the FSA is make yourself ridiculous.

                  The bottom line is that after a brief Russian intervention the Syrian civil war is at its lowest ebb of violence for 5 years. ISIS have lost man power, materiel and ground, the SAA are advancing on Palmyra, some refugees are beginning to return home and the ceasefire is largely holding.

                  These are all good things, those who claim they are not – or seek to divert the conversation to pick apart largely fictional casualty numbers – betray a certain agenda.

    • Amer Hudson says


      I hope ‘Jen’ has put you right on that article, Mr louisproyect. I read the article, from that link, in the original German and in Google translated English and it says precisely what was said in the original article you’re responding to.

      But I know your username from the Guardian. You’re a sort, ain’t you? Going from your past postings, you do come across as a rather fervent Zionist. Or maybe just an everyday Neocon. You tell me me – I’d rather not guess.

      Either way, your quite obvious bias in these matters is noted, and as your rather inaccurate and hysterical response demonstrates.

      • Right. I am a fervent Zionist. I also believe that capitalism is the greatest system the world has ever seen, as should be obvious from the title of my blog: “The Unrepentant Marxist”.

        I suppose that you are one of those people who believe in chemtrails, 9/11 planned demolitions, the Arab Spring as a CIA plot, etc. What I don’t get is why all you people don’t form a party based on your beliefs. Of course, that would take much more of a commitment to activism while writing a comment on a pro-Kremlin website like this probably consumes all the energy you are capable of.

        • pro-kremlin HAHAHA. Its claim to fame is objectivity u zionist shill something u zionist will never have cuase ur r such a superior race of people. My Grandfather a real marxist and jew stated bak in 48 it will b eventually the end to these fascist/zionist it wil take time but it will be their death warrant.

    • And u do u didnt even have an answer to Nitleryahoo treating injured jihadist in the Zionist republic. So from where I stand its the pot calling the kettle black. U r a troll as justifiably stated by a fellow blogger. Ur a fifth column of the Zionist republic plain and simple. Try reading Voltaire net and maybe u will know but that is unlikely cause like I said fifth column. Repentant marxist my deriere.

  8. To me there is something unsettlingly cavalier, offhand or even blase about these stupid lies and evasions of British politicians.
    As if it doesn’t really matter any more.
    An End of Days fatalism almost.
    Similarly, there isn’t much attempt to disguise the closing down sale on public services.
    Just saying.

    • Shelly says

      I felt that after Greece – they’re not even pretending the EU cares about the people anymore, it’s just about businesses extracting as much wealth as possible.

  9. Amer Hudson says

    Are there no depths our ramshackle and ignorant leaders won’t stoop to in order to represent the ‘New World Order’ – aka the Neocon kleptocracy?

    Our government’s foreign policy and representatives are of the lowest calibre I’ve ever known in my long, long years.

  10. Well, my avatar is no coincidence. So I agree, except about Putin. Not even Vladbad the Bad is that good. The West has lobotomized itself.

  11. DavidKNZ says

    Philip Hammond turned up here in NZ, trying to get this country to contribute to more war, death and destruction in the middle east.

    He used the headline ” you are part of our family”, demonstrating both appalling hypocrisy and plain stupidity.

    Didn’t mention the Family of 12 year old Mohammed Saleh Qayed Taeiman recently killed by drone strike in Yemen
    Didn’t mention the Families of the 15 people killed when a wedding party in Radda was hit with a hellfire missile
    Didn’t mention the Families of the 3.9 million Iraqis that have lost their homes and become refugees inside and outside Iraq

    Didn’t notice that both UN Humanitarian Commissioners Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck resigned rather than continue policies that destroyed families.
    Would that Philip Hammond ( Oxford educated, net worth £9m, family and two lovely homes to return to ) show the same degree of integrity .

    Or perhaps just stop showing the world at large the tragic consequences of stupidity in high places

    • NZ is always part of British family when UK wants support for war. 20-odd years after NZers fought with British in WWII, UK started negotiations to shaft trading partners like NZ and join Common Market.

      Not that I mind – the plus side is, or should be, NZ following an independent, and hopefully more moral, foreign policy.

  12. Roger says

    Compare the bleatings of this fool Hammond with the measured dignity of Foreign Minister Lavrov. Utterly shocking to hear such childish rudeness coming from the head of British diplomacy. The man ought to be sacked on the spot for incompetence, whether he thinks (!) he believes what he says or not. Possibly ill-informed, ignorant, rude. At least the Americans lie with some style. How revolting!

    • Jen says

      The contrast between Phillip Hammond and Sergei Lavrov is so huge as to encourage an alien visitor to Planet Earth to think they are members of two completely different hominid species and one of those species being more primitive than the other in brain development.

      Lavrov writes an article about Russia’s place in the world, drawing on the last two centuries of interaction between Russia and Europe, and quoting Henry Kissinger and various Russian philosophers.

      The best his British equivalent can do is to fail to answer the question put to him.

      • “Lavrov writes an article about Russia’s place in the world, drawing on the last two centuries of interaction between Russia and Europe, and quoting Henry Kissinger “.

        Henry Kissinger? Gosh, how could I have been so wrong about government leaders who quote Henry Kissinger. I will now give all my Chomsky books to the thrift shop up the street.

        • Jen says

          Good, finally those Chomsky books will go to someone who can actually use them for the purpose they were intended, rather than try to bask in some reflected glory from them and getting sunburnt instead.

    • Roger says

      Probably not to the Russians who are too wise to get to react. It matters to me, as a Britisher, to pay to be represented by such an ass.

      • Seb says

        Hello Roger – if one really wants to take notice of this speech, then first it seems very unlikely that Hammond and his civil service advisers are actually stupid as the article suggests. Equally obvious is that politicians party to
        endless mutilation, death, destruction and misery would have not the slightest compunction about lying or deceiving if it served their purpose. So the question to me would be, why did they bother to make the speech?
        Who did they hope to influence, in what way? Questions that the article, though witty, failed to ask or answer.

  13. Brad Benson says

    Ignorant buffoon or pathological liar. Good piece and fun to read.

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