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“Anti-Semites like Russia” – The Guardian

Frank Lee

Is there a day that goes by without some Russophobic tripe masquerading as journalism appears in the Guardian? The latest example being Paul Mason’s piece. The racist hijacking of Microsoft’s chatbot shows how the internet teems with hate. The piece was ostensibly about the alleged rise of ‘anti-semitism’ particularly in the media and on the left. Maybe he is right – anti-semitism has a long history – but of course the charge of anti-semitism is also used to silence any criticism of Israel which is deemed to be above criticism. But that is another issue.

What particularly irritated me was the following pearl of wisdom:
Interestingly, among the British anti-semites I’ve been monitoring, there is one country whose media is always believed, whose rulers are never accused of conspiracy with the Jews, and whose armies in the Middle East are portrayed as liberators, not mass murderers. This is Putin’s Russia…”

But of course! Anti-semitism? The Russians are behind it; this is taken to be axiomatic. No proof, no evidence, just flat assertions. And then Russia’s armies (I think he means the Syrian Arab Army) are apparently not liberators but mass murderers in Syria. Funny thing this, and here was I thinking that the mass murderers were the ISIS, Jabhat Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, and the various other jihadist fruitcakes might have had something to do with it.

But the given Mr Mason’s political background this is hardly surprising. He is an ex-Trotskist once involved with a ultra-left British sect calling itself Workers’ Power but he has apparently had a Damascene conversion (an appropriate metaphor perhaps) and has imbibed the neo-con world-view with alacrity, hence the Russophobia. This is very similar to the Grandfather of the Neo-con faith, one Iriving Kristol who underwent the same political/ideological metamorphosis along with a group of New York intellectuals. Trotsky’s theory of socialist permanent revolution was repackaged as the theory and practise of capitalist counter-revolution. The evangelical mindset doesn’t change with the switch from left to right.

I suggest that if Mr Mason is looking for anti-semites then he might try looking in Lviv in the far west of the Ukraine. There they customarily have a Waffen SS Galizia Division reunion every 28 April, as does Latvia. Another shrine to racial and ethnic tolerance in this neo-nazi stronghold is the statue of Stepan Bandera, customarily lovingly adorned with flowers. Bandera’s outfit the OUN-UPA (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army) openly collaborated with the Nazis in Galicia during 1943-44 taking part in the extermination of tens of thousands of Jews, Poles, and Russians. It is easy enough to check, but it rather spoils the narrative. Their political descendants are now a significant political force in the Ukraine, both inside and outside of the Rada Verhovna.

Of course there is no mention of this in the Anglo-American media. All that we do get treated to is the daily gruel of the fashionable Russophobia of the ruling political and media elites. Eerily comparable to the ‘two minutes hate’ that party members had to undergo in Orwell’s 1984.

‘Facts are Sacred’ Yeah, right!

Frank Lee left school at age 15 without any qualifications, but gained degrees from both New College Oxford and the London School of Economics (it's a long story). He spent many years as a lecturer in politics and economics, and in the Civil Service, before retirement. He lives in Sutton with his wife and little dog.


  1. Otto Zeit says

    What is “Anti-semitism”? I don’t know, but… if you can tell me what “Semitism” is, I’ll tell you whether I’m opposed to it or not.

  2. Lucas says

    Enough of the bullshit for once. What is an anti-Semite? Someone that hates Jews? Right. Well what is a Jew? Is it a religion? A race? A culture? I’m not even sure anyone can give a straight answer there.
    Most people identifying as Jews are white and quite a few of those are middle class and even wealthy. You might even say a disproportionate amount have influence in the MSM…and financial markets..yet that would be anti Semitic to say such a thing…even though it’s not anti Semitic it’s just a fact..please look it up you’ll find Jewish people who are quite proud of their fellow Jews high achievements in society and rightly so. If however I say most of the people involved in influential positions are white men..well I get a gold star for saying the obvious, just don’t mention anything about Jews being right up there too.
    Why maybe even the editor of the guardian is Jewish and a woman to boot.
    So the rational is if your a white middle class or wealthy man, hell, if your just a white man regardless of social or financial status, your a piece of shit…unless your Jewish.
    That’s the current cool aid the guardian is feeding us. The most oppressed group in history is now the most untouchable one, more like.

  3. abinico warez says

    If you see usury for the fraud and theft it is, and understand Wall St is a jew gambling casino, and expose as intellectual scams concepts like ‘time value of money’ then yes, you are an anti-Semite.

  4. tezla valve says

    Identity politics. The psy-op that keeps on giving.

    “Interestingly, among the British anti-semites I’ve been monitoring…”

    Maybe you’re right, Paul. Maybe they were trolling a bit too hard. Even if it was in a good cause. You know, shutting down a creepy transhumanist experiment from Bill Gates. Did you read that article about Mark Zuckerberg building robots in his cellar? I wonder what Bono is building? Or did somebody build Bono? I’m worried that these robots are going to start stealing our jobs, Paul. Am I just a Luddite? Or does that make me a racist? Am I a human racial supremacist, Paul? Do robots dream of electric sheep, Paul? If you were a robot, would you realise, Paul? Maybe we’re robots already, Paul. Maybe, were being programmed, and we just don’t realise it.

    Another thing… I’ve been noticing a lot of racism against trolls, recently. The vast majority of trolls are completely harmless wind-up merchants, who like making folk spill G&T down their blazer. Now, call me paranoid, but I’m starting to think that some of these ‘Twitter-storms’ are ‘false flags,’ designed to turn us against these proud people. Don’t let them drag you into their divide and rule stuff, Paul.

    Always believe in your soul…

    • Seamus Padraig says

      “I wonder what Bono is building? Or did somebody build Bono?”

      I love it! Hilarious! Thanks for the mental image.

      • Tezla Valve says

        Hmm… The UN seems to take the ‘politics is showbiz for ugly people’ idea a bit too seriously. Angelina Jolie is now a visiting Professor of gender-type stuff at the (Fabian) LSE. Under an article, recently (on whether celebrity puppet Benedict Cumberbatch and his pals should be trying to influence the EU vote) one of the regulars was defending the right of celebrities to have a say. To paraphrase: “except Bono… do the exact opposite of what Bono says.” Poor Bono. He made poverty history, but gets no respect. 🙂

    • Lucas says

      The USA has a lot of anti Semites, because the country is run by’s an open secret. Therefore it’s generated a lot of resentment, what a shocker.
      There however never has been a huge level of anti semetism in the UK..yes us Brits have certainly been rascists over the years, no question, just ask first generation Pakistanis. Having said that I think any culture would react with rascism if it had mass influxes of foreign cultures entering into it, due to the political and capitalist convenience..of cheap labour.
      In fact modern day Israel makes the uk in the 1970’s look PC, considering their attitude to immigrants.
      Regardless, the guardian is obsessed with anti semetism. Or I should say obsessed with insisting that anti semetism is a huge deal..kinda like how the guardian are obsessed with rape culture. I mean if I didn’t know any better I’d think women and Jews were too afraid to leave the house in the uk..if my only source of information was the guardian.
      That virtual toilet paper known as the guardian clearly has several agendas going on and none of them are good.

  5. Why is it called anti semitic. is anti semitism a purer form of racism. Elite Racism. It’s all bhollox .Netnyahu is both racist and sectarian. i suggest Mason start there

  6. You need to know what the definition of the word “Semite” is before you say someone is against it Frank, and by definition the biggest Anit-Semites the world has ever known are people like you…

    • dahoit says

      Only crazy Zionists would say that.Stir the pot,huh? Next thing we’ll hear from these monsters is that Israeli malevolent behavior is because the world is anti semitic.

  7. Seamus Padraig says

    The Graun is really getting O/C on the subject of ‘anti-Semitism’ lately. Nick Cohen’s most recent piece was especially creepy:

    I assume this has something to do with BDS and various countries recognizing Palestine.

    In related news, the University of California system is now considering whether or not to condemn anti-Zionism as “bigotry” ( I had to chuckle, since I’m actually old enough to remember that there used to be a UN general assembly resolution condemning Zionism as racism, until it was repealed during the Oslo talks in 1994. I guess we’ve come full circle! On a happier note, the UC article mentions that many Jewish faculty members denounced the anti-Zionism-is-bigotry proposal as an attack on free speech. Good for them!

  8. bevin says

    “He is an ex-Trotskyist once involved with a ultra-left British sect calling itself Workers’ Power but he has apparently had a Damascene conversion (an appropriate metaphor perhaps) and has imbibed the neo-con world-view with alacrity, hence the Russophobia.”
    In his day about seven out of of every ten young men in Britain was a Trotskyist. Well, maybe not quite so many but…
    And they came in a variety of guises there were the Grant-ites (such as Owen Jones’ parents) of Militant. There were the IS types, followers of Tony Cliff and there were many many others.

    What most of them had in common was a fierce ant-Stalinism, which allowed them (not all of them) to disassociate themselves from the Soviet Union and Russia. This spared them the nastiest consequences of McCarthyism , allowing them to assure all interested parties that, though they were socialists, (and jolly militant ones at that!!) they could not be accused of siding with the Cold War enemy.
    Not much is left of the energy, idealism, commitment to equality and social justice that fired so many of my generation but the cowardly Slavophobia, which preserved many a fledgling career in politics, academia and the media, has become instinctive. And rancid too.

    • tezla valve says

      You have to wonder about some of these ‘ex’ communist media journeymen. David Aaronivitch and Andrew Marr spring to mind. They’ve both worked for various left and right-wing broadsheets. They’ve both had political editor roles. They’ve both been influential at the BBC.

      Aaronovitch wrote a ‘there’s no such thing as conspiracies’ book. There’s an interesting article on Bea Campbell’s blog, taking him to task for a radio 4 show on child abuse.

      Marr wrote an article for the Guardian, after the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, about what to do about racism in Britain. Like George Soros, he appears to be in favour of miscegenation (race mixing.) In the article, after some reasonable suggested solutions to the problems, he creepily argues that state oppression should be used, if necessary, to force people into line. Marr used a d-notice to cover up his affair with another journalist. Although the notice was dropped, I still can’t find who he was having the affair with. Presumably, she was an aborigine, native American or Mongolian. I’m not sure I like being lectured by people on eugenics – especially when they have ears like that.

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