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VIDEO: What Has George Soros Funded Over the Years?

from Russia Insider

Following the recent revelation that Billionaire financier George Soros (among others) stands behind the release of the “Panama Papers,” it behooves us to remember what else Soros has funded over the years.

Recently it became clear that Soros was sponsoring distruptions at Donald Trump speeches in the US. But most of Soros’ money and time goes to trying to engineer “regime change” abroad – particularly in Eastern Europe. What a generous fellow.


  1. And another Google/YouTube vid bites the dust. I just love Google! I wonder how much money Soros has fed to that monster?

  2. bjd says

    In view of the utterly corrupt MSM, the maxim “don’t shoot the messenger” needs reconsideration.
    Me, 2016

  3. Ooh, that dirty Soros funding disruptions at Donald Trump rallies. So grateful to have “the left” calling this to our attention.

    • Secret Agent says

      Don’t you get it? The cultural Marxist left and the neocon right are two sides of the same coin. Both want to control your life and see you enslaved. Both are paid for by the financial oligarchy. Both advance their agendas by exploiting “useful idiots”.

      • Cultural Marxist is a term used by nincompoops who have no idea about what either Marxism or cultural studies are about. What I presume you mean is the use of identity politics by the liberal wing of the establishment as a tool for divide and rule..

        • Secret Agent says

          Pretty much the same thing. Devide rule and especially control by eliminating free thought.

          I find the term Cultural Marxist or neo Bolshevick useful labels because they are effective in cutting through the fog of BS that surrounds the identity politics the false left. Counter movements need slogans too.

          The real left seeks to unite people in a struggle for a better deal with the capitalist oligarchy.

          I think Marx was right in pointing out that the failure of capitalism is a mathematical certainty, but I’m not sold on the idea of a Utopia. Too many moving parts.

          There will always be elites and masses but the fact is that it’s only the middle class that cares.

          It seems to me that neo Bolsheviks have given up on equality in prosperity, but have not abandoned the idea of equality. It’s just that they can only make us equal in misery and anger.

          • elenits says

            I am not ‘into’ ideologies but it is worth understanding the difference between Marx and the deliberately misleading term ‘cultural marxism’, which has nothing to do with Marx and everything to do with Trotskyism as practiced today by neocons and neolibs and their shadowy funders, of which Soros is one. It is this group that dubbed identity politics etc. ‘cultural marxism’, so using their term is to fall into their trap.

            First there was Marx who critiqued capitalism and proposed communism. In a sense his story ends there.

            Then there was the Western conceived and funded Bolshevik revolution commencing 1918 whose purpose was to destroy and balkanise Russia. This was in fact an early Soros-style colour revolution with the West investing in two protagonists, Trotsky and Lenin, and sending them in with money and men. To cut a long story short, Lenin played a double game with his sponsors and ended up protecting Russia, but died within a few years of the revolution.

            Phase 2: Enter Stalin, a communist AND a patriot. Following Lenin’s death there was a power struggle between Trotsky and Stalin for the leadership based on their opposing visions. This was won by Stalin, who advocated ‘Communism one country at a time’ – versus – Trotsky who advocated ‘Permanent Revolution’. i.e. having instigated war, shattered Russia’s institutions and infrastructure and killed / exiled its aristocracy, bourgeoisie and professional classes, to create a fully failed state, Trotsky wanted to move on to the next country and do the same. (Sound familiar?)

            I apologise for the simplistic description but the point of Trotsky’s Permanent Revolution is that it need not be tied to Marxism at all: it is a mechanism to gain power and resources, totally destroy designated foes and to prevent people from joining together to mount resistance by turning them against each other. Being an underhanded game it also seeks to prevent people from understanding what is going on. We see the same principal in use today with – as you point out – divide and rule identity politics (the opposite of Marxism), so called color revolutions/ Arab spring, the present economic warfare of which the Panama Papers are the latest part [see Thierry Meyssen to connect the dots http://www.voltairenet.org/article191130.html , Pourquoi les ‘Panama Papers’], hybrid war, mercenary proxy armies and invented terrorism [‘Al Qaeda, ISIS’] and the same designated enemy: Russia.

            Russia is the ultimate prize because according to MacKinder’s theory whoever occupies and rules the ‘heartland’ of the ‘world island’ (Eurasia), rules the world. That heartland is inevitably Russia with its enormous resources and 11 time zones.

            Finally, two Soros funded enterprises that receive no attention are the EU Jewish Parliament, a subsidiary of the Knesset in Brussels, and the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary [https://www.ceu.edu/about/history] which is not entirely unrelated to the first. It is worth doing a google search on CEU for general non-CEU commentary.

      • Sure he gets it. Louisproyect is just a shill trolling for the neocons and no doubt very well paid.

    • So u mean to tell us all here at this web site that u the anglo-zionist par excellence with so called unrepetent -marxist speal that u were not privy to Soros and his psy-op orginasations. I really find that insulting to most of us who follow this blog. I think u do not do good research at the best of times. Not all blogs are like u state anti-imperialist in nature but r left leaning with out being liberal interventionist like urself with ur so-called marxist-zionist label.. Hence maybe try reading persian/Iranian blog sites and leftest arabian websites from Beruit. it might enlighten ur anglo-zionist mind. P.S more than likely not. Try the saker. fort russ and Russian Insider Greanvile Post and Consortium More likely u r being sarcastic

      • Seamus Padraig says

        Louis Proyect is just trolling us, people. He’s one of those remaining leftists out there that, for some reason, still believes the lying corporate media. He seems to think that if they choose not to report something, then it must not have happened; and that to maintain otherwise is to engage in ‘conspiracy theory’. Obviously, Proyect is one of those Marxists still unfamiliar with Lenin’s old maxim: “Follow the money and see where it leads.” Either he is unaware of the fact that Soros finances a great many ‘protest’ movements both at home and abroad, such as BLM and MoveOn.org, or else he assumes that the old goat must be doing all this out of sincere, selfless and disinterested motives!

        • elenits says

          When “leftist” now means having no agenda to help the poor and the working class lol

    • elenits says

      Louis Proyect, you have just outed yourself. Not too smart.

  4. Deschutes says

    Soros is a total dick. He’s the poster child of Wall Street neo-liberalism, corporate mergers, hedge fund scams, regime change in East Europe. He is the champion of laizzez-faire market fundamentalism, a man who hates public utilities, public schools, or any form of state social welfare programs that benefit the citizenry. Thoroughly repulsive man.

    • elenits says

      ….especially when raiding the result is the pay off!

      There is no such thing as a reformed vulture.

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