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VIDEO: Ukraine’s nationalists clash with police in Odessa

Still from the video below, showing a far-right protester pepper-spraying the police.

Dozens of far-right activists clashed with police outside the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on Sunday, as they tried to disrupt a demonstration of anti-government protesters who had gathered to celebrate the city’s ‘Liberation Day.’ [from the Nazis, by the Red Army on April 10 1944]

The nationalists in military fatigue exchanged blows with police and National Guard, before being repeatedly pepper sprayed as officers tried to regain control of the situation.



  1. It’s a shame the police did not arrest all those nationalist yobs and charge them with assault on police officers. They are the real enemies of the Ukraine people and are little less than terrorists. Why wear a mask to hide your identity unless you are intent on committing offences against the law?


  2. James Carless says

    Things are looking up ,first the resigning of Yats, now the Odessa police actually doing their job rather than colluding with the fascists to attack and kill local protesters as they did shamefully at the Trade Union Hall previously.

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