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Syrian govt: 1.7 million displaced Syrian citizens returned home


Syrians returning to their homes in Palmyra, ten months after fleeing when ISIS seized the city. Photo Louai Beshara/AFP)

Syrian Free Press reports:

(SANA) ~ Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Local Administration Minister Omar Ghalawanji stressed the importance of unifying and coordinating efforts in relief works with the International Organization for Immigration (IOM).

During his meeting with head of the IOM William Lacy Swing and the accompanying delegation, Ghalawanji added that the government is exerting great efforts to bring citizens back to their cities and towns after Syrian Arab Army restores security and stability to these areas.

Ghalawanji pointed out that about 1.7 million citizens have returned to their original areas of residence after the government repaired and restored infrastructure and public facilities in these areas, noting that the government is still overseeing more than 500 temporary housing centers and providing their occupants’ basic needs, as well as launching new projects for makeshift housing centers in Damascus Countryside and Homs, each of which contains 2,000 residence and are funded entirely by the government.

Ghalawanji talked about “My Project” program launched by the government in cooperation with the Syria Trust for Development, which aims at giving small loans to needy families to secure their needs and enhance local economies.

The Minister also reviewed the mechanics of the work performed by the Higher Committee for Relief which he chairs, and the measurements taken to facilitate the access of humanitarian and food convoys to all areas, particularly areas besieged by terrorist organizations.

Ghalawanji said that the government provided the necessary facilitations for UN agencies and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), noting that since the beginning of 2016, 150 joint convoys entered 37 areas which are difficult to reach, which benefited around one million citizens, adding that tens of billions of Syrian Pounds were paid in compensation to citizens whose homes and shops were damaged with full funding from the Syrian government, in addition to spending more than SYP 35 billion for the restoration and rehabilitation of public facilities.

He said that the government began making zoning plans a number of areas in the provinces as models for reconstruction projects in the next stage, adding that preparations are under way for a comprehensive project to restore life to the Old City in Homs in cooperation with a number of international organizations.

In turn, Swing said that his visit to Syria aims at observing the work of the Higher Committee for Relief, as well as assessing the needs on the ground, and discussing mechanisms for enhancing cooperation between the Committee and the IOM.



  1. Bad Santa says

    Yup, lie,s lies and more lies. 1,7 million my a*ss

  2. Whokn says

    Well, well, it appears the Russian strategy, in particular Putin’s strategy of full on ddlestroying IS IS, actually worked, by eliminating the horrible human rights threat in Syria, the refugee crisis went away like he said it might, if Syrians felt safe enough to return to their homeland, well what’s left of it. Another historic sign in the sand.

  3. All we need now is for those countries allied to the US/Saudi involvement in the destruction of Syria to pay compensation for their actions against the Syrian people.

  4. Reblogged this on wgrovedotnet and commented:

    All we need now is for those countries allied to the US/Saudi involvement in the destruction of Syria to pay compensation for their actions against the Syrian people.

    • Another example of Assad’s humanitarianism. He should get the Nobel Peace Prize. If Obama got one, why not Assad?

      • Well, if we’re going to do post videos with guys wearing ‘White Helmets,’ a bit of background, eh:

        Syria’s White Helmets: War by Way of Deception – Part I

        I’m assuming you can read, louisproyect, although there are dates and other numbers referring to currencies, so you may have some difficulties getting through the article, as it’s obvious your a bit challenged with percentages.

        And speaking of percentages, a comment elsewhere by a guy who goes by the name of Bryan Hemming, which really does sort of put things in a different light, although given your obvious handicap, it might be a bit of a reach for you. But hey, you know what they say, unless you make an effort . . . :

        Bryan Hemming
        April 18, 2016 at 12:59 pm

        To put things in perspective, in 2012 Barack Obama was elected president winning 51.1% of the votes against Mitt Romney’s 47.2%. Only 57.5% of those eligible to vote turned out. Hardly a ringing endorsement as it means that less than 30% of Americans entitled to vote wanted Obama to be president, and slightly fewer wanted Romney to be president.

        At slightly over 42% the non-voters comprised just over 10% more of the electorate than voted for Obama. Not so far off half US voters couldn’t even be bothered to tear themselves away from the TV. And they tell us Assad is unpopular. That’s American democracy in a nutshell. .

        Source of Hemming’s comment:

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    • Assad is a “great Guy” unlike Obama though, he hasn’t bombed innocent civilians in seven countries and his white helmets are so busy helping ISIS they don’t actually have any time left over for helping the innocent civilians but they are truly brilliant at producing and directing concocted scenes with a certain actor who is present in I think at the last count, three examples of Assad’s bombing. Mind you, Obama has an excellent record on his death toll of unintended deaths of civilians with his drone attacks. In National Bird, a haunting new documentary film by Sonia Kennebeck about the unexpected and largely unrecorded devastation Washington’s drone wars leave in their wake, you get the picture of Obama’s utter disregard for human life. Not forgetting of course, Obama’s outright lie when addressing the UN with his misrepresentation of the Goutha sarin attack which of course the UN investigation found was actually Syrian US backed opposition
      I am so glad we are on the same page with regards Assad being such a great guy, but have to say I really don’t think Obama’s record on mass murder warranted the Nobel Peace Prize.

  5. Roger says

    Naturally nothing about these efforts to bring life back to normal in any msm news. Brave Syrians!

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