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VIDEO: Syria’s White Helmets exposed


Still from the video below.

Video put together by Steve Ezzeddine, Hands Off Syria! and drawing from the investigative reporting on ‪#‎WhiteHelmets‬ by activist/writer Vanessa Beeley.

Read more about the White Helmets:

White Helmets: War by way of Deception Part II ~ “If it looks like an executioner..


  1. fredjc says

    @Jim – are you serious – baby killing – as in the Iraq invasion of Kuwait when babies were supposedly (total fabrication) thrown on the floor from their incubators by the Iraqi forces? So who, exactly, were the criminals then? They look remarkably like the same criminals now!

  2. When has the guardian become mouthpiece of the baby killing criminal Syrian regime??

    • christoph says

      Jim you are an idiot 4 a comment like that on more ways than one.

    • Seamus Padraig says

      The Guardian is the mouthpiece of the baby-killing US/UK régimes.

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