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The EU and the Deforestation of Ukraine

by Dmytryi Kovalevich

Since 2014 we have in Ukraine a mass deforestation. The entire forests and parks are being eliminated, causing local environmental disasters. However, until now the logging has been mostly illegal. But now the EU is demanding from Ukraine to lift the ban on exporting timber/wood as a condition of obtaining the next EU macrofinancial aid (1.2 billion euro), reminding Kiev that this is a term of the Euroassociation agreement, – reports Ukrainian Minister of economic development and trade.

Currently, even the polluted radioactive forests of the Chernobyl zone are being cut: “But logging in a post-apocalyptic forest would pose a number of health concerns. Trees, like moss, absorb radiation from the subsoil. Also, clear-cutting churns up soil, stirring radioactive dust and accelerating erosion,” reports New York Times.

Not to mention the Carpathians, which have turned into ‘devastated lands’ in the two years since Maidan.   “The total devastation of protected forests in the Carpathians has been underway in recent years,” notes Censor Net, providing photographic evidence of the environmental destruction that’s taking place.

deforestation-- Ukraine 2

As even the Unian reports: “There is a struggle for the checkpoint Tisa [west border], where there is a major flow of smuggled goods. Through this checkpoint the expensive timber is exported from Ukraine, which is illegally logged in the national parks across the Carpathians.”  Meanwhile, despite an official ban on exporting timber, dozens of trains with illegally logged wood daily cross Ukrainian west border – going to the EU.

deforestation of Ukraine.jpg

So, the EU demand to lift the ban on exporting timber is just a demand to legalize the practice of grabbing natural resources.


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  2. PJ Sugden says

    Canadian logging companies are all required to re-plant their logged acreages:

  3. Zirnane says

    Ll’Europe et le grand Ouest se fichent complètement de l’Ukraine. D’ailleurs, plus personne n’en parle et les médias français ne font pas leur travail, d’autant qu’ils que la terre d’Ukraine a déjà largement été exploitée par les riches agriculteurs français, et je ne parle pas des autres pays…. qui veulent soi-disant “aider l’Ukraine”. Il n’y a jamais eu de reportages sur les pillages occidentaux en Ukraine.

  4. Malcolm X says

    Ah yes, it’s the old game of Jewish privatization.

  5. A very depressing states of affairs. It would be nice to have some numbers on the total forest coverage and the amount lost since 2014. I shall get researching.

  6. nexusxyz says

    The idiots in Kiev are so blinded by hate and bigotry they don’t see who is raping them. They may take the pieces of silver on offer but their country will be a wreck. It is sad for the average Ukrainian.

  7. Jen says

    Coming to an IKEA superstore near you: wooden furniture that glows in the dark!

  8. Eric_B says

    It was clear from day one that Ukraine was going to be raped. Won’t be much left when the USA and EU have finished with them.

    • esc studios says

      vaska. nice article. they need to stop logging. russia has forests. but it has to be done correctly. small areas can be cut, and the rest all leave it. they should make areas where they can grow and harvest. and again re grow ad re harvest 3 years later. whats the real issue…… the overpopulation. this is what causes the need for the trees.

      • esc studios says

        regions in the americas have lots of trees, orgon territories and washington territories, canada very vast, and large thick trees,. another approach is to take one tree amongst 7, and so thin the forest a little , over larger areas this is not as devastating. and it is nicer, this clear cutting is horrible. best wishes to you and thanks for helping.

  9. bevin says

    The same thing happened in Indonesia when the imperialists installed a fascist government, there. And the fires are still burning. One has to wonder about the sanity of the people running the EU and the IMF. And those who watch, apathetic, as they destroy the planet.

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