Buy Buy Europe, Part 2: Austerity Till the Grave

by Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, Film Review

Buy, Buy Europe by Peter De Vos (2013) is a five-part miniseries describing how European banks have hijacked the euro monetary union to vastly increase their wealth. The upcoming Brexit vote in Britain makes this a particularly relevant topic.
Part 2:  Austerity Till the Grave
The bailouts required to keep their banks (and economies) going virtually bankrupted all Eurozone governments. All borrowed deeply (from the global banking system they had just bailed out) to keep their governments going. As a condition of this borrowing, the banks required them to reduce their deficits via deep austerity cuts. To qualify for further loans, they all cut pensions and benefits and laid off public service workers.
This segment focuses on Spain, where workers are organizing to block evictions, and Greece, where unemployed parents are forced to drop their kids off at orphanages because they can’t get welfare benefits to support them.


Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall is a retired child psychiatrist, activist, author, blogger, and journalist.   She is the author of The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee (e-book, soft cover), 21st Century Revolution, a collection of political essays, and two young adult novels, The Battle for Tomorrow (e-book, soft cover) and A Rebel Comes of Age.


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Eurasia News Online
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Jun 11, 2016 5:01 AM

Classic neo-liberal economics,SOCIALIZE THE LOSSES AND PRIVATIZE THE GAINS. Plain and simple ,further more with the excuse of the global financial crisis which the anglo-zionist created themselves we the sheeple of the west will pay for the malfeasence. Fraud is what its called and the MSM and the new third reich(the Washington consensus) r all pulling off this narrative. Hopefully we the sheeple will start waking up from the morally and intellectually bankrupt western so called capitalist democratic system that the anglo-zionist keep telling us all about .

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