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Syria: French Academic Exposes Left-Wing Charlatans as Harbingers of Terrorism

by Bruno Guigue,  21st Century Wire

Following the death of a prominent leader of the Arab-Lebanese resistance, murdered by the Zionist forces while on Syrian soil, I address this open letter to all left-wing  intellectuals and activists who have aligned themselves with the Syrian “revolution” and believe that by dreaming of the fall of Damascus, they are defending the Palestinian cause.

In the spring of 2011, you were telling us that the Arab revolutions represented an unprecedented hope for the peoples living under oppressive, bloodthirsty tyrants.  Our excessive optimism persuaded us to listen to your arguments for this miraculously flourishing democracy and your proclamations on the universal human rights.

You almost persuaded us that these popular uprisings deposing the Tunisian and Egyptian dictators were going to universally sweep tyranny from the Arab world, in Libya as in Syria, in Yemen as in Bahrain and who knows where else.

However the flaws in this evolving narrative began to reveal themselves. The first glaring flaw appeared in Libya. A UN resolution, adopted by the Security Council to ostensibly save endangered civilians, transformed itself into a blank cheque for the military removal of a head of state that had become undesirable for his western partner states. This “regime change” operation can be considered one of the worst moments of the neo-conservative era, accomplished on behalf of the US by two powerful European nations in search of neo-imperialist influence, it precipitated a disaster for which Libya is still paying the price.  The collapse of this unitary state in its infancy delivered the country into the hands of the tribes & factions whose unbridled ambitions were driven by oil lusting western scavengers.


Sirte, Libya

Despite this, the “good souls” among you managed to find “extenuating circumstances” for this operation thus justifying the demands for a similar fate for the government in Damascus. Consequently, the winds of revolution that were blowing in Syria seemed to validate your interpretation of events and retrospectively provided a rationale for the humanitarian warmongering unleashed against the Tripoli potentate.

However, far from the mainstream media arena, certain analysts observed that the Syrian people were not unanimous.  The anti-government protests arose in certain towns, traditional bastions of the Islamist opposition and these feverish protests by those impoverished by the financial crisis did not present any real threat to the government in Damascus.

You chose to ignore these rational, logical warning signs.  Simply because these facts did not correspond with your narration of events, you extracted only that which suited your interpretation. Where these objective observers saw a polarisation of Syrian society, you only wanted to see a bloody tyrant assassinating his people. Where a dispassionate view would have allowed you to discern the weaknesses but also the strengths of the Syrian state, you deployed a self righteous rhetoric to bring to trial a government that is not the only perpetrator of violence inside Syria.

Pro-government protests in Syria

Pro-government protests in Syria

You saw many protests against Bashar Al Assad yet you failed to see the overwhelming marches in support of the government and the proposed reforms, these marches filled the streets of Damascus, Aleppo and Tartous but you didn’t see them. You have highlighted the macabre accounts of the government victims but failed to report those of the victims of the armed opposition. In your eyes, there are good and bad victims. There are victims that you talk about and those you don’t want to hear about. You have deliberately chosen to see one side and ignore the other.

At the same time, the French government, whose domestic policies you openly criticize to maintain the illusion of independence, has entirely supported your narrative. Curiously, your narrative coincides perfectly with that of French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, the master of servility, combining unconditional support for the Israeli war against the Palestinians with a Pavlovian alignment with the US leadership and hostility towards Arab resistance.  You seem unperturbed by your apparent marriage to the French Foreign Office.

You were defending the Palestinians while dining with their assassins behind their backs. You even accompanied French state officials on a visit to the State of Israel. You are willing accomplices to a French President who has declared that he will ” always support the Israeli leaders”.  It seems that was not enough to scandalise you and you still joined everyone else who boarded the plane with the President.

While you were inundating the French press with your inaccuracy, an outstanding American investigative journalist tore the pitiful chemical weapons “false flag” to shreds. A false flag destined to pin responsibility for a chemical attack onto Bashar Al Assad despite no international organisation supporting these accusations.  The experts at the Massachussets Institute of Technology and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons even went so far as to accuse the opposition of carrying out the attacks.

Ignoring facts and concealing them where necessary you played your miserable part in this orchestra of lies. Even worse, you continue to do so. Even Obama had said he didn’t believe it, but you persisted in regurgitating your lies like guard dogs that bark long after the intruder has escaped. To what aim? To justify the bombing, by your own government, of a small sovereign state, whose greatest crime was to resist the imperialist order. To come to the aid of a  Syrian “revolution” whose true face you have hidden behind a mask, perpetuating the myth of a moderate, democratic opposition that, in reality,  exists only in the meeting rooms of luxury hotels in Doha, Paris or Ankara.

You have therefore exalted this “Syrian revolution” but have turned a blind eye to its mafia practices, its sectarian ideology and its troubling and dubious funding. You have painstakingly obscured the interfaith hatred that inspires this morbid aversion to other faiths, a hatred held in place by the Wahhabi ideological cement.

You knew that the secular Baathist government acted as a life insurance for all minorities inside Syria but you persisted in discrediting and ridiculing those who came to the defence of the persecuted Christian communities. But thats not all.  On the day of reckoning there remains one ultimate ignominy: you have endorsed the politics of Laurent Fabius who has declared that Al Nusra, Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, is “doing a good job”.  No compassion for the mutilated civilians on the streets of Homs or the Alawites of Zahra massacred by the “rebels”, in your view these human beings have no significance.

Between 2011 and 2016, the masks have fallen. You refer to the international law but you applaud its violation against a Sovereign State. You pretend to promote democracy for the Syrians but you are the harbingers of the terrorism that is prolonging their suffering. You say you defend the Palestinians but you are on the same side as Israel. When a Zionist missile is launched at Syria, don’t worry, it will never harm your friends. Thanks to Israel, thanks to the CIA, and thanks to you, these courageous “rebels” will continue to work towards a “brighter” future for Syria under the Takfiri banner.  The Zionist missile will, in fact, kill one of the leaders of the Arab resistance that you have cynically betrayed.

Translated by Vanessa Beeley.

Bruno Guigue is a French author and political analyst born in Toulouse 1962. Professor of philosophy and lecturer in international relations for highter education. The author of 5 books including  Aux origines du conflit Israélo-Arabe, l’invisible remords de l’Occident (L’Harmattan, 2002).




  1. This article is sheer nonsense. There are no significant intellectual figures who sympathize with the Syrian rebels. Two of the most prestigious magazines in England and the USA have been consistently in line with this website, Global Research, Information Clearing House and other pro-Assad outlets. I speak of the LRB and the NYRB. The LRB is quite a bit worse than the NYRB with Seymour Hersh and Patrick Cockburn writing articles that are exactly like those aggregated here. In fact, the left is about as pro-Putin and pro-Assad as the left was for Stalin in the 1930s. Back then of course, a person might have made the mistake of thinking that supporting Stalin had something to do with the struggle for socialism. Why the same kind of single-minded and fact-free vigor would be applied on behalf of a state in which punk rock band members are sentenced to prison for “blasphemy” is an obvious contradiction for others to unravel. In the early 20s, Pussy Riot would have been performing at poetry readings given by Mayakovsky. Heard of Mayakovsky? Probably not, I guess.

    • John says

      In the 1930s, those on the left of the political spectrum fought with the legitimate Republican Government in Spain against Franco and his fascist sympathizers. In reality, Stalin undermined the Republican cause in Spain on purpose.
      Now, those on the pseudo-left and right in France are trying fatally to undermine the legitimate Syrian Government.
      This suggests they belong in the same camp as the fascist-zionists – which they do – and, like Stalin, are undermining the fight against international terrorism courageously led by Russia, Iran and the legitimate Syrian Government.
      It was the traitorous right in France who undermined their own country and left-wing government in the 1940 Battle of France and handed over control of their country to the Hitlerite nazis and the quisling Petainist fascists.
      In 2011, right-wing zionist Bernard-Henri Lévy pressed French President Sarkozy to co-ordinate attacks on the Libyan government, leading to the downfall of Qaddafi and the current unrest and turmoil across North Africa and the Middle East, which he further exacerbated by calling for the overthrow of Assad in Syria in the same year and again in 2013.
      Like their American cousins, the French political elite and – to a lesser extent – the British are all too capable of state destruction without having any idea as to how to re-construct and repair all the damage and mess they create.
      Western interventions in North Africa and the Middle East have been utterly disastrous over the last 100 years.
      When will they finally learn to let local people devise their own political solutions?
      Or is it that their arms manufacturers have much more influence than common sense politics and diplomacy?

    • Jen says

      Louis, this has always been your usual pop-up reaction to most articles at If you find the articles here nonsense, why do you even visit? You never have anything interesting to offer to discussions, all you do is criticise this site and other sites as pro-Putin / pro-Assad / pro-fascist / anti-Semitic. You throw around names like Vladimir Mayakovsky as though to prove your intellectual superfic … er, superiority over the rest of us. Your claims that you want to “engage in debate” with other commenters are specious. Why waste your time trolling here when you could be working on your own blog and engaging with your followers there?

      • I pop up here to exercise my free speech rights. If you don’t think that critical comments should be allowed here, I’d convince the people who run this website to ban them. That would certainly be in keeping with the pro-Kremlin mindset that prevails here.

        • Oddlots says

          I love how quickly the “pro-Kremlin” truncheon is brought to bear. How about “anti-neo-con.” You can hit me for one all day long if you like.

        • PromDate says

          Louis, just tell us: do you think that the US is “doing the right thing’ in its efforts against the Syrian government? (which, your insinuations and evasions to the contrary notwithstanding, they’ve been engaging in for the past five years. No, scratch that: they’ve been engaging in this from the early 1980s). Do you think that the US was doing the right thing in Libya? Given the (admittedly bad) choice between staying with Assad, at least for now (who, unfortunately for much of your narrative, does enjoy the support of many Syrians, certainly much more so than the clowns paraded around by the US and Europe as “the true representatives of the Syrian people”, and certainly preferred by many Syrian opposition people to the Saudi-backed Salafists who call for Alawites to be “sent to the grave”) and the feudal-religious forces that make up virtually the entire armed resistance (minus the Kurds), can you tell us why you keep on so consistently seeming to find common cause with imperialism by megaphoning the background chorus they use against Assad (with pretexts that serve only to bring disaster to other nations – consistent with imperialism, which has evidently disappeared from your calculus of events)? It’s odd how you seem so given to thinking that overthrowing governments and promoting jihadists isn’t the sort of thing imperialism does. You’ve mouthed off in the past about how “Assad’s barrel bombs” rather than American bombs are victimizing Syria’s people (ignoring Israel’s crucial support to Al Nusra and its bombing of “regime targets”; ignoring the approval that the US gave to Saudi Arabia and Qatar to arm the “rebels” under their auspices; ignoring the harm done to Syria’s health care system by US sanctions, and by itself a war crime by any reasonable measure; and ignoring the reports by even establishment media outlets about the CIA’s billion-dollar-a-year program to arm and train “rebels”). So America is apparently, in your book, simply engaged in an impeccable war against ISIS and which “isn’t victimizing the Syrian people”, but not the Syrian state. If anything, it’s crime is that it isn’t being forceful ENOUGH in seeking the overthrow of a strategic nuisance (in effect, that it isn’t being imperialistic enough). Please tell us how you think that imperialism works.

          Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t like Assad or the Ba’ath Party; nor am I a “Stalinist”. I’m anti-imperialist, and what I am saying is that the narrative surrounding the war is utterly dripping with lies and distortions. I just marvel at your ability to always be on standby to act as yet another voice chiming in with the rhetoric that makes imperialist war possible.

        • PromDate says

          “I pop up here to exercise my free speech rights.”

          The pretentious and individualist lifestylism of your “leftism” is palpable, Louis. Next you’ll be proudly telling us that you’re here to exercise your Constitutional rights, as if such things mattered. You remind me of those NRA goons who march into a town when there’s been a gun-related massacre to parade around with their weapons, just because they “have the right to”. You made no pretense to actually bring up an actual argument; instead you went straight for (and celebrated) the I’m-doing-it-because-it-feels-good trope, which might be good enough for a bourgeois liberal, but seems kind of wanting in someone professing to be an “unrepentant Marxist”. It tinges you with a definite air of un-seriousness. That, and to whine about the Kremlin, of course, which is in keeping with the chime-in-with-US-imperialism reflex you seem to harbor.

    • Anglo-zionist schill u have no reliable evidence just simple anecdotes. Their is enough documented evidence of this whole charade being manipulated by the anglo-zionist and the washington consensus and the so-called humanitarin leftest of the west which are only gatekeepers of the anglo-zionist deception Chomsky comes to mind while Finklestein gets totally sidelined. U ur self r a self proclaimed zionist hence their is no arguing with u u r with the deception. Off the Guardian modus operandi is to reveal the duplicitous nature of the so-called western lefties like ur self. Libya had the best standard of living in Africa. Qhadaffi gave free education, housing and employment to all it citezenry. Assad gave free health and education to all of its citezenry. Takfiris did not exist until the anglo-zionist and Laurent Fabius along with GCC went and destabalised them. So Maybe u should stick to ur anglo-zionist web sites and blog their cause what I can c most bloggers arent with the new third reich washington consensus and its anglo-zionist paymasters. The saker Voltairenet and 21 century wire have long established material exposing the lies and the deception . Ur time is coming to an end the greater Israel project will never happen Donbass and Syria r Putins Stalingrad u couldnt defeat the Russians then and u wont defeat them this time Russian Bear and Chinese Panda got u and ur types number its only a question of time the financial reset will make sure of that. and ur uncle Rothschild knows it as well.

      • What is this rant about? I simply point out that the intelligentsia generally backs Assad because of Islamophobia and you go on about Chinese Pandas? Weird really.

    • Oddlots says

      Ha. You have a point. Remember when the Sex Pistols were being ushered around the talk show circuit by a state department employee?

      Neither do I.

      Pussy Riot is about as authentic as k-pop.

      Putting them on the same level as Mayakovsky is wonderful.

      • Oddlots says

        Channeling the latter and your attempted cultural one-upmanship the phrase “all mouth and trousers” comes to mind.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      In the early 20s the Pussy Riot harridans would have been earning their keep as ‘petit horizontales’.

  2. Oddlots says

    I found this a helpful moment of clarity:

    “Secretary of State John Kerry said at Wednesday’s hearing that Arab countries have offered to pay for the entirety of unseating President Bashar al-Assad if the United States took the lead militarily.

    “With respect to Arab countries offering to bear costs and to assess, the answer is profoundly yes,” Kerry said. “They have. That offer is on the table.”

    Asked by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) about how much those countries would contribute, Kerry said they have offered to pay for all of a full invasion.

    “In fact, some of them have said that if the United States is prepared to go do the whole thing the way we’ve done it previously in other places, they’ll carry that cost,” Kerry said. “That’s how dedicated they are at this. That’s not in the cards, and nobody’s talking about it, but they’re talking in serious ways about getting this done.”

    It’s apparently as reported by the Washington Post which means that if it’s true it is only inadvertently so…. which strikes me as the best kind of “truth-telling” we can expect.


    • John says

      So now the US Army has become a purely mercenary force, available for hire to any tyrannical regime which will pay for it. That must surely make all existing and former members of the US armed forces real proud, don’t you think?

    • S-400 they can huf and they can puf but Xi,Putin and Rohani will let Santa Clause and the tooth Fairy say whatever they want it wont happen not in our life time and in the remote future. Guys just look at the events prior to September 25 2015 and look at the events today Putin and Rohani have forced the anglo-zionist at the table and all the Hasbra thats coming out of the west MSM and it so called liberal left commentary is laughable . Gee their script writers r working over time . They have rebranded the takifiris about a thousand times where do they get all these Takfiris from Wal-mart. The population of Syria is with the Damascus regime it aint going to fall This is Putins Stalingrad along with the Donbass. Diplomacy russian style aint obvious like its anglo-zionist one > Remember Kerry with his Plan B statement and then if thing dont improve by August all hell will break loose, they r so over debted that they need war and more wars to hide their financial fraud and their moral and intellectual bankruptcy .

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      I’m sorry, but that is Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Israel), in fact, one of the very worst Israel Firsters in the Congress.

  3. James Carless says

    It’s the cowardly fence sitting by those proclaiming to be left/ liberal that I find so hard to stomach, repeating the MSM mantra of “Assad the dictator who uses barrel bombs and sarin gas on his own people” to excuse their own lazy thinking ,accepting the dubious planted sources as long as they have the magic words ‘Freedom,democractic committee,human rights,moderate opposition’ or any combination of emotive titles dreamed up by the CIA to disguise their NGO financed misinformation lackeys.
    I recommend anybody interested in the history and causes of the Syrian staged uprising, go to the ‘counterpunch’ website and look up prof Tim Anderson for a fuller and more balanced understanding.
    ‘By way of deception thou shalt do war’ is the MOSAD motto ,being duped is not the position that any thinking person can feel comfort in .
    All polls taken in the past 5yrs show that Assad as a leader and reformer,commands more personal support by native Syrians than any government. He is the only one capable of rebuilding and reuniting the devastated country and making it again a secular home for Syrian refugees of all religious persuasions to return to.
    The USA,UK and their terrorist sponsoring allies in Turkey and the Gulf states know this and are more frightened of this one man than any foreign ISIS/Al Nusra jihadist takeover,because his successful survival will be seen by the rest of the world as a defeat for the regime change and continuous chaos policies of the ‘neo con crazies’.
    There is nothing in the middle of the road but yellow lines and dead hedgehogs.

    • John says

      To be fair to the left/liberal elements, it has to be borne in mind that they are only as good as the media they consult.
      The Guardian is a good case in point.
      It poses itself as authoritative, impartial and independent.
      In reality, it is a cheap entertainment rag, biased towards zionism and dependent upon zionist funding from the USA.
      The problem for the left/liberal element is that they have yet to wake up to the new reality.
      I think it is slowly happening – look at the growing popularity of this web site – but – like the oil tanker analogy – it takes a long time for such people to catch up and take note of the false route their ship has been sailing in order to realize they must abandon their false flag ship and locate themselves among properly knowledgeable and informative media.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      The destruction of Syria, like Iraq, has been primarily an Israeli project, following the infamous Oded Yinon Plan, to destroy all Israel’s neighbours by deliberately fomenting internecine hatred and conflict between Sunni, Shia, Kurds, Christians, Druze etc. A truly Hitlerite crime, which is a bitter irony. Certainly Israel has mostly used stooges like the Wahhabist despotisms and its slave states, the USA, France, the UK etc, but the same hands are behind it all as wrote the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ as a blue-print for war between the West and Islam, and mobilised the kosher neo-conservatives of the PNAC to drive the USA onto one aggression after another.

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