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History as ghastly repetition – Anna Lindh & Jo Cox

Anna Lindh, pro Euro MP, murdered four days before the Swedish referendum in 2003

Anna Lindh, pro Euro MP, murdered four days before the Swedish referendum in 2003

In 2003, just four days before the Swedish referendum on joining the Eurozone, a prominent pro-Euro MP, Anna Lindh, was stabbed to death in a public place. The man later convicted, claimed to have no idea why he had done it, and no political motive was ever suggested for the killing.

Nevertheless many people predicted that the brutal death of a pro-Euro MP, so soon before the vote, would have a massive effect on the results. In the end it did not, and Sweden voted to stay out.

In 2016, just seven days before the UK referendum on leaving the EU, a prominent pro-EU MP, Jo Cox, was shot to death in a public place. The man accused has been described by neighbours as “quiet, bit of a loner, keen gardener”, with no known political opinions, and, according to “records obtained by” the Southern Poverty Law Centre, as a white-supremacist Hitler-supporter with a houseful of Nazi regalia and other incriminating items.

It is too soon to say whether the awful, violent death of Ms Cox will have any bearing on the EU referendum, but if it does not it won’t be for lack of shameful effort on the part of elements in the mainstream media to make political capital out of this still largely unexplained human tragedy.

(With thanks to our reader “LM”).


  1. It’s interesting that seeing the refusal of Remain to accept the Brexit vote has led to a realisation that there is a prison wall, there wasn’t to be a choice at all and now people are keener to get out, because they see it, and they feel it. The Enclosure has been revealed.

    • Timothy Adams says

      Governments; that is, people who hold offices in governments, are not “government” when they commit a crime; they are criminals, and as with any felon committing a violent, criminal act; they may be treated as the threat they are. It is not terrorism to kill a government criminal.

  2. So we can see that this really is a ghastly repetition of history in that someone likely to gain much sensational media coverage is assassinated a few days before the referendum in order to try to change the result but despite all best efforts (including outrageously influencing and altering normal media coverage in the last few days before the vote) they once again fail to change thel outcome because public opinion on the matter is so overwhelming the plot once again fails in spite of having undoubtedly substantially shifted voting intentions.

    Of course they came horribly close to success this time as based on the last opinion polls before the Jo Cox murder I would think Leave would otherwise have achieved 57% to 59%. But despite the reduction of at least 5% in the Leave margin caused by the murder fortunately the side that always should have won still just squeaked home.

    Perhaps the big business multinational cartel will now get the message that they cannot subvert the will of people and will stop carrying out False Flag murders of high profile public figures in order to try and achieve their dastardly goals

  3. Small update: we’ve been in touch with the Southern Poverty Law Center to try and clarify where they obtained the documents they published within hours of Mair’s arrest, pertaining to his alleged involvement with far right groups.

    So far they have not told us where the docs came from, or if they have confirmed with the publishers of the magazine that the letters allegedly written by Mair were definitely published in ,and copied from, their journal.

    If anyone finds any independent confirmation of this could they let us know? And was Mair’s initial hearing – in which he allegedly made that racist declaration – open to the public?

  4. Mark Gobell says


    The ahem, “Jo Cox” event on 16 June 2016

    Enoch Powell’s 104 th birthday …

    As the whooshing sound of history flies over your heads …

    A simple, example, missed by your “media analyses” becaue no media has mentioned the fact …

    As you were …


    • But even if the PTB are – like Christine Lagarde – all bonkers abut numerology, what does that mean beyond being increasing evidence of their collective madness? I mean, if they impose “global government” or start a nuclear war, does it matter if some esoteric and unnecessarily complex addition played a part in it? How does figuring out they do it to numbers help us defeat them? So, even if you’re correct, I can’t help thinking, ‘ok, so what?’

      Am I missing something?

      • Mark Gobell says

        Ah, a reply at last …

        Imagine the code breakers at Bletchley Park adopting the same attitude as you have just espoused ?

        What’s the point of we know the German codes chaps ?

        What can we do about it ?

        So, clearly you are “missing” quite a lot.

        Which only fuels me with suspicion about your motives …

        You spend endless hours pouring over medis bs, trying, in vain imo, to find some “truth” or cracks in the stories.

        When all is said and done, what does this process produce ?

        Pages and pages of opinion, comment, second guessing, so called discussion, the vast majority of which is characterised by trolls & agents of disinfo.

        Folk are left mostly bewildered, unable to conclude anything with confidence.

        It’s all ifs and buts and maybes and what ifs etc., and all predicated on “stories” from sources you know you cannot trust.

        Is that even a rational pursuit ?

        So, I argue that the ability to detect the authorship and structure of these narratives is key.

        It is fundamental to our understanding.

        It leaves all of the voluminous and redundant, speculative dialogue dead in its wake.

        If you had stopped to think for a minute before you asked your inane “what am I missing” question, maybe you might have realised that the method works in both directions, forwards and backwards in time.

        So, after an event, the analysis is done, the relationships detected and the results published for consideration.

        How about you realising, as I stupidly assumed you might, that this process can work forwards in time too.

        So, by being aware of this method of script construction, which is exactly the same as for all of the faux “tewwowism” scripts, insights into future possibles is also possible.

        Notwithstanding that rather glaringly obvious ickle factoid, why you have to ask what merit there is in being able to detect, with confidence, that we are dealing with just another false constructed narrative aka “Kabbalistic script”, is a complete mystery to me.

        I rather assumed that was the whole purpose of spending your valuable time, doing what you do ?

        Why didn’t you know about the Enoch Powell fact for example ?

        Because you don’t look for them.

        The media bs you obsess over most often doesn’t include this information and when it does you don’t even recognise it.

        Why don’t you look for them ?

        Because it’s not part of your remit & method and because you are blissfully unaware.

        Yet when you are made aware, you ask why & whats the point …


        • Ok, so I asked what the point is – and you didn’t tell me.

          Seems like we have the answer.

          By all means continue to post links to whatever interests you, but keep it short.

        • PS – Has anyone ever used this method to predict a future event? if not then, that invalidates your other main point.

      • Mark Gobell says

        You also appear to be confusing psyop “numerolgy” bs with date arithmetic.

        So not a good analytical start by you …


  5. John says

    For the benefit of Joe Staten:-
    Putin denies suggestions Russia would welcome Brexit
    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied suggestions that Russia would benefit from Britain’s possible decision to leave the European Union.
    Britain goes to the polls on June 23 to decide whether to stay in the 28-member bloc or leave.
    Speaking at a meeting with the leaders of major international news agencies, Putin late on Friday said he has an opinion on the matter but would not voice it because it is not “our business at all.”
    He, however, expressed his dismay at Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to hold the vote.
    “Why did he do it? In order to blackmail Europe or scare someone?” Putin said.
    Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
    This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
    The only people who may have an interest in the UK not leaving the EU are in the Pentagon.
    They need a British fig leaf for their exceptionalist overseas adventures from time to time.
    Britain leaving the EU could be perceived by them as a prelude to the UK leaving NATO.
    In their crazy febrile world of world domination, who knows what kind of crazies are on their payroll?
    Their Oliver Norths and the like concern me far more than Putin’s slight opinions about the UK.

    • Joe Staten says

      Not getting your point. I didn’t say Putin thought we should leave Europe. I said he thought Cameron called the referendum to blackmail Europe, which you’ve just proved is exactly what he did say.

      • John says

        What you actually said was [Putin] ‘thinks Cameron didn’t envisage the Brexit campaign gaining leverage and is now panicking.’, which is completely different to Putin simply asking a question as to why Cameron called the referendum.
        I am beginning to wonder if you are not just a hasbara-type troll who trawls around the internet in order to waste other people’s time with silly comments and idiotic statements.
        What you – and Putin – seemingly fail to grasp is that Cameron called the referendum in order to spike the guns of UKIP – a rising alternative political party to Cameron’s Conservative Party – and to placate a large number of his own Eurosceptic MPs.
        There are further legislative aspects involved and a June 2016 deadline for any such referendum involved too but that is something Putin and you are probably not all that interested in.

    • Mick McNulty says

      “Russia would benefit from a Brexit”? Turn that 180º for the real answer and we get America gains from Britain being in the EU. That’s the truth of it.

    • E. Rellip says

      Watch Brexit the Movie on YouTube.
      Very, very interesting.

  6. John says

    The latest referendum poll tracker figures (18 June 2016) now show remain up 1% and in the lead at 45%, with leave down 1% at 42% and Don’t Knows steady at 13%. It seems the powers-that-be are achieving “success” in “persuading” voters to support the remain option. Source:

    Welcome to the world of realpolitik, everyone.

  7. kitt6 says

    There are things about most of the terror attacks that just don’t add up. Passports dropped by the terrorists, a long lost invoice from years ago showing the suspect bought extreme right wing material etc etc. Nearly all of the suspects end up dead, and when family and friends are interviewed they nearly always say it was completely out of character , and there was nothing to predict these acts of terror. There have been reports that Thomas Meir helped immigrants with their English, not the sort of thing an extremist would do. I guess we will never know what happened but things like this always happen at a convenient time, and experience has taught me that things that just happen by coincidence are very rare indeed.

    • Johnny Hacket says

      on the other hand he is still alive , it is not out of the boundaries of possibility that a far right nutter decides to take out a socialist mp , socialists get killed by fascists not infrequently the fact that this lady in question was killed by someone on the far right ibecause she was a socialist is not implausible. What makes the Graun’s /Toynbee piece so depressingly sick is the way that the axis that represents fascist vs the rest of humanity has become deconstructed into fascists vs the remain campaign .
      Toynbee et Al intend to refit the second world war and it is the Leave campaign that is speaking german.

      • Kathleen Lowrey says

        Here in Canada the helpful National Post guide to Brexit placed Hitler on the side of “Leave” (Thatcher and Churchill were on the side of “Remain”). No word on Cecil the Lion’s position, or King Tut’s, or Amelia Earhart’s, though as the NP is apparently in touch with the departed it would have been interesting if they had asked.

        • elenits says

          Thanks for that Kathleen, what a fabulous eye-opener! Brexit = Hitler! So, deconstructing, the Canadian National Post attributes Brexit to nationalism, nationalism = Hitler, Hitler = fascism, ergo nationalism = fascism. Nice try National Post!

          “Whoever” is behind all this bs and distortion is obviously counting on modern Canadians not knowing european history….but notice they haven’t dared run that combination of equivalences in Europe where these distinctions are still understood: and understood first-hand with the over fifties.

          In fact the conception of a unified Europe was a cornerstone of Hitler’s 1000 year reich. Here in Athens there were over 45 pamphlets pushing pan-Europeanism (United Europe – under Germany’s lead of course) during the German occupation, 1941-44. (Perhaps due to Operation Paperclip?) the US immediately adopted this idea post-war, and the groundwork for the EU was laid at Bretton Woods, along with GATT, IMF and World Bank.

          If the National Post had said: Remain = Hitler, they would have been not only historically correct, but reflected what by now the majority of Europeans think, i.e. that the EU is a wholly fascist project, as defined by Mussolini. Despite the EU commission withering on about the need to stay united exactly so as to “fight fascism” lol…this fascism spectre is – (according to the EU commission and useful idiots like Varoufakis and DiEM25) -is represented by all anti-EU parties, and marginal outfits like Pegida, Golden Dawn, Jobbik. Victor Orban, for example, an Hungarian patriot who protected his country during the banking crisis and the migrant crisis [ongoing] is constantly labelled ‘fascist’ by the US/EU MSM.

          It will be interesting to see if the National Post supports Canada uniting with the USA.

      • Joe Staten says

        Small point, but by no stretch of the imagination was Jo Cox a socialist. She was on the Right of the Labour Party, a supporter of Washington and Obama. A war-monger.

        • Seamus Padraig says

          A real socialist would be opposed to the neo-liberal EU.

          • John says

            There are different shades of socialism.
            Jo Cox was a complex character.
            Some of the causes she supported were seemingly “left” in nature – like her championing of the campaign to get Palestinian child prisoners freed. That could not have gone down well with the zionists.
            She was one of the MPs who supported Jeremy Corbyn’s application to enter the Labour Party leadership contest – but she then went on to actually vote for Liz Kendall, and was no admirer of Corbyn after he became Party Leader.
            Her apparent support for the so-called White Helmets and her support for more aggressive action in Syria against the interests of the current Assad regime clearly marked her out as someone who possibly did not have a full grasp of just what is going on in Syria. She would not be the only one to be in this position.
            Ultimately, I would describe her personal politics as social democrat, of which many other well-meaning and well-intended members of the Labour Party have been known to be associated with in the past.
            I believe she genuinely believed that the UK remaining in the UK was the better course of action than leaving.
            Her belief may have been poorly founded – possibly even wrong – but, I think, it was genuinely held.
            Politics today is not so rigid as in the past. People today tend to make their own minds up for themselves.
            This is not necessarily a bad thing. Blind unquestioning uncritical loyalty to a party or ideology can be a mistake.
            Many members of the Labour Party supported Tony Blair to the end – and look where he led them!

            • The area she was MP for, voted 60% for Brexit, despite the manipulation of whatever event took place, that is not entirely clear yet.

        • Hitler was also a socialist, the Nazi party was national socialist party. Hitler tried to keep peace in Europe, Churchill and Grey wanted war. This is not taught in school….yet

    • Joe says

      Have you got a link for reports Thomas Meir helped immigrants with English?

      • John says

        Diana Peters said ‘….”He told me he was doing English as a second language to the Asian community in Dewsbury. That’s what he told me, as far as I’m aware that was right, three days a week.” Mrs Peters, a nurse for 40 years, said he did not appear to have psychiatric problems. Source:

    • Zena says

      Yes,so true.Strange how these aged invoices have emerged and nice to know that if they are indeed genuine that our security services are on the ball. Whenever, i’ve ordered anything from the good old US of A, it’s normally held to ransome by the Customs and Excise chaps and extra tax and a handling fee applied and that’s for something as innocuous as health supplements.
      But others can order dubious materials (allegedly) and not an eyelid is batted.

    • What is even more suspect about this particular case is the amount of times the story has changed.
      When it was first reported it was stated that, Jo Cox Murderer was in an altercation with another man and Jo Cox came out of her building to try and defuse the situation and that was when the murderer turned his attention to the MP.
      Next was he was lying in wait for her and attacked her has she was walking to her building.
      Then her driver said she had stepped out of the car and he attacked her.
      Then there were the reports that witnesses had heard him shout Britain first and yet in the original interviews on sky and the BBC not one witness mentions this and the following day all but one refute this, leading one “witness to say he wasn’t there and didn’t hear anyone say that, he even put a sign in his Launderette to that effect.
      The one witness that did hear something wasn’t sure what heard.
      Upon investigation it turns out that the source of that comment came from Labour Shadow Cabinet Minister Maria Eagle.
      The Guardian reported one of the witnesses lived in the area on Bond Street again when investigated no such person lived on that Street.
      According to family and friends he suffered from mental health problems, but he was not political had never discussed the referendum or politics, yet he had tired to speak to Dr’s the day before because he was experiencing mental issues and yet, within 24 hours he was deemed fit to answer questions after being detained for 30 hours.
      And here we are 4 days later and the remain camp are leading the polls after a series of vicious attacks and accusations by msm and political directed at the leave campaign and their supporters after what looked like it was going to be a run away victory for leave!

  8. elenits says

    I fail to see the intended logic (if this was so) of killing Jo Cox and Anna Lindh as a way to vote pro-EU. Out of sentimental sympathy? Seems quite a leap on their part and in both cases didn’t work, since the first poll following the murder shows a surge for Brexit.

    • The article isn’t suggesting an intended result so much as a deliberate and cynical hijacking. Still fairly contemptible

      • elenits says

        True, point taken. We should keep in mind though that the news was broken WITH this spin. But even if it wasn’t, what leap of illogic were the PTB expecting the voters to make? Brexiters are murderers lol?
        The Quriously poll following this murder & political posturing seems to suggest that voters went – sensibly – the other way.

    • John says

      Paul Burrell – former butler to Princess Diana – reported that The Queen had said to him “There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.” See
      If even The Queen can talk like this, then maybe the rest of us should take notice of what she is saying?
      I don’t believe killing Jo Cox may have been planned – if it was planned – to boost Brexit but – instead – the reverse.
      The fact is that the last opinion poll before she was killed showed a 10 per cent lead for Brexit.
      I believe this panicked someone to do something to blunt the momentum of the Brexit surge.
      Since the killing of Jo Cox, further opinion polls are showing that Remain has begun to receive increased support.
      If the real intention behind the killing was to blunt the Brexit campaign and enhance the Remain position, it succeeded.
      It’s not that I’m paranoid – the issue has little effect on me – but I’ve reached an age where I believe anything is possible.
      In my adult life-time, I have seen all sorts of murderous killings, starting with JFK through Qaddafi’s appalling end.
      As even The Queen admits, “There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.”
      Where significant amounts of power and money are concerned – here or abroad – some individuals stop at nothing.
      It might even be a foreign agency is involved or one which has been sub-contracted.
      One possible reason could be:
      Who knows?
      Whoever it is, they’ll never tell us, will they?

      • Seriously, as sad as the killing of Jo was, it will not sway someone who wants to leave the EU to suddenly switch sides. I want out and am still voting out…. Will we get the chance to vote at all now? If we don’t then the whole thing is a stitch up.

        • John says

          Cameron will not cancel the referendum. If he tries to, he will be out of 10 Downing Street so fast it will take his breath away. Remember that when Osborne threatened a punitive post-Brexit budget, 57 Conservative MPs said publicly they would not support him. Cameron’s overall majority is 12 – or 17 if Sinn Fein members are not included (though someone told me recently that they might take up their Northern Ireland seats if Corbyn needed their support to become the Prime Minister. You heard it here first!

      • Kathleen Lowrey says

        According to Paul Burrell (but no one else), he was also Diana’s dearest and most trusted confidante. I wouldn’t call his testimony reliable.

        • John says

          But after his remarks were made in court, the case against him was dropped – presumably because the authorities did not want the constitutional embarrassment of calling The Queen – the “Fountain of Justice” – as a witness.
          Harold Wilson expressed concern that he was being spied upon by his own intelligence service in the 1960s and 1970s.
          He was dismissed as paranoid yet years later the invoices for work carried out at 10 Downing Street included itemized billing for wall microphones and Peter Wright’s book “Spycatcher” in the 1980s confirmed Wilson had been spied upon.

      • elenits says

        Zero Hedge reported the Brexit polls picking up steam following the murder, not Remain.

      • Richard Le Sarcophage says

        Working for Palestinians would make Cox a preferred target for any false-flag ‘deceptions’, wouldn’t it.

    • John says

      The latest polls now show the situation as extremely close after the Leave option had previously been ahead.
      If the motivation behind this killing was to gain a sympathy “boost” for Remain, it clearly succeeded.

      • Mark Gobell says

        Hilarious !

        Next time you feel the urge to take the piss, maybe you might benefit from a little reflection before yielding to your knee jerky synapses …

        Unless of course you were the type that sat there in the classroom, moaning about the black / white board instead of taking down the notes and doing your homework.

        Attitudes like this are one of thje major reasons why we’re in this mess.

        Armchair Twitterattis, thinking they’re contributing to the debate with infantile internet comments, when all they are really doing is exposing their ignorance and resistance to information.

        You could of course, choose to engage with the information, instead of attempting sly ridicule, but you chose the latter instead.

        Hey ho.


  9. I harbour the suspicion that “Big Brother” had “a hand in it”. GB is the US “long arm” in the EU, thus the interest of the US Power Elite to keep GB inside is strong. The death of a MP propagating the stay in EU (on basis of different reasons) might make a small number (being enough with the narrow run) change their mind to vote for staying.
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany

    • M. le Docteur Ralph says

      The primary interest of the US is in having TTIP adopted at whatever cost to its prison bitch Britain. The EU is balking at the US’s belligerent insistence on pushing through a raft of measures to benefit US agribusiness and Brexit is key in forcing the EU into agreeing to TTIP.
      If you listen to the “we can have our cake and eat it” arguments of the supporters of Brexit they all implicitly assume TTIP will go through (trading with the EU without following any of the EU rules, etc.).
      TTIP is the elephant in the room in this referendum campaign that we do not see, hear or talk about.
      Also with its cronies in Eastern Europe in the EU the US does not need Britain in the EU anymore to push through its hegemonic (and moronic) foreign policy agenda.

      • Joe Staten says

        That’s very close to what Putin said. Except he thinks Cameron didn’t envisage the Brexit campaign gaining leverage and is now panicking.

        • John says

          Your source information for your statement ‘[Putin] thinks Cameron didn’t envisage the Brexit campaign gaining leverage and is now panicking.’ is what exactly?

          • Joe Staten says

            Putin said it in so many words in his recent TV stint. Not saying he’s right, just saying it’s what he said. Settle down.

  10. Mark Gobell says

    Re: the murder of Anna Lindh

    She called GW Bush the “Lone Ranger” for going to war with Iraq.

    27 months, weeks, & days into his “Presidency”, Anna Lindh was dead.

    There is also 666 weeks between the murder of Anna LIndh, 3 days before the Swedish Euro Referendum and the murder of Jo Cox, 1 week before ours …

    The alleged “SPLC delivery documents” are also fake with dates fabricated to Kabbalistically link with all things Project Euro and the inevitable Nazis to satisfy the faux Right Wing Nut Job meme …

    There is a a thread on the EU Project & Referendum here

    The event relattionships for the murder of Jo Cox start here.

    Thomas Alexander Mair has been selected for his role using the usual method, with respect to the Treaty of Rome.

    Be sure to check the relationship between Donald Tusk and the murder to Jo Cox.


  11. JJA says

    Go back even further to the assassinations of Olof Palme, Dag Hammarskjöld, Folke Bernadotte. All Swedish politicians who dared to stand up for the masses and go against the will of the US and Israel. Now the US is cowing Swedish politicians to join NATO with the ‘Russian aggression’ nonsense.


    The murder of Jo Cox has all the features of a Western geopolitical crime. Most important, it was fully expected. As I have stated here on Facebook, ‪‎Brexit‬ was too important a decision to be left to the People to decide. Therefore, something was inevitable to fall from the sky to prevent it. Waiting for Brexit was as surreal as the aftermath of the Ukrainian defeat in the decisive battle for Southern Cauldron 1.0 in Marinovka on July 16th, 2014; then too everyone informed was expecting divine intervention.

    The murder follows the modus operandi of a string of crimes I have linked together from the very beginning. These include the murders of Anna Politkovskaya, Alexander Litvinenko, Rafic Hariri, Boris Nemtsov, the attempted murder of Viktor Yushchenko, the al-Baida massacre in Libya, the Houla massacre and the Ghouta gas attack in Syria, the sniper massacre on Maidan, and MH17. Of these Houla, Ghouta, and Haidan are well known to be provocations of the West. Some are still unsolved. Some may be what the West claims them to be. Put together they establish a clear pattern, like Jack the Ripper pulling the world to WW3.

    I have no sympathy for Jo Cox. She was a warmonger and potential war criminal on par with Tony Blair. As co-chair of the Enemies of Syria All Party Parliamentary Group she was waging a war of aggression and terror on Syria. I expect her death to result in yet more Western aggression.

    • That’s very interesting info Petri, but let’s retain a respectful tone. I agree Cox was no martyr to democracy, and there are questions to be asked in the future about her husband’s choice of “charities” (the White Helmets?), but she did die violently and this is a tragedy for her family, especially her kids. We all have to respect that.

    • Philippe Lemoche says

      In the case of Ms Cox, I agree that her murder has the marks of “a Western geopolitical crime”as you put it, I did not know ms Cox, nor her affiliations and what she stood for, but the comparison with Anna Lindh only makes sense partially.
      It is true that both women were murdered a few days before an important referendum on Europe, however the difference is of a huge importance to this story, Anna Lindh was murder not for her stance on Europe, but rather because she was a fervent defender of the boycott of anything Israeli.
      The media presents Cox’s killer as a “neo-nazi” and defacto a Euro-sceptic, forgetting knowingly that the pre-war British National Socialist party of Lord Mosley was very pro-Europeean.
      Cox was an MP, Lindt was a government minister, but not any minister, one who dared campaigning for the boycott of the mighty Zionist entity that terrifies all Western politicians, just look at Corbyn, who in the space of a few months, went from a militant for the Palestinian cause, to an zealous “Anti-Semites hunter” for Zionism.

      • John says

        See this January 2016 story about the stance taken by Jo Cox on Palestinian child prisoners:
        It brings an added dimension to her killing, don’t you think?
        As for Corbyn’s response to claims of so-called antisemitism in the Labour Party, it is very obviously linked to the appointment of Mark Regev – former mouthpiece for Netanyahu and Tel Aviv spin-meister in chief of zionist hasbara propaganda – as Ambassador in London shortly before all this nonsense blew up.
        It was clearly designed to damage Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party and Labour’s electoral prospects in the May 2015 local elections. The fact that some bitter ex-Blairite MPs inside the Labour Party colluded with Regev and other zionists was also something Corbyn had to contend with.
        As it is, I believe he handled this mini-crisis extremely well and Labour’s performance in the elections represented a complete disaster for all the zionist useful idiots in the Labour Party. They have toned their comments down to zero.

      • Richard Le Sarcophage says

        As Jabotinsky observed, ‘We will kill anyone who gets in our way’.

  13. The police must find who gave Mair his gun then who gave that person the gun. Criminals always take great care to distance themselves from their crimes.
    This murder looks like a mentally vulnerable individual being given violence-inducing anti-depressants (there is a long history of this kind of mind-control) and somehow groomed and hypnotised into acting out this most untypical behaviour.

  14. HsiWanMu says

    Anna Lindh’s killer had no idea why he did it, and Jo Cox’s was mentally ill. Shades of Sirhan Sirhan?

    • bill says

      if you read the evidence,esp lisa peases 2 articles in The Assassinations,it will be entirely clear SS could not have killed RFK

      • John says

        I seem to recall a photograph of the dying RFK lying on the floor of the kitchen clutching a clippable tie.
        There were two security guards in the vicinity, one without a tie.
        This suggests that the security guard shot RFK who – as he fell – clutched at and tore off the guard’s tie.
        No one ever followed up the identity or subsequent whereabouts of the guard, as far as I am aware.

        • Joe Staten says

          I have literally never seen such a photo and am pretty sure none exists

          • John says

            The clippable tie is lying right next to the shot RFK.
            You could have found this photograph just as easily as me.
            So why do you try contradicting me?

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      They didn’t spend all those billions on MKULTRA and all the other ‘mind control’ programs for nothing. ms

  15. It’s awful what happened to Mrs. Cox, and I can only imagine what her husband and son are going through.

    Still, the political machine operates by making capital out of these horrors, on every side: all things become resources for the actualization of political will, and the keen machinery is always on the lookout for fuel. Sad, but this is our system.

    Thank you for calling attention to the historical parallel.

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