Beware the Liberal Jabberwocky on the Topic of Brexit

by Luciana Bohne

The Brits have voted for Brexit.  How will the more “enlightened” liberal Eurocrats in Bruxelles spin the debacle and save the financial autocracy of the European Union?
By the old tricks:
1) raise the phantom of war in Europe (while ignoring the wars Europe conducts abroad)
2) raise the phantom of fascism in Europe (while ignoring the EU’s fascism imposed on Ukraine, the inclusion in EU fascistic governments in Poland, Hungary, etc and ignoring the fascism of the EU itself, its financial dictatorship
3) by calling Brexit vote the “the return of hatred of the Other” thereby implying that the EU embraces its [Darker] Brother. Is that why EU member states have fought alongside America in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc? And have denied the Greek people the right to virtually exist?
The liberals who attack Brexit on these grounds will be on a propaganda warpath to save the EU by proposing a little tweaking.
They will do what liberals have always done when people rise up against the existing order: adopt the formula: ‘Things must change in order to stay the same.”
Above all, they will interpret the Brexit vote as a vote for Farage.
They will use the same formula the US democrats use to get Hillary elected: fear Trump. But neoliberal order in EU is already fascist, autocratic, xenophobic, racist, warmongering. The neoliberal Eurocrats don’t go around shouting racist slogans. They just execute them—with bombs and banks.


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Jun 25, 2016 12:35 AM

Someone written this is the first time for loooong time Brits government counted votes properly. Brexit might be a plot for destruction of EU and war with Russia i.e. using Russia and China to ruin USA, Vatican and European countries so “they” will fulfill their plan for Jerusalem to be a new Vatican. As Rothschild sad that the sun will never set on Britain/England.

paper doll
paper doll
Jun 24, 2016 6:52 PM

“The neoliberal Eurocrats don’t go around shouting anti-racist slogans. They just execute them—with bombs and bank”
Exactly and it’s been noticed. We have come to the point where everything they warn against they are doing and promise to do far more. That and it’s implications are worse than what they are warning against.
These globalist live in green zones and wonder why we peons want out of the red zone so loving crafted for us…They can’t see over their barricades as they cry ” Open boarders! Everyone welcome!”

Jun 24, 2016 6:09 PM

Absolutely right: these people have no shame. As to fascism: they support it wherever they find it and practice a form of corporatism in which the corporations which thrived under ’30s fascism are doing wonderfully. And just as they please.