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If at first the PTB don’t succeed….just have another referendum

We know how the EU responds when referendums don’t go the way they’re supposed to. Yes, that’s right, they either ignore it, or insist on a second vote (and very often, as if by magic, this one yields the right result). Any idea that yesterday’s vote means the UK will now definitely leave the EU is certainly premature very possibly a pipe dream.


So, we need to view the alleged “petition” that was started yesterday for a second Brexit referendum, very much in this light and with a great deal of cynicism. if it wasn’t made in Langley, well, that is still very much its spiritual home.

The Guardian – of course – is currently pushing the petition story for all it’s worth, stripping it of its context and selling it as some sort of spontaneous expression of “love” or whatever essentially empty social media virtue-signalling they think will have maximum impact for minimum content. There are pictures of well-off, well-nourished and nicely posed young things holding banners proclaiming themselves to be “European, not British.”


Which just make some of us want to take these children by the hand and explain to them that a)actually you are both, and b)Europe isn’t the EU. But there’s no place here for rational conversation. The Graun is simply cheerleading the inevitable counter-move against what looks like a genuine, and radical popular vote. The fact this strategy is being sold to us, as are all the anti-democracy strategies now, in fake “grass roots” gaudy, should not deceive us.

The real “grass roots” have just spoken. And if – as is quite possible – the “petition for a 2nd referendum” succeeds, and if this one, following the usual pattern, reverses the previous vote, it will be the triumph of the bankers, the bureaucrats and the NATO war machine over the will of the people. Nothing to cheer there.


  1. More of the same contempt in today’s Graun from the playwright David Hare: “Democrats have no duty to endorse democracy’s every outcome. Those bullies who are loudly arguing that only snobs and bad losers refuse to accept the voice of the people should contemplate German federal elections in the 1930s.” Put that together with John Kerry’s assertion yesterday that Brexit could be “walked back.” Asked how, Kerry said: “I think there are a number of ways. I don’t, as secretary of state, want to throw them out today. I think that would be a mistake. But there are a number of ways.” Carefully orchestrated social and mainstream media campaigns, demonstrations of youthful outrage cloaked in anti-racist garb and coups in the Labour Party, amongst others perhaps Mr. Kerry? A heady range of options all the way from David Hare to the CIA: I’d call that full-spectrum hegemony.

    • David Hare isn’t unusual. The entire media/entertainment establishment talks like this now. I know a good many writers/actors etc. Their FB output is terrifying and lockstep. Their opinions lifted off the peg and worn like a uniform of respectability. Hypnotised. Deluded. Many of them are essentially good people who will suffer as much as anyone when democracy and freedom finally die. But they’re powerless to think independently any more. They will endorse any brutality, enslavement, disenfranchisement or murder that has the right virtu-signalling hashtags attached to it. I’ve had to cut many of them off, just to save my sanity.

  2. The next ‘righteous’ step, for ‘right-minded’ people would be to overthrow the British Government, eradicate it’s infrastructure, torture and exterminate all of it’s elected, still living past electorate, it’s allies earmarked personnel, it,s henchmen, earmarked appointees/hirees, it’s corrupt owners, render it’s monetary system/money valueless. The aftermath, a middle-ages situation where one would have to rub sticks together to get fire. Actually, this process would have to be done to all Governments in the world in order to eradicate the oppressors from the planet.

  3. Farage and others in the Leave camp said numerous times that if the Remain camp won, Leave would push for a second vote. So?

  4. elenits says

    Amazing how these well-turned-out girls look like the “YES” voters in Greece last summer.

  5. I want the 2016 FA Cup Final replayed, as my team, Crystal Palace lost 1-2. Totally unfair. In fact those Manchester Utd players had low IQs and some had grown up on Municipal Council Estates and gone to comprehensive state schools, and were therefore not deserving to win this trophy over Palace. They also can’t do the Times Crossword I am told. They have obviously never heard of the divine right of my team to win. In fact I don’t think the game should have been played at all, as my team, would have had to have rubbed shoulders with the great unwashed Man Utd. hoi polloi. The FA Cup should just have been presented to Palace. I am going to start a petition to this effect.

    • M. le Docteur Ralph says

      Very funny, and that comes from a Palace fan since the days of Big Mal and Rachid Harkouk.

      But tell me why I as a British citizen who left when Thatcher was in power had no vote, when every Commonwealth citizen with proof residence was entitled to vote.

      Tell me why nephew’s Romanian girlfriend, an EU Citizen who has lived in England since the age 2 could not vote, but an Irish EU citizen could.

      You may have got what you wanted and you may be happy, but do not tell me it is a triumph of democracy.

  6. M. le Docteur Ralph says

    For me the real grass roots voted against the Tories. What is now needed is a general election not another referendum.

    In the general election the Brexiteers can then all vote against “the bankers, the bureaucrats and the NATO war machine” by voting UKIP. If it was “genuine, and radical popular vote” PM Farage can then start governing.

    In the meantime TTIP Anyone?

    The BBC now reports that a former top official at the Foreign Office, Sir Simon Fraser, states we do not have enough experienced trade negotiators. Luckily TTIP is available and ready.

    Left-wing Brexiteers do keep drinking the Kool-Aid, that way you don’t have to figure out how you have ended agreeing with Rupert Murdoch and The Sun.

    • Yes, another ‘vote’ on something, anything.

      How else to make this ‘thing’ that isn’t a democracy democratic . . .

    • As a leftwing ‘Brexiter, one who has had serious dealings with the power elite within numerous EU Institutions, among them the ECB and the Commission itself, I’m somewhat amazed that you conflate my vote, that is a vote taken for democracy and a reformed EU across its 28 member nations, with that of fucking Murdock, Farage or and other of the neoliberal fuckers I detest. As for Kool-Aid, we’ll if coups in Italy and as an international socialist, one who fervently upholds democratic principles, the EU ain’t democratic, neither are those now calling for a second referendum, not to mention heaping all the blame on Corbyn, as if he were at fucking fault.

      • M. le Docteur Ralph says

        The question was “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” Put a cross in the box X to indicate your choice:
        “Remain a member of the European Union” or
        “Leave the European Union”.

        It was not “Should the European Union be turned into a truly democratic institution”.

        If with Boris in charge and Farage, Murdoch (note spelling) etc. triumphant you think this represents a death blow for neo-liberal economics you’ve been smoking something.

        If you reply, please follow the Nixon tapes precedent of “Expletive Deleted”. We are not moderated here, which is good, but there is no need to swear at me because I profoundly disagree with your apparent vote and think you have been conned by two U.S. citizens (Boris and Murdoch).

  7. Lots being made of the low level of intellect of opponents of the EU and the superior educational qualifications of the supporters of monopoly capitalism. It does prove one thing to me: British universities must be short on education and heavy on brainwashing. Unless of course, such assertions a just more b*llk* from the Gud**n.

  8. Ah, the well-off, well-nourished and nicely posed young things . . . Now what were we talking about? That the Brexit wasn’t really a Brexit? I am shocked, just shocked! You mean we don’t really live in a democracy? You mean referendums are just pretend referendums, just part of the tool kit of overall deception and manipulation?

    And to think that, as S. Artesian put it in a piece he titled “Little Ado About Something, ” the big worry, apparently, for some socialists in the United Kingdom is that a majority of people in Great Britain might actually vote to leave this confederation of capitalists; this union of exploiters; this common market designed to flatten every particular impediment to the accumulation of capital. ”

    To my mind, voting to leave or to stay kind of amounts to the same thing, eh: a confederation of capitalists, isn’t that what Great Britain, under American tutelage, is, too?

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