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New Labour emerges from hibernation sooner than expected…and unready

by Kit


The unwillingness, on behalf of the Labour right, to unite with the rest of the party and attack the Conservatives at a time when they are politically divided and publicly humiliated neatly demonstrates the unacknowledged truth of British democracy – in fact, most Western democracies: We do not have an “opposition”, we do not live in a “two-party system”. The centre-right Tories and centre-left Blairites are really just two halves of a depraved whole. One large party, that holds a monopoly on power, and kindly lets us choose which colour of tie they wear while they’re in office. George Orwell described the future as “a boot stamping on a human face — forever.” the reality is there are two boots, a left one and a right one, and – every now and then – we get to choose between them.

As such, it came as no surprise when, just hours after the Brexit results, Hilary Benn launched his coup. Anyone following the rampant anti-Corbyn media bias in the last leadership election, accompanied by the sickening grovelling following Benn’s pro-bombing Syria speech, knows who the MSM wants to to be in charge of the opposition. The election of Corbyn, much like Brexit itself, is one of those things that was just not supposed to happen.

The long-term plan was always to replace Corbyn before the next General Election. The chaos currently engulfing the Labour party is akin to waking up on the morning of an exam that you haven’t revised for – they really thought they had more time. As it is, they must try to make do.

The anti-Corbyn arguments are fractured and non-sensical, scripted with a different scenario in mind. Like that Two Ronnies sketch, where a quiz-show contestant is always answering the question prior to one he was asked. Bremain was supposed to win, and then the heavily pro-EU Blairites, that Corbyn was saddled with on the front bench, would have three full years to undermine Corbyn’s leadership by reminding everyone of his “luke warm” support of the EU, they would say he was “old-fashioned” and “out of touch with the pro-EU left”.

Those three years could also be spent, by Corbyn’s potential replacements, building up a campaign manifest and holding extensive auditions. Chuka Umunna could come out of hiding; the self-styled “British Obama” would be an excellent choice…if he had charisma. Those three years could be spent teaching him to give speeches and use the word “folks” a lot. The humiliatingly massive defeat that Liz Kendall (Peter Mandelson’s choice candidate) suffered would be further out of everyone’s minds by 2020. Benn himself may “reluctantly” take on “the burden” of leadership. Maybe David Miliband could be redeemed in the public eye…somehow. It doesn’t matter, 3 years gives you options, six months does not – hence the total lack of serious discussion as to who could replace Corbyn. Every Labour MP asked if they intend to run has answered “no”. The four that ran against him last time are out, and nobody wants to run against him now because – should they lose – it will put them out of contention for the “three year plan”.

The whole situation is seemingly crazy – because it is built on a false premise. The majority of the country, we now know, is anti-EU membership, and there will most likely be a General Election in the next few months. That the historically anti-EU leader of the opposition should be replaced in these circumstances is strange. That it should be done nine months after he won the most resounding victory in a leadership election in party history, is absurd…if you believe their stated reasons.

The argument being made by the herd of resigning shadow ministers goes like this:

British politics will be completely dominated in the coming years by the Brexit negotiations, and I do not believe that you have the requisite skills or experience to ensure that there is a strong Labour voice at the negotiating table as we undertake this monumentally complex task.”resignation letter of Stephen Kinnock

Reading between the lines, what this really means is that there will be a big push laid on by most of the pro-EU MPs to make sure that either a)Britain does not leave the EU at all, or b)Britain leaves the EU in name only, and these “negotiations” ensure that we remain – at heart – a member of the fascist clique that is the EU. A country run for the corporate benefit and the enrichment of the ruling elite.

The work of Parliament, in the coming months, will be to undermine or ignore this referendum…by any means necessary. Jeremy Corbyn, whatever you think of his policies, has an in-built respect for democracy – he will not allow this to happen, and so he must be removed before “negotiations” start.

And so we come to the “revelations” that Corbyn may have “sabotaged the EU Remain campaign”. They first appeared on the blog of Laura Kuenssberg, political editor at the BBC. According to Kuenssberg: Jeremy Corbyn was secretly hoping Leave would win, and has reservations about our place in the EU. I’m not sure why “elected politician agrees with 52% of country about Europe” is a scandal, but apparently it is. The evidence she cites is pretty startling:

…documents passed to the BBC suggest Jeremy Corbyn’s office sought to delay and water down the Labour Remain campaign. Sources suggest that they are evidence of “deliberate sabotage”.

In the grand tradition of modern “investigative journalism” (see: Panama Papers), Kuenssberg has regurgitated a few choice quotes from some documents she was “passed” – without once confirming their veracity or releasing them entirely for public view. She posts the interpretation of a “source” that is never named, or examined for possible bias. It is a farce.

Not one of the (totally completely real) e-mails she was “passed” by the mysterious masked source is directly from Corbyn, or sent directly to him. The level of “evidence” being discussed is impressive:

A series of messages dating back to December seen by the BBC shows correspondence between the party leader’s office, the Labour Remain campaign and Labour HQ, discussing the European campaign. It shows how a sentence talking about immigration was removed on one occasion and how Mr Milne refused to sign off a letter signed by 200 MPs after it had already been approved.

A series of messages “seen by the BBC” show that Seumas Milne tweaked a letter about immigration last December. I’m not sure why these messages are fit to be “seen” by the BBC, and not by us. I’m not sure if the level of intelligence in journalism has dropped so sharply that they honestly consider this constitutes any kind of case. I am sure she uses the word “suggests” far too many times for a 1000 word article.

The Guardian, of course, have been all over this – a wonderful example of a paper being “on message”, despite having absolutely no idea what, exactly, “the message” is. Zoe William’s confused ramblings were brilliantly dissected by Jonathan Cook. Freedland’s sequel – a monolith neo-liberal flatulence and hypocrisy – is even more ridiculous. Corbyn is, Freedland states:

…guilty of ‘deliberate sabotage’ of the remain campaign. Members should remember this if they’re asked to re-elect him.”

It is a grand and confusing claim. At once seemingly libelous and irrelevant. The tone taken suggests that staying with the EU is a moral question, and that by (allegedly) half-arsing the campaign Corbyn has somehow behaved immorally – it somehow implies that being pro-leave is the same as being pro-war or pro-torture (not that Freedland has a problem with the former).

This is, of course, not true. And since there’s no direct evidence he did undermine the campaign, and since – short of secretly, directly, instructing people to vote against the official party line – any act of “sabotage” is completely subjective….you wonder how Freedland can possibly get an entire column out of this topic.

He does his best though, and only slips into falsehood, logical fallacy and disinformation half a dozen times. So well done him.

Corbyn’s base – the source of the enthusiasm and momentum which carried him to his famous victory last year – was the young. Second, the young voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. Indeed, if 75% of all 18-24 year olds voted to remain, we can reasonably presume that figure was even higher among the left-leaning idealists who flocked to Corbyn a year ago.

This is pretty bad logic, for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can’t at once castigate Corbyn for his “lackluster campaigning”, whilst volunteering that he delivered the majority of his party’s vote (63%), including his young base. Secondly, it is not 75% of people under 25, it is 75% of the roughly 30% of that age group who voted. We have no idea how the other 70% would have voted, and it is statistically very unlikely that the minority turnout just happens to include the entirety of Corbyn’s young base. It is also flawed to suggest that Corbyn’s “left leaning idealists” would vote so massively FOR the EU, when the traditional leftist position has been anti-EU.

Whatever the motive, the facts are plain: Corbyn, McDonnell and their inner circle betrayed the hopes of the generation that believed in them most.

The facts are plain, ladies and gentlemen. Freedland has read the blog of a woman who “saw some documents”, and that’s good enough for me. That’s plenty of evidence, on its own, to back up all his defamatory rhetoric…but there’s also ANECDOTES:

Accompanying Labour canvassers in Yorkshire 10 days before the vote, I saw the effect for myself: Labour voters were still unclear whether their party was for remain or leave, and they were certainly not getting the unmistakable message that a vote to leave would be catastrophic for them in particular.

He talked to some guy in Yorkshire who didn’t know whether Labour was for or against the EU, and didn’t think that Brexit was literally the end of civilisation as we know it. Corbyn has to go, he is a traitor and heretic.

Of course, the most sickening part of this contemptible, slimy column is the blatant, extravagant liberal hypocrisy.

If we can venture, briefly, into an alternate universe – let us say that Remain had won. Let us say that instead of choking back panic for the past three days, the Guardian had been serving up crow. Let us say that Nigel Farage was demanding that Parliament ignore the referendum, and writing columns about how Boris Johnson was trying to sabotage the Leave campaign – citing as his evidence e-mails from last December, that were neither sent to, nor written by, Johnson himself. Would the Guardian heed these calls? Would they take them seriously? Never. Never in a million years.

Anyone questioning the integrity of the vote, or the campaigns, would be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist” – as they were during the Scottish Independence referendum. “Bitter leavers” would be mocked, patronised, and encouraged to “move on”.

…but Brexit is apparently different. In this instance, no evidence is too small. No claim too ridiculous. No petition too full of joke names from the Antarctic. Establishment institutions are facing a real existential crisis, and desperate times call for really, really desperate measures.

The plot against Corbyn was always going to come out of hibernation eventually, but circumstance has forced it out too soon. Hopefully, it will not survive the winter.

-UPDATE July 1: The 38 degrees petition “A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE IN JEREMY CORBYN AFTER BREXIT” has reached 250,000 signatures.  So far  as we are aware very few of these signatories  are from either the British Antarctic Territory , the Vatican City or North Korea. Perhaps this is why the MSM  are choosing to ignore it completely.


  1. rtj1211 says

    Actually the real issue here is that the traditional Labour Heartlands, notably the NE, large parts of Yorkshire, the West Midlands and South Wales all voted heavily for Brexit and all the Blairite luvvies of London and the SE are shitting bricks that the labour party will be wiped out as an electoral force by 2025. Not due to the views of Corbyn, but due to the views of Blairite EUphiles.

    I don’t see how NE voters can return Labour MPs at any subsequent election without them being for Brexit. I really don’t. UKIP won’t stop wooing them and they will say, rightly: Labour said you had nowhere to go, so they took you for granted. Well: now you DO have somewhere to go and we will NEVER take you for granted.

    • bill says

      the call by the Green Party for a progressive alliance appears to be anti-brexit and this needs much clarification because for the very reasons you mention the Lab heartlands will likely vastly prefer Brexit candidates…..Greens need to move on and accept the result

  2. Kit hey were caught off gaurd to use a phrase just this websites title off the guardian. Freedland and Co: suffer from excpetionalism like theyhavew always. Let us not forget the Panama papers and yhen the Letvenko hearings. What a bunch of hasbra is coming from the MSM/anglo-zionist media. Politically speaking hell if I was labour I would be going for the jugular and further more be issuing a a vote of non confidence against the Tory government > No what do these idiots do organize a coup against their leader and call for a vote of no confidence against the leader of the Labour party. Orwellian times we r living. They political elite r falling into their own self parody. They manged to balkanise Libya and Iraq still trying with Syria in the end it appears they will in effect balkanise the UK. Kharma is a bitch. Excellent analysis. What else coul;d we expect from the new third reich the washington consensus and the politicos in Brussels Gee Mussolini would be very proud of these present leaders fulfilling his dream LO STATO CORPORATO THE CORPORATE STATE. These r the times we r living I suggest u read Pail Craig Roberts latest article in Stategic Culture . Hits the nail on the head. Yesterdays news Gets wrapped in todays fish.

  3. Alexander says

    A brilliant article Kit.
    The opening paragraph summed up the stark reality of the choices we are given.
    I would say that the past election reflects ,how power can be won in a first past the post system.
    Until this changes, it is clear that you have to be near the centre of politics to win a majority. As this is the system we are in,it is incumbant that the leader has views that acknowledges what both sides of a Labour party stand for and unite. To deny this is to reduce your roll to a glorified protester wishing things were different.

  4. Jimbo says

    The coup against Corbyn has been manufactured by a PR firm. In fact, PR firms control politics in America and increasingly in the UK too.…red-exclusive/
    If Corbyn goes, Labour are over.

    • Janet B says

      Thank you Kit for such a brilliant article…. Indeed we could think that if Corbyn goes, Labour is over but it would be most beneficial to us all f there is a split – Corbyn’s Labour and the right wing/Blairites party. Why don’t the rightwing lot create a party of their choice and let the rest of us get on with creating a real Labour Party led by Corbyn!

      • rootietootie says

        They need to ensure ownership of the assets.

  5. There is nothing ‘center left’ about Blair’s labour. They are center right. And Tories are right wing.

    • bth says

      There is nothing centre-right about the fascist Bliarites, they are more hard-right than Thatcher.

  6. Dave Elliot says

    My main concern is for the personal safety of Mr Corbyn. A clique responsible for the deaths of many would not blink at another one.

  7. really good piece & immensely quotable too _ i managed to get 6 tweets out of it! >; )

  8. or an other one
    Guardian headline today reads “ Jeremy Corbyn refuses to stand down after losing confidence 171/40”

    or it could read

    “Jermyn Corbyn stands his ground as Blairite corridor coup defies wishes of the party base”

    Maybe the Guardian needs to steal Fox New’s non-ironic “Fair and Balanced” slogan.

  9. Excellent summery. Thanks for that Kit 🙂
    Just reading the lastest editorial in the Guardian. It reads…………”Since the beginning Jeremy Corbyn has faced a die-hard band of parliamentary enemies who were not interested in his support from Labour party members, and took every chance to question his suitability to lead”

    It should read…………….”Since the beginning Jeremy Corbyn has faced a die-hard band of pseudo-progressive journalists at the Guardian who were not interested in his support from Labour party members, and took every chance to question his suitability to lead”

  10. Why is it whenever I see Hilary Benn’s name I have a terrible urge to correct it to “Hillary”? Couldn’t be the same brand of neolib neocon bullshit could it.

    Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, how poor Wedgie must be turning in his grave.

    • We need to get off this comparing Benn junior with his father. There is no comparison apart from a surname and invoking his fathers name is a bit puerile. Hilary Benn is the worst type of talentless opportunist in the Labour ranks. His posturing under the guise of a critical friend is so transparent that it beggars belief. The MSM would love him as do the Blairites in the party. Please believe you have my support in calling him what you will but leave off the mention of his father. It gives him some caché even if it is critical.

      • Looks like “that bastard off the old block” son-of-kinnock is giving Hilly a good run for his money in the “talentless opportunist” stakes.

  11. Lesle Digby says

    The Parliamentary Labour Party who has always had every intention of getting rid of Mr Corbyn, suddenly realised that they didn’t have much time with a possible General Election looming. Hence that awful scrum yesterday and all those resignations. Previously, because he’s a decent and honest fellow, he tried (in vain) to be inclusive. Now he battles on with the shadow cabinet he should have chosen in the first place. Good for him. I wish him well. He is the only man in British politics in a position of power who cannot be bought by the newspaper barons and his election to PM could, I hope be the only way for this country to achieve a Proportional voting system. Without PR we could be doomed to a right wing Tory / UKIP future of racism and callous disregard for decency and honour.

    • RealismRams says

      As my Missus said to me Wednesday.

      Red and blue makes purple.

  12. Michael says

    Excellent analysis sir. (Just checking, is that a partition/petition typo in the second to last para?)

  13. Tony Horsfield says

    A good piece. The issue of the Blairites’ unreadiness is worth considering in more detail. I don’t think it should be overlooked that Benn was sacked from the Shadow Cabinet; this act on Corbyn’s part triggered the attempt to force his resignation by the resignation of various Shadow Cabinet bods – many of whom I’m not even sure whether their mothers have ever heard of them. If I’m correct, the resignation spate was forced by a deliberate counter-measure, and the plotters were bounced into a badly designed attack. Sequencing the resignations for “maximum impact” must have seemed like such a clever way to build the pressure and keep MSM interest but it actually diluted what impact they have had: it was ho, hum another careerist has put in the template email and drawn their X below it.

    The resisgnation/MSM interview “weapons” haven’t so far and can’t deliver for the right if Corbyn can force the situation to a membership ballot: this should be seen as a partial victory in that it prevents the MPs from acting without reference to Labour party rules and tilts the power balance towards Corbyn. The ” corridor coup” hasn’t worked and we may have the first glimmerings of the onset of panic – and this to me is the only actual message of Freedland and William’s squalking. Starting an idiotic blame fest when Alan Johnson and the Inferior Benn were responsible for Labour’s Remain campaign, while rebel luminaries such as Gloria del Piero couldn’t – or wouldn’t – stop big leave votes in their constituencies, is thin, desperate stuff.

    The coup has so far allowed Corbyn to name a Shadow Cabinet that isn’t offering the right any compromises and it has seen the Blairites stuck with having to fight on the worst possible terrain for them. No one, least of all a certain BBC News Editor, has remarked on quickly Shadow Cabinet places have been filled this time round. This suggests pror agreement and planning to capitalise on the Blairites half-arsed resignation tactics. To date the Blairites have shown the tactical nous of a bath mat: their lack of basic political skills will, I suspect, manifest itself more often as the situation unfolds. I can see the public blame game starting early among the Blairites and I’m happy to take a bet that Benn announced that he wouldn’t stand as leader after some of his “comrades” started to get some understanding of their situation. At least watching them rush to the MSM to hate each other might provide some entertainment for all of us who are now stranded in interesting times.

    • Matt says

      Hi Tom, great analysis. What do you think about this secret ballot? I think that it is a desperate attempt, but what do you think of the outcome?

  14. Brad Benson says

    Excellent article Kit. I now have a much better understanding of what is going on in Britain, especially with Corbyn. I hope that, unlike our phony faux progressive, Bernie Sanders, who will now support Hillary Clinton, Corbyn will stand up to these fools. Let Britain lead the way with a true revolution from the left and, when he gets in, let us all hope that there will be WAR CRIMES Trials.

    Tony Blair will appear on the popular “Morning Joe” Show here in the Colonies. Over here, the people have been so dumbed down that he still retains credibility.

  15. Ebony says

    I have two questions, so the members of New Labour that launch the coup against Corbyn are not actually from the districts they represent? That is a scandal! No wonder the people in their districts feel unrepresented.

    Secondly is Laura Kuessnberg is the same reporter that the Guardian was upset that the Corbyn supporters booed? If what this article said about her involvement in the coup against Corbyn she deserved that booing.

    One thing I observed during the reporting and the comments be low the line in the aftermath of Breexit and the Corby coup is the the utter hyprocisy of the Guardian’s “Web We want Campaign.” I seen nasty comments about the working class, Corbyn, and Corbyn supporters remain. If you tow the party line you can post whatever nasty comments you want.

  16. proximity1 says

    I see another aspect to the almost palpable dread among the Parliamentary Labour Party’s members : as no one knows better than they do, their “We fear Jeremy Corbyn cannot lead Labour to victory in the general election,” is, in fact, “We of course don’t want Jeremy Corbyn to win the general election at the head of Labour. and we’re actually deathly afraid of just that: Jeremy Corbyn not only could but, indeed, probably shall, lead Labour to victory in the next general election–unless, of course, we replace him first so that he can’t win the Prime Ministership and thereby ruin our political careers.”

    • “ruin our political careers” – I think you really mean “ruin the prospects of mixing poltics & business & getting some nice little earners going” a la B.liar & co. Otherwise, I agree with what you have said. Time the new members of the party seized control and selected people capable of representing their electorate – rather than themselves – bit like Jack “the fascist” Straw tended to do – hopefully he will end up in the Hague as a war criminal at some point. (go on Jack – sue me – you motherfucker).

      • proximity1 says

        ” ‘…ruin our political careers” – I think you really mean “ruin the prospects of mixing poltics & business & getting some nice little earners going” a la B.liar & co.” …

        Of course that’s precisely what I mean these people fear that Corbyn’s election would ruin for them. They’re on the make and they know he’s not.

  17. 0use4msm says

    The narrative created by the Guardian that Corbyn “betrayed Britain” reminds me of the German Stab-in-the-back myth after the loss of WWI.

  18. “The centre-right Tories and centre-left Blairites are really just two halves of a depraved whole”.
    I have to disagree with the use of the letter “l” in “whole” – it needs to be “r” – then the sentence makes sense.

  19. James Carless says

    The rats have come out of the woodwork and better now than later with a general election likely in November after the Tories have chosen their successor to Cameron – which I doubt very much will Boris Wooster.
    This will give the constituants a proper choice and chance to claim back the Labour Party from the neolib, Blairite,traitorous,self serving scum.
    As I have predicted before,2016 will be a turning or tipping point year in many areas.

    • “and there will most likely be a General Election in the next few months” – only if 66% of the House of Commons votes for it. If they don’t – then no election. If Corbyn has sense, he will sit back, watch the election expenses scandal unfold, & watch the tory majority eroded to the point of no majority. Who knows, 2 years down the track, it will be a labour/SNP gov.

      • M. le Docteur Ralph says

        Actually you don’t need 66%, you only need a normal majority. British constitutional principles: One Parliament cannot bind another, the Queen In Parliament is supreme etc.

    • Richie Gregory says

      Hi James, it’s cockroaches that come out of the woodwork, it sound a better name for them.

  20. reinertorheit says

    [[ Maybe David Miliband could be redeemed in the public eye ]]

    Shares in Optrex would peak. Yet despite his addiction to power and delusional dreams of being popular, it’s doubtful that ‘Two Brains’ could be lured back to his erstwhile homeland, or the cloth caps of that loathsome constituency he so rapidly dumped for less than a six-figure salary. The patriotism of the one-time Foreign Secretary can be had, like TB’s own, for cash or credit cards.

  21. spectacular failure says

    Hilary Benn, the opportunist snake that he is, probably thinks that this is his chance to seize control of the Labour Party. His recent support for intervention in Syria proves he’s another psychopath that seemingly enjoys creating chaos, death and destruction in foreign lands. Blair, Cameron… Benn, not a lot between them, apart from the latter being an aspiring mass murderer.
    The Corbyn rebellion does confirm what these MP’s really think of democracy. The landslide leadership victory he secured obviously means very little to these career politicians who crave personal success before being public servants. Sadly, the wrong people have wormed their way in to the political system and we can only hope that this latest showing of utter contempt towards rank and file members of the Labour Party concludes in a number of them getting their comeuppance.

  22. bevin says

    We’ve been down this road before. This is the history of the Labour Party. First Ramsay Mac. Than, in 1981, when Thatcherism was close to being rejected we had the slow backstabbing by the SDP. That fixed Labour in the 1983 election and put an end to socialist advances until the day before yesterday.
    The big difference this time is that the PLP is filled with Blairites imposed upon constituencies for which they would never have won selection locally. It is these people, in places where the vote for Brexit was in the 60% range, cuckoos in the nest of the old Labour Party who are turned into suicide bombers. They’d rather see no Labour Party at all than one that fought for the interests of Labour.
    Historians will tell the real story of the relationships between the Gaitskellites, the SDP, the Blairites and the US Embassy. As someone pointed out over at Craig Murray’s blog earlier today the MP co-ordinating the coup is a former aide of Frank Chapple, the ETU ‘anti-communist’ General Secretary who was almost certainly an asset of the CIA.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      Don’t forget the malign influence of the Israel First Lobby either. All the Blairites, from the top down are enthusiastic Israel Firsters.

      • Orthus says

        Similarly the journalists involved tend to be very pro-Israel.

      • Seamus Padraig says

        Ahhh! So that’s why they were going on and on a few months back about how ‘anti-semitic’ Jeremy Corbyn is? Now it makes sense.

        • Richard Le Sarcophage says

          As many decent Jews in the UK pointed out, Corbyn has no record of animus to Jews and decades of unimpeachable service in opposing all racism. But ‘antisemitism’ these days is simply a racket to vilify anyone who dares criticise Israel, a barbaric racist, terrorist, state, and the activities of any Jew anywhere, no matter that the actions in question would be universally condemned if committed by a goy eg the mass child murder in Gaza. It implicitly asserts that all criticism of any Jews is motivated by nothing but bigotry and malice, and further implies that Jews uniquely among human groups, are incapable of evil acts, or even mistakes and errors. As one Jewish survivor of the Nazi Evil observed, ‘Antisemites used to be those who hated the Jews, but today they are those who the Jews hate’. Needless to say, Judeophobia, the hatred of all Jews simply because they are Jews, is stupid and wicked, just like Islamophobia etc.

  23. This is such an excellent and well written piece. I devoured every word with loud cheers and jubilation. This is the level of writing we need to expose what is actually going on. Thank you Kit, thank you so much.

  24. Kathleen Lowrey says

    read it again and again, so well put:

    “I’m not sure why “elected politician agrees with 52% of country about Europe” is a scandal, but apparently it is.”

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