Has Brexit triggered an anti-democractic "Color Revolution"?

by Kit

It’s important to remember, it was never supposed to get his far.
The Prime Minister didn’t want it. The Chancellor didn’t want it. The Queen didn’t want it. The opposition didn’t want it. The President of the United States didn’t want it. JP Morgan didn’t want it. Goldman-Sachs didn’t want it. Parliament didn’t want it.
None of the heads of state of Europe wanted it. None of the banks wanted it. None of the corporate oligarchs wanted it. None of the corporations wanted it. The IMF didn’t want it. NATO didn’t want it.
JK Rowling didn’t want it. David Beckham didn’t want it. Bob Geldof didn’t want it. Eddie Izzard didn’t want it. Lily Allen didn’t want it. George Soros didn’t want it.
…and yet it happened.
Experts with scary numbers were on the BBC. Smiling pro-EU columnists snidely mocked from almost every paper. Trendy celebrities tweeted their complex political views in 140 characters or less. There were a lot hashtags. A lot of memes. Leavers were mocked and patronised. Guilted by association with a handful of clownish politicans we’re all supposed to laugh at, and the right-wing gutter press we’re all supposed to despise. All the heels wanted out, all the faces wanted in.
Marches were ignored, speeches unreported, politicians mis-quoted. Facts made up. An MP was martyred, and a movement blamed for her murder. There was a lot of name-calling, and more fear-mongering. That’s usually all it takes, to stop a movement.
…and yet it happened.
The chaos that followed – that still persists – is all the evidence you need to show just how shaken up the political establishment has become. The portraits are askew along the corridors of power. For once the term “political fallout” does not feel a dramatic metaphor. No institutional plan still stands, there is only a wasteland; pockmarked, cratered and scorched. The survivors shamble about, unsure what to say or do. Deformed. Cancerous.
A gang of ravenous Tory cockroaches tussle over the scorched bones of their leader. Sliming and biting their way to a seat of power they will hold for less than 6 months…probably. It would be amusing to watch, if it weren’t so nauseating.
A deep-rooted pocket of Blairites, a hold-out from a war long-since lost, have launched an assault on the only man left standing in the maelstrom, hoping to drag him down and take his place before he can implement the democratically ascertained will of the people.
It was never supposed to go this far. And now it must be stopped.
Let us imagine, for a short while, that this isn’t Britain. That the vote, rather than being on EU membership, was instead about leaving the OAS or joining NATO. That Jeremy Corbyn is a Bolivarian socialist or David Cameron a post-Soviet oligarch. Let’s imagine that none of this happened in a “Western democracy”, but a struggling banana republic, or a mewling new-born Balkan state. Imagine this is not here, but over there. Not us, but them.
Let us pretend this is one of those countries where these things happen.
The country’s fate was, ever so briefly, put in the hands of the people. They were being tasked with voting on an issue that could destroy trade agreements set to make many multi-national companies billions of dollars, an issue that poses a direct threat to America’s financial and Imperial interests, an issue that is an existential threat to NATO itself.
You can’t leave that to chance.
The people must be controlled. They are pressured and coerced by the media, scared by their leaders and gently instructed by the Empire.
…but they don’t listen. They vote the wrong way, and in such numbers that the usual checks and balances, all the little tweaks in the process, and lost ballots and “accidents” STILL don’t swing the vote.
Now ’tis all in pieces, all coherence gone. You have to move. You have to put his right.
The Prime Minister has resigned, and his (hopefully temporary) replacement is being chosen from a small group of millionaires by a slightly larger group of millionaires. The popular socialist opposition has come under constant attack from ambitious Neo-Liberals in his own party and the vast majority of the press, all funded and connected by a PR firm with strong connections to an ex-PM and war criminal. All evidence points to this being a planned coup.
All the while, lawyers and politicians are arguing over the legality of the referendum, the demographics of the vote, the nature of a “parliamentary democracy”. Thousands of people march through the capital, a supposed grassroots movement, supplied with loudspeakers and stages and a big screen from…somewhere.
The Leavers are denounced as racists, xenophobes and nationalists; or patronised as idiots who “didn’t understand their own interests”. A hashtag appears, and starts trending, suggesting those who voted out have all changed their minds. A huge multi-national law-firm comes forward, on behalf of “clients who wish to remain anonymous”, to challenge the legality of any parliamentary action on the back of this referendum. The President of the United States “calls for calm”, and his Secretary of State declares that the vote can be “overturned”.
Columnists from all over the press, all owned by a handful of millionaires (all of whom wanted the opposite result), start questioning the nature of a referendum. Is a binary vote truly democratic? Is there a danger of a tyranny by the majority? Doesn’t parliament have a duty to protect a country from its own people? Should we bow to mob rule?
We know this process, we’ve seen this happen. It has been Orange, Green and Rose. It has sprouted Jasmine, Lotus and Cedar. They are stage-managed revolutions, psychological, emotional and media-driven movements that seek to undermine the democratic process of Sovereign states via Astroturf movements and “student” protests. A low-cost high yield crop always repays its subsidies, and where you always, always reap what you sow.
I’m not suggesting that London will become Kiev, or that military police will march down Oxford Street to quell the rebellion. I highly doubt it will come to that, too many rich people own too many nice cars in this part of the world. Too many townhouses would find that street battles spoil their views.
Don’t shit where you eat, as the saying goes.
But make no mistake, since the Brexit result was announced, British democracy has been under a sustained, all-out attack. The narrative has been set. That Brexit is already a catastrophe, just ten days in, is now beyond question. The discussion is not “What we do now?”, but rather who is to BLAME for Brexit? The answer is apparently Jeremy Corbyn.
For the as-yet-colourless British revolution to succeed, Corbyn must be removed. The shrieking media banshees are out in force. The tabloid hitmen are aligning their rifle-sights. The machine has clicked into motion, and its churning gears cannot stop until ABC (anyone but Corbyn) is leader of the LAbour Party. Nothing makes this more apparent than the Parliamentary Labour Party, and their failed and desperate coup, where 172 MPs demanded that Corbyn stand down in favor of [To Be Determined].
Hilary Benn has gone into hiding, everyone has forgotten what Liz Kendall looks like, Yvette Cooper is crying in the bathroom because twitter was mean to her, Chuka Umunna is busy editing his Wikipedia page and nobody copied Andy Burnham into the memos…so he accidentally chose the wrong side. Options are thin on the ground.
Polly Toynbee, writing in the Guardian, puts forward Angela Eagle as leader (presumably she finds her “charismatic”, although God knows why). She praises Eagle’s “rhino hide”, and derides Corbyn’s character by suggesting he is being controlled by a “consiglieri”[sic] who have “screwed his courage to the sticking point[sic]”. Not once in her column does Toynbee mention Eagle’s vote FOR the Iraq war, or that she was one of the 180+ MPs who shamefully abstained from the welfare bill vote under Harriet Harmon’s brief, craven leadership.
Elsewhere, and on laughably flimsy evidence, Corbyn has been accused of anti-Semitism, attacking a reporter and hiding from Tom Watson. He is a weak but decent man, but at once also ambitious and conceited. He is all faults to all men.
Will Hutton has joined his voice to the chorus, his bilious out-pouring all but calling for Corbyn to be violently overthrown. One thing is sure – the Corbyn Phenomenon must never happen again. A new-New Labour is needed:

A well-led Labour party with a crafted cluster of policies to secure a better capitalism…Its constitution would put the election of its leader in the hands of the parliamentary party.

The workers’ party must be reformed as a capitalist party, and it must remove the choice of leaders from the unreliable hands of its members. He concludes:

The Labour party must be reclaimed – for the sake of British values, for British democracy and for the very future of our country. Nothing less will do.

He doesn’t say who the party is being reclaimed by, or from whom it is being reclaimed. He simply, and in purely Orwellian language, demands that the minority over-rules the majority for the sake of “democracy”.
A last-second plan has been hastily assembled from the broken pieces of the status quo. A three-step plan that involves a discredited referendum being ignored, and a newly castrated opposition being re-staffed with millennial Blairites. These steps are secondary of course: First, Corbyn must go. They don’t know which colour our revolution will be, as yet. But they will make damn sure it isn’t red.

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Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Maybe that behind the story there´s also a war between Wallstreet and the City of London (as legitimate as the vote was):
„UK, USA, EU, Seen in Context: Collection of my Brexit Articles“ https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/07/07/uk-usa-eu-seen-in-a-context-collection-of-my-brexit-articles/
Andreas Schlüter
Berlin, Germany


Sadly Joe Oliver didn’t want Brexit. I was so disappointed by his show on Brexit. He yammered on about the British economy. We are not the economy Joe. I wasn’t the only who found his yuk yuk take on Brexit to be disappointing. See Rick Salutin’s article titled “Canada needs to find a left-wing alternative to right-wing populism” – http://bit.ly/29sOZEq


What anyone wants is essentially defined by what they define the situation to be relative to themselves – or more accurately how they define themselves in relation to whatever’s going on.
Because the core motivation of survival and thrival is to move away from the threat/pain or the toxic and towards the security/pleasure or nutrient. BUT we all define or identify our selves differently and in different moments differently.
Nearly all of our self-definitions is below our radar – that is – it is acquired conditioning of strategies of survival.
Enter those who are aware of this and use that to enact an identity of shepherding their people – holding order while encouraging the unfolding of harmony as they see it – against the ‘dangerous’ eruptions of triggered fears and rages. Enter those who see this as the right or power to wield the fear and rage of people’s largely unconscious conditioning – so as to reinforce it in ever more division and fragmentation while they accrue power for power’s sake. The dysfunction, destruction and active denial of consciousness operates a ‘mentally asserted mesmerism’ within which pain (and the attempt to deaden it) is persistently ‘chosen’ over joy (and the willingness to be moved by it).
The core imprint is that the true joy of you will be rejected, denied, hurt, invalidated, ridiculed, hated, killed – or betray you into exposing your own inadequacy, vulnerability, weakness, self-sabotaging liability, self-hatreds and invalidation.
So the complex mask of persona, of identity in ‘ego’ or self image that runs in your name as you – with your consciousness – whether you set it to run as hidden ops or as the front facing smile.
The complexity of the fragmented identity on Earth is unimaginably and unthinkably multilayered and the more we try to overcome,resolve or define and assert ourself justified within its matrix – the more powerlessly entangled.
What we think we want can operate conflicting purposes almost simultaneously as well as thinking that to get what we want we have to mask our intent behind some behaviour that passes off as disarming or justified. Pursuing the ‘survival of the mask’ as if it is our very Life, is mis-identifying a sense of power and protection out from our past – as if the past is still happening – without waking up to look past this defence because we had such a negative experience that the mind operates a form of amnesia – we never want to feel that again – so much so that we identify life in not feeling it and exposure to it as death. Separation trauma that splits the mind as if to then be operated by a segregated and secret sense of self – now in power …now in fear of loss of power.
So what people think or say they want can be at odds with what they actually want – and there’s the call for integrity and honesty of self – as an ongoing enquiry or curiosity as to check what is running and whether it is actually aligned with who I recognize and know myself to be – rather than some reaction of conditioning that does not serve me now.
The good news about the mindf*cking that is going on is that it illuminates that thinking is NOT a reliable guide to truth unless and until it has been truly felt and recognized. And feeling is NOT a reliable guide within a framework of thinking that effects emotional manipulation. The void seems a negative term – where the light seems more like life – yet a willingness to truly NOT know – is the receptivity to a felt recognition of light and life that moves you as a connectedness of insight, inspiration, a release of being problem-defined, stuck or besieged and a genuine sense of a good step now. This quality of being is what we want – but while defined by the problem we seek it in ways that validate the power of the problem while invalidating the power that defines itself and world.


I thought the Queen did want it, but just wasn’t supposed to…?


Interesting article plus the comments are good too
Just a thought, If the Elites of both UK parties, not to mention the US parties had not been in a position to take us to war [on a lie] we would have had;
No toppling of Iraq and Libya, despots the leaders may have been, but they were Iraqi and Libyan despots.
No real intervention in Syria would have happened, the vote of British elitist MP’s was a close run thing and the decision of! No shock and awe in Syria was not taken, the Brits was said to be letting the side down [whose side] and would no longer be in a position to influence world issues. Yet the US and mainland Europe followed the British lead.
This means we would not have had the mass influx of immigrants, real or just economic migrants? This would have meant no destabilisation of Europe due to this mass immigration and forced quotas of migrants to individual countries.
We would not have had to kowtow to Erdogen the Mad and paid him lots of Dane geld, to send some, not all migrants back to Turkey.
The British unwashed may have voted to remain within the EU and things would have been just fine and dandy.
Lets see who caused all this chaos and confusion?
Oh! Yes, the professional elitist politicians who wish to get rid of Jeremy Corbin who voted not to do all the above, and as a mandate from the rank and file labour voters to be their leader.
I am just hoping that Trump is elected, a career business man, not Clinton a career elitist politician.
To end with two further comments “is not Democracy a bitch when the plebs vote the wrong way” and my fear is, “if you want to control a revolution, start it yourself”.


There are ‘puppet masters’ behind the theatre of politics.
While regarding the puppets as actually having the power to rule – the show or diversionary device goes on.
What do you think Chilcot redacted? The fingerprints of the who and why.
Power cartels don’t seek money or oil – they seek control over the ongoing supply and demand of money, oil or any other actual or induced dependence. And within that they seek mindshare – which is to effectively frame and set the narrative – and back it with subverting the law – in terms that lock out threat or rival to their power – and lock in the suckers. They don’t operate in terms of politics as we conceive it – and that is why they set everyone else up to undermine, weaken and destroy themselves and each other with an unbelievable willingness to lie – only it isn’t felt as lie by those who believe power is the only honesty, and that human beings are weak and stupid because they need to believe in lies. So this isn’t just a belief in supremacy – but a predation upon those who mostly do not even know it is going on – or ascribe it to patsys, puppets and diversions.
If you own or have effective control over all the candidates – who cares how they vote? Seeing how the charade was passed off without any real exposure of who set up and runs the US that effectively runs the EU and is now hyping up ‘World Changing Event’ under cover of which to further unfold their agenda. Mob reaction is briefly very powerful in its anger – but also very disorganized and scattered after its initial outrage – so it opens to being subverted and controlled by opportunists. A true evolution would be a shift in which the apparatus of blame itself was dismantled. The degrading of humanity to robotic slaves is a’ victory’ for a hate that wreaks vengeance upon a world NOT in its own image. I see those last two sentences as illuminating a choice that is a choice-less choice once seen in such terms. I know myself by my choosing- and so I speak to that in others. Whoever ’caused all this confusion’ may be less relevant than how am I being triggered and manipulated – so that I can restore sanity and be vigilant from there.
We all know that ‘they started it” – along with assertion of wound is the appeal for sympathy by assigning blame regardless any part we played in the event.
Identification in self-image is denial or refusal to recognize involvement at a deeper level and so a hidden guilt projects a self-righteous assertion that usurps our true communication.


Depends on who counted the votes on what the betting outcome will be. Even those that believe in Democracy will of been surprised by this Vote especially since the employment of This Prime Minister is still up for grabs. Seems that 5th Cousin of the Qveen does not count for that much unless has all been part of the plan?


..will have been surprised… NOT …will of been surprised…


Unless citizens are overthrowing this Government by Violent, Guerilla Warfare, nothing positive is taking place!


It is more widely known now that corrupt state authorities sends covert incitement to violence and destruction into the ranks of any movement of opposition or solidarity that grows enough to come onto their radar. So they have their broad spectrum dominance – not unlike Herod in the symbol of the Nativity -only that was terror was openly wielded without justification or apology. In our times it is secretly wielded beneath pretence of justification and apology.
Regardless any crap that accrued or was put into it – the basic story is one of growing beneath the radar until the readiness and calling to come out in true witness to the love as the heart of our true Humanity. Of course this presence shared illuminates the stark nature of the hate, rage and terror that imprints itself AS the mind of coercion and deceit and operates a mask whereby to capture and feed off of the life essence that equates its safety and protection with such a ‘god’ or indeed anti-god. The true nature of a choice is between alternatives that are both available to discerned or considered so as to choose from – but the dictate of false framed thinking makes many ‘choices’ designed to keep you in the mask and choose the mask because no other perspective is allowed to awareness – but is killed in the cradle. The evil works as a sense of self survival – in terms of the mask of power and protection – for one who the mask has captured, knows not who he is – and cannot know what he does – although the surface of the mask believes as if denying, killing or protecting FROM evil – the underlying or hidden mask of terror imprinting IS driving it compulsively. Sacrificing the heart-sense as it rises becomes the alignment in hate as power – and now the world of hate makes ‘sense’ for if you obey, you obtain privileges over and above others and the oppression and compression of fear is somewhat allayed. And so such a one ‘loves’ the power that desists from giving pain as giving favour – perhaps even a self-specialness for willingness to operate terror over others in guise of helping them – and of course this is for their own good – or for a “Coming Good” that their sacrifice serves.
The only sanity amidst deceit is to awaken – and then live from sanity while growing in the capacity to discern and undo the imprinted conditioning that operates automatically – so long has it been held in the dark.
In modern terms, accept and run only code that is free of malware, virii or trojan intent – because garbage in = garbage out.
Your government don’t and cant operate this responsibility for you and nor can they take it away. Intent to capture and control can bait you with triggers of a desire for self-specialness – as seduction, and with incitement and justification to hate – so as to ‘get real’ in terms of love’s weakness and hate’s power. But this is how you know your choice – and the fruits are not set in terms of hollow forms – but as a true quality of being that cannot be contained –
nor claimed credit for. But can be denied conscious acceptance by an identification of investment in self-image.
Don’t underestimate the power of the mind to fundamentally skew EVERYTHING when it mis-identifes its foundation.
So check in – often – always – as to where you are coming from – because we cannot escape our foundation regardless the grasp at forms of power to assert otherwise. Clever thinking called upon to obfuscate and ‘sell’ toxic debt is still stealing life to pay death – and it works an engine of destruction because we are tuned into the signal and engaging in its terms. Change the dial – receive a different perspective than self defeating struggle… as you are willing. Recognize crap-thinking as crap thinking and leave it un-validated – but that means you HAVE to accept a true sense of worth instead of the struggle to make a profit out of crap thinking. Its a racket!


Two additions to my Brexit articles:
„Addition to my Brexit Articles: Mission Accomplished?“ https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/addition-to-my-brexit-articles-mission-accomplished/
„USA, UK, EU, Further Addition to my Brexit Articles: CIA and IRA“ https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/usa-uk-eu-further-addition-to-my-brexit-articles-cia-and-ira/
Andreas Schlüter
Berlin, Germany


True democracy? Shock horror!! I left the UK out of disgust at the first unwarranted invasion of a foreign country (Serbia). If this trend continues I’ll come back and join in. Hip Hip Hooray for simple folk!!!!!

Mike D
Mike D

Brilliant article Kit – Thank you

David G Turco
David G Turco

Britain was under attack long before Brexit. Glad to see some fighting spirit in the UK. Heads on a pike would be a good beginning.


I get that you have hatred issues. How many deaths and how much pain and misery do you need to assuage it – oh – hang on there are other people in the world too… It appears there are not enough people or worlds to assuage the feeling of unpaid debt in vengeance.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel what you feel – but that when hate is given the trigger finger – hatred goes forth and multiplies. yes I know it would make you ‘feel better’ for a while – but truly feeling better is not merely the temporary suspension of feeling bad – but a quality of self acceptance that automatically shares out.
Self-hatred runs the world – because the attempt to dissociate and displace it out, away and onto the world operates the ‘controlled narrative’ . The lie that hides.
Yes – to due process of law – and yes to the restoration of law as a servant of all.
We could lock up the human race – ‘prison planet’ – that was quick! Or we could free them, ‘awakening planet’ – that was quick! Choose the planet you enjoy being in – for we each are – by the thoughts and actions we accept and share out.
It may seem that awakening to a genuine awareness of error is no fun if the world kills or imprisons you for un-masking. Or your ‘allies’ in masking kill you for breaking ranks or whistle blowing – but there is something about the freedom to be without the hatred and the drag of lies that cannot be quantified – and which opens perspectives unimaginable to the fear of exposure to loss, pain and humiliation.
Are people stuck in a mask that sucks them ever deeper into lies? Who is without deceit. Who is unafraid of rage and terror? What are ‘psychological defences’? Survival strategies. Humanity is in some ways like a jig-saw puzzle of fragmented and fragmenting beliefs. Communication breakdown – not just at word level – but in our very being.
As if a mind can separate off into its own spin and assert its narrative existence over all else. Feedback eventually gets through because there is a limit to tolerance for pain – on all levels – not just physical. If that makes Earth the ‘torture planet’ – then the way out is not to persist in giving what You don’t want to receive.
“Even as ye do unto the least – ye do unto Me” . He could have put it as ‘unto your Self’. However the true of you can be covered over but never ultimately lost because…contrary to current thinking – you do not create yourself – but have in a sense run off with what you mis-took and are now a Promethean sacrifice or indeed a Prodigal who has yet to recognize utter bankruptcy of false foundation.

monkey see

You’re idealistic diatribe will change when the bullets start flying


Bait away – but is that all you have to say?
You reveal the god of your thinking is terror – no matter how masked as self-righteous ‘defence’. No doubt your world proves you right – but of course that is exactly how all power conflict operates; triggering a collapse or undermining of function through targeted terror that takes every and any kind of form of deceit. Then it runs through puppets whilst sucking out the light and life. It isn’t enough to hate – even though a sense of betrayal and violation is hateful – but I don’t expect anyone to take my word for it. Experience your way and find out if it is in your true interests at all.
I don’t say not to say no to abuse, to not check and restrain and hold to account, and to educate and teach by example – for no other teaching means anything. Perhaps you haven’t met an example of being recognized in worth when you felt worth-less. and so a sense of worthless-ness seeks someone to blame – and avoids or shuts down anything that interferes with its pleasure in hate and blame. If the 1% lost the 99% they’d have no-one to dump shit on – and so it all comes home.
The bullets fly because words and ideas call a tune of deceit by which we are beguiled with hate agenda disguised as realism. It’s false currency – yet we grew up within it and made our identity within it – so it is not easy to bring to attention while hate is active – hence those who manage your world sow hate and division while at the same time preaching security and caring – to undermine your capacity to think and feel – excepting as you are triggered and baited to react.
I don’t know how I will respond if I am ever in a situation with bullets flying. I don’t know anything I don’t need to know now, and so that means I meet the moment I am living – this day – and each day. I discover that the way my mind defines everything determines the experience I am having. Seeing within does not have to be used for manipulation and deceit – and the attempt to do so is degrading and blocking the only channel through which help can come. I didn’t say more ammo – I said help.
I wonder if you have any sense of just how obscenely sadistic and hateful the urges that seek to come through the ‘men with their guns’. It can change the tune of their lives – if they live to carry it. No I’m not anti gun – I’m for an integrity of being that isn’t corrupted by hate – even though of course we feel what we feel – and the hurt beneath that and the betrayal beneath that and the dream of life that broke. We are all loaded with stuff just waiting to go off – but mostly we hardly notice – because all our attention is in the mind that evades what it doesn’t want to know or feel.
You can tune yourself to whatever you choose – I do. But check the fruits as you go – because a lot that seems good is really bad and a lot of what seems bad is actually good. No one else can tune you unless you give them the power to do so. I say we are already giving away our power and don’t realize it – in fact we might believe hate gives us power and the freedom to use it on the ‘bad guys’.

Don Gaiger
Don Gaiger

At last an insightful and intelligent view. Here I find a being who mirrors my own view of things. Live with love not hate or fear trust to the moment to know how we will act. If we are guided by the sick media and by those with vested interest in wars and chaos then that is what we will get. Listen to your true heart, not to your conditioned mind.


What we appreciate, appreciates. And a true willingness for life – for communication and right relationship – seeks and recognizes itself in others – and I appreciate seeing and appreciating this in others regardless of agreement or not – but as an integrity of communication – and I feel one of the most useful skills we need to value and grow is an integrity of communication. On could say our mind is hacked – and we need to re-establish integrity – but regardless the attack theory – and all its evidences, I feel that a core integrity is an unavailability to attack thinking. And when such thinking is provoked or triggered, it illuminates a ‘back door’ of unrecognized dis-integrity that can now be re-evaluated because it has come into conscious awareness.
Schopenhauer identified 28 tricks and deceits used to ‘win’ an argument – as part of noting their use in attempt to honourable debate. He published them in the hope that being exposed would undermine their usefulness but he was ahead of his time as is anyone embracing humanity despite that it is predisposed to want the dark arts kept in the dark – because most everyone uses them as a sense of power and protection. The booklet is now and has long been sold as a manual for learning such ‘arts’ and gaining their ‘power’. But the purpose you accept is what you use anything for.
The currency of our mind is adulterated and corrupted in the same way as our financial system. It only takes everyone to lean out of their integrity a little for a lot of negative synergies to operate as rogue power that grows and operates much like a cancer. But the ‘rogue power’ mythology masks a loss of integrity of function – I’m not into moral coercions – in fact that is an oxymoron. Too much inflammation! – Not that the body isn’t designed to cope and regenerate amidst stresses, toxicities and deprivations – but that a negative synergy flips the system into segregative priorities that then become the norm by which healing is blocked – that would otherwise occur naturally.
Focussing on the ‘power of evil’ (under any name) is different from being willing to look at it without recoil and see it for what it is – and what it is not – so as to be free of being defined in its terms. What we put out is what we get back and so if we use our mind to lie and deceive ourselves and others to then validate such a ‘self’ and make it ‘real’ – then we are subscribing to a nightmare – even if it started out in bright promise or wishful ‘good intent’.
Fast forward… Well here is a world dawning on us in grim and tragic consequence of the dark arts of deceit replacing awareness of life and relationship – nothing new under the Sun! – but the growing recognition of the pervasiveness of the deceit is such that – well – what ‘strong’ CAN ‘strong’ be trusted? Where is integrity and true authority found.
If there is any desire to embrace Life – rather than coerce and conform it – then here is a checkmate of sorts – painted into a corner. The mind can only go over the same old ground even as it disappears beneath our feet – but then it never was designed or meant to be in charge.
The emergent idea of a matrix operated by evil overlords is still fear-based interpretation, giving power to ‘Them’ – and then believing we have to take it back – and punish ‘Them’. This is The Archetype of a false foundation. Look at how often power is given to others – “Now look at what you made me do!” or hidden in un-straight ways to manipulate – and in overtly heartless mean spirited ways – all of which are running narrative self-image in place of simple presence.
We lie and deceive ourselves for our own reasons and often in social norms that render it invisible in plain sight. If the blame-game can be paused, we can obviously see the underlying conditionings and core self beliefs that inevitably manifest such patterns – and yet can now be challenged or enquired into and transformed or let go of as obsolete.
This is the opposite purpose to the mind of manipulation that defends against exposure excepting as can be used to gather ammunition and shielding, in the replacement of true willing relationship by dictate of static identity – an evolutionary dead end. Not a victory at all.


Binra – while your writing is obviously from the heart, and may be true or even tangentially relevant to each topic you rely on, the length and meandering nature of your text means many including myself, find ourselves lost before the end.
This results in, sadly,


No call to be sad – are you really sad? Or am I a bit interesting but then again frustrating and that then feels a sense of loss of what perhaps you hoped for?
Perhaps you operate a set of rules that are setting an agenda? They may be useful and worthy rules, but they can rule out what doesn’t conform to them… You may simply jump to the end – and alight as you are interested or moved.
Does anyone suffer not reading what I write? I have a sense that to grok any part may hold a significance that might be enough to abide with and feel into – it isn’t coming from a store of ideas and isn’t seeking storage. However, I am not writing in a vacuum – and I appreciate your response.
I share what interests me to a similar willingness. I believe what is transpiring is and will be mind-breaking – in the sense of our model of the world and therefore of course our definition and experience of our selves.
If you recognize the mind is the resource that for the moment we might say is being hacked and ‘controlled’ or engineered by ‘elite’ manipulators, then there is a basis to be more curious as to what is actually going on in our minds – not as theories of mind that transform nothing – but as direct observation – in the act – so to speak.
Without looking in AND out at the same time – we are half wits – like golems to be herded and milked by those who pharm them. My sense is that many are as resistant to looking within as the ‘elites’ are of transparency and accountability – in other words the model is not so different – and it is that kind of linkage that the materialist does not want to see – as if mind means “Private Keep Out” – and its thinking operating a jamming signal – at least when meeting something that doesn’t conform…
I appreciate the various inputs into these conversations. There is a witness here to a desire for an integrity of information amidst a world of lies.
Is Brexit a ruse to destabilise UK and/or EU? – Well very similar things have happened all around the world. Everything and anything is weaponized; full spectrum dominance. What for – one might wonder. Power! But what for I might ask.


Has Brexit triggered an anti-democractic “Color Revolution”?
Hmmm…A question for George ‘I sold out my Jewish Cousin to a NAZI for his gold fillings’ Soros, I Guess.


Have they actually buried Jo Cox MP yet?
Have any of the Globalist minions in the Commons penciled in date yet in their diary’s for the funeral?
Will Tony Bliar find his way to Europe to find himself in the Hague?
Will the FBI find Tony Bliar innocent like the Witch Clinton?
Why was Jean-Claude Juncker casting an Aleister Crowley Majic Spell over Nigel Farage?
Will the Communist leader of the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyne fall of the side of a Mountain or suffer a Myocardial Infarction.
So many Questions.


But What I really, really want to know is how much Buckfast did Nicola Sturgeon consume before she decided she was going to Veto the Brexit Referendum?

Richard Le Sarcophage
Richard Le Sarcophage

In my opinion Will Hutton is a dreadful character, and a rather determined Sinophobic racist to boot. As for Corbyn, he represents a break with theTOTAL Israeli control of Western politics, so, one war or the other, he will never be allowed to lead Labour to an election, unless it is securely rigged.


Mostly dribble. The people wanted out Nigel Farage gave us that oppertunity. We took it. We voted out despite all the threats of doom and gloom. We knew what we were walking into but we took the risk. We ignored the bias BBC/sky and the others with their threats. We did not start the aftermath of mud slinging usually started by the old establishment closed shop called Parliment. We saw the mps for what they are. They don’t listen and STILL.wont listen. Rich business now threatening to challenge a legal vote. Yobs and yes i mean yobs protesting in london. One on being interviewed said she voted remain becsuse the EU gave us the NHS . Shows how low our education system is. Certainly a stitch up on who will.be the next pm. But the people of GB will not be treated like Ireland, worn down until the vote is reversed. We have stood tall we voted and we will be listen to.
Out mean our. Out to be governed by our own Parliament, OUR laws to be obeyed by all who live here
And finally to all the people who have come here from other shores legally we embrace you and thank you. We have no plans to round you up and ship.you out. Long may you stay here


Here are a few questions to be put to the following BBC journalists (Laura Kuennsberg, Mark Urban, Evan Davis, David Dimbleby, JO Coburn):
Who pays your salaries?
Do you believe that ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’?
If so, to whom do you owe your blatant contravention of impartiality during the EU debate? It clearly isn’t the license payor, is it……?
If MPs behaved the way you have in terms of flagrant dereliction of the BBC charter, do you think you would be calling for their resignations?
Do you think you should all resign not just from the BBC but from journalism?
Do you believe that your role as journalists is to be MI6 sock puppets manipulating citizen democracy for the benefit of unaccountable elites?
If so, why should your pensions from the BBC not be cancelled and you all thrown on the streets as penniless as we can make you after you have been feeding at the troughers’ trough for decades??


The illusion of freedom is laid bare. Do as you are told – or else…
Journalism is discouraged and directed narratives pretending to be journalism, assert State power.
Governance is also discouraged and powerful lobbies operate illusions of governance through capture and use of law as a weapon against the supposed charter of the Law as a servant for all.
Who are the puppet masters? Are they private banks instituted and protected by law under the guise of ‘protecting the Economy?’ Are they also those who worked to bring about the events by which ‘economies’ need such ‘protection?’ Are they also puppets of deceits and coercions that then become their ‘currency’ of exchange and communication?
Operating as trans-national corporate entities in cartels of regulatory protected control over populations with less and less check or balance to stripping out profit from increasingly destructive ‘services’.
The evil that works through so many apparently protective, benign or necessary services is US – and I don’t mean U.S.A I mean All of Us and each of us in particular configurations of denial and dishonesty.
However I appreciate your outrage being turned somewhat to communication. In the light of what I wrote (and feel) – I look to use felt rage to more truly align myself – for I see that hate feeds the very thing I say I want rid of. So I have to find in myself what I hate in others – and choose consciously what I give energy and investment to. And come from there – not from a sense of being denied or failed by others. Not everything BBC is crap – one has to discern – rather than extending blind trust to an institution or leader or system of idea. Blind trust is a contractual neglect of accountability. I tried getting my world just right – but it keeps changing… 😉


It’s worth noting that the BBC has confirmed that its commitment to the Charter and its public purposes is largely a public relations exercise. By way of example in response to the Dame Janet Smith review earlier this year we heard:
“The values that all of us who work here believe in – are the values we live, day by day. And where everyone feels able to speak truth to power.” (Tony Hall)
“We need to restore the public’s trust in the BBC. We need to demonstrate – through our actions – that the BBC’s values are for everyone and non-negotiable.” (Rona Fairhead)
However at a tribunal in Birmingham in February 2011(Maistry v BBC) the BBC claimed that the BBC Values were no more than a corporate mission statement which it did not expect journalists to take seriously. It said the same applied to the values underpinning the NHS.
EJ Pauline Hughes noted:
“It was the respondent’s case that the legislation could not have been intended to cover a belief of this nature because really it was no more than a “mission statement” i.e. a goal to aspire to, rather than a belief. The respondent’s representative argued that if the claimant was right, then it would follow that beliefs in the aims and values of a whole host of public organisations, if genuinely held, could amount to philosophical beliefs. By way of example, the respondent suggested that a belief that the aim of the NHS should first and foremost be to look after the health and welfare of its patients could, if the claimant were correct, amount to belief for the purposes of the 2003 Regulations, but it would be absurd for that to be the case. In oral submissions, the respondent’s representative went further, and suggested that if the claimant was correct to assert that he held a philosophical belief, this could extend the protection of the 2003 Regulations to employees of private commercial concerns who could seek to argue that they believed in their employer’s mission statement.”
Judge Hughes rejected the BBC’s argument but it was subsequently upheld by EJ Hilary Harding following a month-long trial in Birmingham in February 2012. In short the BBC is quite willing to traduce its Values and trash the Charter as necessary.


There is no political issue of this magnitude which is or ever could be an unalloyed blessing for every stripe and variety of thinking within things as complicated as a working power-elite structure. The same is true for the interests of the poor and disenfranchised. Whichever way the vote had gone–or no vote at all–there’d have been some aspects which had, however intended or not, positive and negative features for both the political elites (or some of them) and the political outcasts (or some of them).
Too much simplistic analysis is wonderful news for the PTB.


This is the nature of our general human experience of life unfolding. The attempt of the mind to define or unify and ‘control’ as current and dominant narrative of self-validation, operates as perpetual power struggle.
I put quotes around control, because stories come after the fact – but stories accepted and believed also operate as the basis from which to act – and therefore the quick-mind(ed) runs reaction – where there is no pause to discern and verify the integrity of the information. Thus are we mis-taken when triggered into conditioned reaction – and likewise easily deceived by artful targeting of our deeper conditioning in respect of the fear, guilt, hate and shame that is an open secret within a society of personae masking the denial of such identity confusion AS the narrative continuity of a virtual sense of self-commentary and validation.
Power in personal terms seeks to outsource and escape pain and loss – but this mistakes power as a personal attribute and communication as a weapon. Receptivity is lost to the fight or flight to fight another day mentality. Presence is lost to assertive presentations backed by power play. Thought and action become more and more divorced from meeting the true need. Breakdown is the opportunity of re-wakening integrity – but also the prospect of victory to the feeding frenzy of identifying in freedom as plunder.
Whichever way anything goes, there are negative and positive opportunities as set within the framework of currently accepted self-definitions – but there are also opportunities to observe the act of self-definition by the emotional responses that then otherwise automatically trigger identity in reaction.
If positive and negative are defined exclusively within a sense of personal power then the good/evil win/lose dynamic of survival in which to prevail over or at least limit loss operates as if the only reality.
But within an integrity of communication, the operator is true/false and the determiner is a current living sense of who we accept, know and feel ourself to be – which is a recognition within life rather than a segregative sense of power upon it – and operates re-integratively as the restoring and expanding of perspective in which the fear-based sense of self-definition is replaced with a worth-based sense of self that meets others in worth – rather than bump into unrecogized others in the seeking to get self-validation off of them.
The desire to help others can attract ‘followers’ or grow a movement – but ‘leaders’ can then be held hostage’ to provide ‘help’ in set terms of undercurrent demand that embodies a refusal of self-responsibility. Self-responsibility as I use it here – is self-trust and self-honesty growing together – for without such an uncovering of worthiness of trust and acceptance of honesty – there is no basis for a real relationship with anyone or anything.
Self-power – hooked up to an unresolved and unaddressed sense of conflicted identity – does not bring the fulfilment or power that it promises. It brings the very things it seeks to escape or overcome – but in experience in our world that we do not recognize our part in. Recognizing mis-take is call for immediate correction – not a call for guilt and blame. If blame is accepted as your foundation then guilt runs the engine of your world and you must fear to trust or accept yourself or anyone or anything else – and seek power and protection in a treacherous sense of shifting alliances and hidden enemies.
The consolidation of power may not be the ‘evil’ capacity to overcome everyone that it seems – but rather the inevitable result of giving power of presence to self-illusion – which as a consequence has all the power over us – that we un-knowingly give it – though not entirely un-knowingly. There is always some spark of noticing, or sense of worth and joy discarded – that can be instead appreciated and given welcome, to bring us out of mental spin and fragmentation and back to our sense. Sense includes feeling our way. Conditioning re-enacts the past upon the present. the idea of evolution is of a transformative shift of perspective in which new cultural expression opens fresh experience. But the illusion of power over our life, and our world – as a narrative of self-specialness – outsources consciousness as self-denials that then feed off of the lack of true acceptance in guise of protector.
As I see it, growing a mask bought us time – but at a cost. Using time to reintegrate a segregative sense of self within a balance or wholeness of being, is so easily put on hold and forgot, amidst a diversity of experience in which we mostly become entangled along the lines of our personality patterning – and so our unique take on anything can reveal more about ourself than ‘others’ and be useful to regain awareness of blocks that no longer block once brought into awareness.
Rather than defining an imposition of meanings – I feel for the free association and reflection of recognitions. Trying to put life into words is like painting a rose – the rose already blooms! Allowing the movement of life to guide the writing can invite the same movement to stir in the reader – who then has a unique and intimate stirring from which to feel and follow as passion and interest move. If we don’t value our passion and interest by following it – we wont have any – and our world will reflect lack of presence because we withhold from acting or embodying who we feel and know ourselves to be.


If you really want it to be factually correct then you really ought to do your research in the UK and not from the US – Americanisation of words, such as color instead of colour, gives yhe game away!

Греъм Стивънсън
Греъм Стивънсън

Colour is a word we use in British English (there is no such thing as UK english). The term Color Revolution is rendered this way by us British English speakers simply because it emphasises the US origin of these events. I hope this clarifies the situation for those who do not understand. There is no game to give away.


But what does the term mean as it’s used here? I’m a native English-speaker and I don’t know.


You don’t know what a Color Revolution is? A little Googling will fix that.


I put the link here after writing the following
One strategy to ferment disturbance by which to undermine the current social order of any nation (and replace it) is to fund and ferment identity politics. Whilst identity politics may be part of any situation – the feeding of such movements as a vanguard of freedom and democracy makes a ‘trojan horse’ through which to sow dissent and destabilize communication.
Astroturfing operates a false grass roots movement that appears in various media as if bottom up. Not so.
Various sexual identity movements associate with ‘rainbow’ as symbol of tolerance for diversity of sexual orientation, or pink as freedom from previous social male stereotype. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transvestite (LGBT) identity rights struggles are used as a political weapon against traditional society and values. That does not mean that there are not legitimate causes in finding acceptance rather than denial and exclusion – but that any movement can be co-opted and used by its funding – whilst believing it is the vanguard of History in the making – which of course it is – but not necessarily in the way it is believed. If power is the goal – then anything used toward that goal is only supported for its use. But to be given power is a sense of self-inflation that is easily blind to the nature of its contract. Everything given can be taken away, and fear of losing it captures an identity of allegiance or at least of turning a blind eye.


As Греъм Стивънсън says – the use of the US form is deliberate, since “Color Revolution” is a creation of US psy-opery.


If I were any of these elitists I would not be fool enough to ride on only one outcome. Controlled opposition has to allow the sense of opposition a feeling of movement. Without movements to co-opt – there would be no way to maintain the sense of power as a dynamic and creative capacity – as opposed to the depleting and destructive effects of jui jitsu of using the opponents life-force to defeat them.
In many parts of the world, opposition is violently crushed, or leaders corrupted and compromised to betray it. Or it is sown with division to fall apart by its own hand regardless of collateral expense.
Brexit may yield the balkanisation of GB while Banking mergers and ‘trade deals’ operate the real ‘unity’ of centralised corporate governance. Though to some form does matter – to the puppet masters it matter not what arrangements the puppets dance or fight in – as long as it serves the unfolding of the power agenda.
I might add that while there are forms of outcome that I prefer – it is simply true that hollow forms run by loveless agenda don’t actually hold meaning for me, so by my lights I feel to be open to live the communication and relationship that is my awareness of life unfolding as willingness for a power of a different order than that of hollow men who ‘sell their Soul-awareness’ to gain an illusion of power through denial and deceit – but remain capable of recognizing the true nature of their investment and its cost.
If the consolidation of power achieves it global dominance – it wont be the Creative – but the Denial principle writ large.
I see this helping me recognize what I do not want – so as to be more clear in recognising what I do.
Debt based power is an evaporation but our human investment in it is a constant and daily ritual sacrifice. If there are answers, they are exactly where the problem is. Therefore I am open to revealing the problem beneath the displacement or diversion, regardless the layers of complex entanglement – for from a simple error at a fundamental level – all else must become fundamentally skewed.
However, a negatively defined sense of self – is not integrative but segregative and operates through strict obedience of hierarchy where no one knows or has more privilege than their allegiance allows. This can be a devastating focus of attack – but is no way to live and not able to motivate the living excepting with carrot and stick incentives and mythologies. Our minds are used against us – and perhaps some wake as a result to recognize the creative power that Mind truly is – by not using ‘divide and rule’ to limit, segregate, fragment and deny.
And yet freedom is the freedom to use anything for the purpose you hold most dear – so if popcorn moments in the arena are your passion – be there! A mind set in and fragmented in division wars itself unknowing – but always unites against any threat to expose the falsity of its foundation. I say that time will not tell – for time can spin endlessly in loops of self-destructive error. Willingness will tell or reveal what delay in time is made to conceal.
The idea of harvest – at the end of an epoch – as I understand it – is the uncovering of who you have accepted or chosen yourself to be. The Reset will be align you with what you have demonstrated you want. Just check that in fact you are on the bus that you feel most yourself within – for the buses are leaving the station – and ultimately – there is always another bus if you belatedly realize you chose against yourself.
And so you see, I also tell stories – as does Kit – which anyone can participate in or not at any level in any way they feel moved. Including the hating invalidation and ridicule of rival or competing paradigm – excepting it is not rival or competing to anything except insistence on exclusivity – not because the power to judge and make true as your own mind – or as World Leader – is invalidated as a choice through which to experience – but because truth is not made or judged, being Already True. Of course the judge can only assert narrative supremacy amidst a conflict of ‘truths’, but Wholeness discerns true as a self-recognition rather than seeking self-validation in external outcomes.
There is always a risk in any break in narrative control through which glimpses of truth expose the ‘continuity manager’ and the props of a script of limitation. But the mind is very very quick in resuming normal service.
“Nothing to see here! – Move along now!”


It also annoys me that as a British citizen I was not allowed to vote in the referendum. I would have voted Leave. Not because of any personalities but simply so Britain can regain its sovereignty and wrest back control over its own destiny from the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels.
I haven’t lived in Britain for over 15 years but I am still British born and bred and will probably return one day. Why did I not have a vote when Commonwealth citizens who are not even British and will probably eventually return to live permanently in their own countries (just as I will probably return to live in mine – Britain – eventually) got to vote if they happened to be in Britain at the time of the Referendum? Britain must be about the only modern democracy in the world to not consider citizenship to be a necessary and sufficient qualification for voting rights.


You were disenfranchised, after a fashion, as a sop to the people you support as a Leaver. Being a demographic who, technically, is benefiting from being an immigrant abroad (you’re not an ex-pat, you’re an economic migrant, live with it.) the Leave campaign really didn’t want you. Enjoy that feeling, matey.


Yes, by ensuring that British citizens living longterm (primarily) in EU countries were purposely disenfranchised was a clever gambit. The only British legislation that affects them by remote control – and they can’t vote on it.
As a longterm expat, I was in this position myself. It did save me from having to make a choice between an plummy Eton toff acting in his own interests, and a plummy Eton toff acting in his own interests.


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