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Chilcot: Internal memos show Syria may have been on the agenda since 2001


The Chilcot Report was released On Wednesday, and a hard copy can be yours for just £767 (though I would suggest reading it free online here), and while there will doubtless be many and varied autopsies of the evidence and documents, this early observation is an interesting one.

An eagle-eyed reader brought the following documents to our attention, as they contain many sections that hint war with Syria may have been on the NATO/US agenda as far back as October 2001.

First there is this, from a letter dated 11th of October 2001 (all emphasis ours):

…The uncertainty caused by Phase 2 seeming to extend to Iraq, Syria etc because it seems to confirm the UBL [Osama Bin Laden] propaganda this is the West vs Arab[sic]. Tony Blair, letter to GW Bush, 11/10/01

This quote suggests that Syria and “etc.” (Lebanon or Iran, at a guess) were already in the crosshairs. Interestingly, it is followed by:

Incidentally, the leaders all warned about treating Syria like Iraq.

It’s safe to say the warnings of these “leaders” (their names are all redacted), were not heeded by the subsequent administrations.

Then there is this, from Downing Street Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell, dated November 15th 2001:

…urgent pressure on Syria and Iran to crack down on terrorists as a quid pro quo for a warmer relationship with the West and getting a Middle East peace process going – with the unstated threat that risk becoming the next target for military action if they do not co-operate

And then this from a memo entitled “The War against Terrorism: The Second Phase”, dated December 4th 2001:

If toppling Saddam is a prime objective, it is far easier to do it with Syria and Iran in favour or acquiescing rather than hitting all three at once. I favour giving these two a chance at a different relationship…

This quote is interesting, because while it sets out that the British position seems to be in favour of a “different relationship”, the fact that it references “hitting all three at once” very strongly implies that such a recourse was suggested (probably by the US).

While there is nothing absolutely concrete here, there is certainly enough of smoke to suggest a little fire. It definitely adds a little weight to the famous claim of the Gen. Wesley Clark that the Project for a New American Century planned to “take out 7 countries in 5 years“.

We’re always interested in readers tips, and if anyone out there is dutifully wading through the 2.6 million words of the Chilcot Report and finds something interesting, let us know via our submissions e-mail address


  1. Tfs says

    I thought PNAC; Project for a New American Century listed the contries to be targeted.

  2. US leadership, if you can call it that, disgusts me. These American elite don’t have a moral, ethical or decent bone in their whole bodies!

  3. David G Turco says

    Syria was in the crosshairs long before 2001. The neocons had them on the death list at least 10 years earlier as General Wesley Clark has stated repeatedly.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      Syria has been in the cross-hairs since 1948. According to Zionists since Herzl, Eretz Yisrael extends ‘from the Nile to the Euphrates’ and contains parts of Syria. The Likudnik Knesset Deputy Speaker, Smotrich, declared some weeks back, on Israel TV, that Damascus belongs to the Jews. The Oded Yinon Plan of 1982, reiterated by ‘A Clean Break’ in 1988, declares Israel’s intention to destroy its neighbours, starting with Iraq and Syria (what is left after Eretz Yisrael takes its bits), by fomenting sectarian war. Syria is the be split into four statelets, Sunni versus the rest more or less.

  4. rtj1211 says

    Cowboys and Indians has always been the favourite game of the Peter Pans in Western High Office……

  5. reinertorheit says

    As if we hadn’t already guessed this?

    Coming your way soon:

    The Iran War (2018-2022), ending in a fatal nuclear strike on the country by President Hillary Clinton. President Netanyahu sent his message of personal gratitude to President H Clinton for the annihilation.

    The Second Korean War (2026). An all-out nuclear strike on N Korea wiped out the entire country and its people over the course of just 6 days. President Trump declared they’d been ‘Commie no-good bandicoots’ at his Victory Parade in NYC.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      Not ‘annihilation’, reiner. ‘Obliteration’ is the She-Devil’s preferred usage.

  6. bevin says

    1/ The reference to the “peace process” c;early suggests that Syria and Iran could buy security from US/UK attack by surrendering to Israel.

    2/ Given that Syria dominated Lebanon at the time it is likely that the “Cedar Revolution” was the planned beginning of the war against Syria. From this flow two more things, firstly that Hariri was almost certainly assassinated by Israeli agents (as Hezbollah have long protested) and secondly that the alliance between the Saud kleptocrats and Israel’s fascists is of longer standing and more permanent than is generally thought.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      The Sauds are descended from doenmeh, or crypto-Jewish followers of the failed Messiah Sabbatai Zevi. As was the founder of Wahhabism, and Kemal Ataturk, among others.

  7. Canuck says

    Does this corroberate USA General Wesley Clark’s statements about “seven countries in five years”?

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