Brexit: A Workers’ Response to Oligarchs, Bankers, Flunkies and Scabs

by James Petras, July 14, 2016
Introduction: The European Union is controlled by an oligarchy, which dictates socio-economic and political decisions according to the interests of bankers and multi-national business. The central organs of power, the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have systematically imposed austerity programs that have degraded working conditions, welfare programs, and wages and salaries.

EU policies demanding the free immigration of non-unionized workers to compete with native workers have undermined wage and workplace protections, union membership and class solidarity. EU financial policies have enhanced the power of finance capital and eroded public ownership of strategic economic sectors.
The European Union has imposed fiscal policies set by non-elected oligarchs over and against the will and interests of the democratic electorate. As a result of EU dictates, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland have suffered double-digit unemployment rates, as well as massive reductions of pensions, health and educational budgets. A huge transfer of wealth and concentration of decision-making has occurred in Europe.
Rule by EU fiat is the epitome of oligarchical rule.
Despite the EU’s reactionary structure and policies, it is supported by Conservatives, Liberals, Social Democrats, Greens and numerous Leftist academics, who back elite interests in exchange for marginal economic rewards.
Arguments for the EU and their Critics
The pro-EU power elite base their arguments on concrete socio-economic interests, thinly disguised by fraudulent ideological claims.
The ideological arguments backing the EU follow several lines of deception.
They claim that ‘countries’ benefit because of large-scale transfers of EU payments. They omit mentioning that the EU elite secures the privatization and denationalization of strategic industries, banks, mass media and other lucrative national assets. They further omit to mention that the EU elite gains control of domestic markets and low wage labor.
The EU argues that it provides ‘free movements’ of capital, technology and labor – omitting the fact that the flows and returns of capital exclusively benefit the powerful imperial centers to the detriment of less advanced countries and that technology is controlled and designed by the dominant elites which also monopolize the profits. Furthermore, the ‘free flow of labor’ prejudices skilled productive sectors in less developed countries while reducing salaries, wages and benefits among skilled workers in the imperial centers.
The EU : A Self-Elected Dictatorship of Empire Builders
‘Integration into the EU’ is not a union of democratic participants; the decision-making structure is tightly controlled by non-elected elites who pursue policies that maximize profits, by relocating enterprises in low tax, low wage, non- unionized regions.
European integration is an integral part of ‘globalization’, which is a euphemism for the unimpeded acquisition of wealth, assets and financial resources by the top 1%, shared, in part, with their supporters among the top 25%.
The EU promotes the concentration of capital through the merger and acquisition of multi-national firms which bankrupt local and national, medium and small scale industries.
Political and Academic Satraps of the EU Elites
The European Union’s oligarchy has organized a small army of highly paid politicians, functionaries, advisers, experts and researchers who support the European Union in a manner not unlike NGO workers in the developing world – answerable only to their ‘foreign’ paymasters.
Numerous Social Democrats draw stipends, travel expenses, lucrative fees and salaries as members of commissions and serve on impotent ‘legislative’ assemblies.
Academics advise, consent —and draw duplicate salaries from membership in the EU bureaucracy. Journalists and academics ‘front’ for the EU oligarchy by playing a leading propaganda role. For example, they have been busy slandering British pro-democracy, anti-EU voters by (1) calling for a new referendum and (2) questioning the right of the working class electorate to vote on issues like the recent EU referendum.
The leading financial press adopts a demagogic pose accusing the pro-democracy voters of being ‘racists’, ‘nativists’, or worse, for ‘opposing Eastern European immigration’.
In fact, the vast majority of workers do not oppose immigrants in general, but especially those who have taken once-unionized jobs at wages far below the going rates for established workers, on terms dictated by employers and with no ties or commitment to the community and society. For decades British workers accepted immigrant labor from Ireland because they joined unions at wage rates negotiated by union leaders, won by long workers struggle and voted with the majority of English workers. Under the EU, Britain was flooded with Eastern European workers who acted as ’scabs’ displacing skilled British workers who were told it was ‘progress’. This acted to destroy the prospects of their own children entering a stable, skilled labor market.
The financial press’s lurid descriptions of the British workers’ anti-EU ‘racism’ against Polish immigrant labor ignores the long history of Warsaw’s virulent hostility to immigrants–namely the refugees from the wars in the Middle East. The Polish government and population exhibit the most furious opposition to sheltering the thousands of Middle East and African war refugees, while claiming that they are not ‘Christians’ or might pose cultural or even terrorist threats against the ethnically pure Polish population.
Some of the British workers’ hostility toward Polish workers has a recognized historical basis. They have not forgotten that Polish strike breakers took the side of ‘Iron Lady’ Thatcher’s militarized assault against unionized UK miners during the great coal strikes and even offered to export coal to aid the Conservative government in breaking the strike. As such, EU-Polish immigrant workers are not likely to integrate into the militant British working class culture.
The Polish regime’s aggressive promotion of the economic sanctions against Russia has further undermined English jobs linked to that large and growing market.
The financial press ignores the fact that Polish immigrants ’scab’ on unionized British workers in the construction industry, undercutting long-established UK plumbers, electrical workers, carpenters and laborers – who have multiple generational ties to their communities and work. The EU elites use the importation of Polish workers to strengthen the reactionary labor policies of the employers
After the fall of Communism, Polish workers backed a succession of right-wing regimes in Warsaw, which privatized and denationalized industries and eroded their welfare system leading to their own impoverishment. Poles, instead of fighting against these neo-liberal regimes at home, headed for England and have been helping the British bosses ever since in their own anti-labor campaigns to reduce wages and decrease worker access to decent, affordable housing, public services, education and medical care.
The Eastern Europeans became the willing recruits of the EU reserve army of labor to raise profits for industrial and finance capital thus further concentrating wealth and power into the hands of the British oligarchs.
To label British workers’ antipathy to these EU policies over the free entry of cheap immigrant labor, as ‘racist’, is a blatant case of blaming workers for opposing naked capitalist profiteering. It is not hard to imagine how the Poles would react if skilled Syrian electricians were taking their jobs!
The pro-EU prostitute press claims that the pro-democracy voters are ‘anti-globalization’ and a threat to England’s living standards and financial stability.
In fact, labor votes in favor of trade but against the relocation of English industry overseas. Labor votes for for greater investment in the UK and greater regional diversity of productive, job-creating sectors, as opposed to the concentration of capital and wealth in the parasitic finance, insurance and real estate sectors concentrated in the City of London.
The EU-City of London-financial oligarchy have priced labor out of the housing market by promoting the massive construction of high-end luxury condos for ‘their kind of immigrant’, i.e. the millionaire and billionaire Chinese, Russian, Indian, Eastern European and US plutocrats who flock to London’s famous tax-evasion and money-laundering expertise.
The scribes of the EU-City oligarchy who claim that exit from the EU will lead to a cataclysmic breakdown are blatantly scaremongering. In fact, the stock and bond market, which declined for less than a week, rebounded sharply, as trade, production and demand were scarcely affected by the vote.
The hysteria-peddlers among the financial press resounded . . . in the minds and pockets of the City of London speculators. They rightly feared that their own lucrative financial operations could relocate overseas.
If and when the EU – City end their oligarchical control over the British economy, workers will gain an opportunity to debate and elect freely their own representatives and have a say in their own government. Leaving the EU is just the first step. The next move will be to change the rules for immigrant labor to accord with the standards of wages and conditions set by UK trade union organizations.
The following steps would include subordinating the banks to the needs of industry, investment in public housing for workers and the development of local technology for domestic producers.
The cleavage between productive labor and the EU parasites and their political hangers-on requires a new political leadership with a democratic foreign policy, which precludes overseas wars and imperial alliances.
The break with the EU logically and persuasively argues for a break with NATO and an opening toward free trade with Russia, China and the new dynamic global markets. The end of the EU can help weaken the strategic partnership between the European and City of London oligarchs. No doubt, the latter will not go without a class war of unprecedented ferocity, involving financial lockouts, manufactured fiscal crises, street mobs and parliamentary coups at the top of their agenda.
Only if the democratic electoral majority becomes a cohesive and combative class movement, in and out of Parliament, can they convert the referendum from a temporary electoral win to a stable basis for structural transformation.
Only a democratic majority can implement a fair and equitable immigration policy that strengthens labor and welfare policies and which would be based on the traditional values of British trade unionism and not on some criteria parroted by the ‘house servants’ for the lords of the EU-London ‘Downton Abbey’.

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I’m strongly socialist, and despise the betrayal of the working class by failing to balance the free movement of people, goods and capital with a strong welfare state, reconciliation of class antagonism and free education. The leftist argument for Brexit is often overlooked in the narrative, but it’s flawed as it places the ills of domestic policy and neo-liberalism entirely in the EU’s jurisdiction, ignoring the national and legacy dimension to it. But the ugly bigotry against foreign ‘scabs’ who the left fails to appeal to and the nostalgic invoking of the strike breakers of the 80s (the swan song of the UK unions), betrays the anger, regressiveness and brokenness of the left in the UK, who should be riding a crest of pan-EU (indeed global) indignation to make the EU a socialist cause. But have instead failed to adapt to the unforgiving reality and bicker along ethnic/national lines while claiming they’re not. They pay lip service to their waning socialist credentials, turning instead to hostile isolation, xenophobia and conservatism. Perhaps they support Brexit because the crushing structure they are in have caused them to use familiar British conservative and nationalist rhetoric to defend their lot, than any genuine concern for the working class, like some Eddie Booth caricature. The logical conclusion of blending national rhetoric with socialist idealism is obvious and horrifying. I won’t defend them, ultimately they’ve rejected democracy as it is for all people, not a tyranny of the majority in a union of four nations (which 17m out of 64m is not anyway), stripped Britons of their EU citizenship, voted against the ECHR, the working time directive and for the interests of the conservative English upper class. In seeking an enemy in a very English way they have been fooled by those who seek a restoration of the British class system who despise the human rights the EU have necessarily introduced to shore up their legitimacy (the old UK aristocracy or UK political class are under no such obligation, as is oligarchical Russia and hyper capitalist / nationalist China – both places where labour is exploited and will undercut us completely – for that matter as they were invoked in the article as if it were 1979). We are facing an unprecedented economic slow-down that will hit the working class the most in the coming years should Brexit occur as tax revenue and industry will dry up within the 2 years article 50 allows, Ironically this has empowered the provincial conservative English moneyed class more than anything since Thatcher, since they will benefit from unrestrained Tory ‘reforms’ while looking inwards to exploit the still disenfranchised UK worker. The left should have took responsibility, got organised and found a new approach, instead they have selfishly damned us all by voting against their interests in this referendum of the establishment.


Working class had a function. ‘Useless eater’ has none. As workers are replaced with more easily conformed and cheaper ‘units’ and with automated robotics, they are discarded and ‘encouraged’ to self-destruct – whilst providing revenue stream via tax and NI. Whereas aristocracy operated a paternalism of managing the farm, a globalist cartel of corporatocracy bleeds ‘profit’ from disinformation, sickness, death and destruction and no matter what political ‘face’ it wears, operates a very different pharming of mindshare – or indeed mind-control.
Reclaiming our lives is a matter of questioning the terms and vocabularies we ‘think’ in – for identity-politics is the manipulation of masked or denied fears that has us seeing everything and everyone in terms of what is ‘wrong’.
There are wrongs that call for correction – but identity-politics appeals to self righteous hate – which does not recognize itself as hate – being of course wholly justified against an evil or wrong. But hate feeds the war that operates on every level of every aspect of our human experience. I don’t say deny and blame hatred. I say we have to feel what we feel, long enough for a deeper perspective to unfold – for there are always deeper perspectives beneath the triggered reactions. I don’t write to a collective polemic – but simply in individual witness to a sense of human worth beneath the confusion and hatred that covers it over with distorted sense of un-worthiness.
I see I have two legs and arms and that they work together in common cause. If my mind offends me – I pluck it out – or not use it as a basis for acting in any way that harms myself or others until a saner perspective rises to replace it.
A core and FELT – sense of Humanity rises in place of divide and rule thinking. Its an ongoing willingness of commitment – not a smug ‘answer’. How another identifies or defines them self is not my business – but how they live and act to me is where I meet them and it is what is lived that finds communication or a breakdown of communication – and a willingness to find common cause or not. I cannot do anything for your choices excepting to live my own – and share witness from which you may freely align with or not as you will – as you feel and know and accept yourself to be.
Compassion embraces supportively in solidarity. Sympathy operates destructively as the ‘gift’ of a presentation in place of true presence. Beware of the mind born of the sense of self-specialness or superiority – and celebrate uniqueness and diversity as a working together in common cause. In shared purpose. In living purpose that truly CAN share and be shared in – not an ideology.

Doug Colwell
Doug Colwell

Aside from tax avoidance I expect many of these foundations and other charity organizations are used to promote an ideology. Soros comes to mind of course, but others as well. Gates’ promotion of GMOs is unlike to be without self interest. Colour revolutions get funded for a reason.


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Adam Price
Adam Price

Obviously, the UK WILL BE CUT OFF AS TO ALL THE PRIVILEGES IT NOW HOLDS AS A MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION ONCE IT EXISTS THE EUROPEAN UNION. You apparently have little to no comprehension at all based on your comments as to what the EU even is.
The EU is a COUNTRY CLUB literally formed by a club of 28 (soon to be only 27) member countries who get very substantial privileges by being a member of that club. Once a country withdraws such as the UK now voted to do, then the privileges it held as a member NO LONGER EXIST. That includes passporting as related to financial concerns in all of the other countries of the EU, open borders to the EU, the benefits of the common market of the EU, and the benefits of the common legal system of the EU, among a vast array of other benefits and privileges AFFORD ONLY TO MEMBERS.
The UK is and will remain one of the MOST INDEBTED COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD on a per capita basis and that situation will become vastly worse as the UK economy sinks dramatically as a result of withdrawing its membership in the EU common markets and as its passporting privileges for the financial sector are rescinded.
Moreover, the UK itself will begin to implode with Scotland moving to exit the UK without delay which is certain to pass with about a 60% majority and then immediately join the EU as an independent country which will then bring the EU membership back up to 28 countries. The loss of economic revenues to the UK from the withdrawal by Scotland will be very substantial as will the impact to UK tax revenues.
The EU economies are THRIVING and will continue to do so and those countries that are members of the EuroZone will continue to see a very strong currency while the UK’s pound sterling rapidly sinks towards and to parity with the US dollar before heading lower.


Open up trade with Russian. Gladly let Scotland have their independence, Wales too. They too will exit the EU when their streets are filled with Muddle East breathers. Tie your currency to something tangible , and piss on having a important say -so with the rest of Europe. They are BROKE … Lose the oligarchs and their cheap, slow death of western culture and people. Stop selling yourself and your on Mother down the river..


That is the most unpalatable load of rubbish I’ve read for some time and i do read, so well done for that!!
Put down the Mail and look at the reality of our situation rather than spouting other heathens, ill informed, regurgitated opinions into one and calling it your own.
You don’t know what your taking about, and if you honestly think anyone on here can tell you answers your more convoluted than your post.


A corporate protectionist cartel serving its own interests at expense of yours – but presented in deceits of extended power and protection from threat. EU’ve been had. But nor is the nation state able to serve a representative willingness for Life on Earth unless we truly embrace and live such willingness. From a basis of a sense of wholeness – we can open and join in relationships with others. But you must know that our ‘representatives’ are at best trying to make the best of a bad job – for our corporately driven influence abroad is not ‘internationalism’ excepting a power class of transnational elitism eschew any relationship or responsibility for the host they asset-strip.
False foundations undermine all possibility of true outcomes. The banker always wins… unless of course we played to a different tune.
Whatever else ‘Brexit’ might be, it is serving a divide and rule ‘hate’ agenda that operates a perfect smoke-screen for the real power moves to occur unnoticed.
Reality is too disturbing for ordinary ‘citizens’ and so they are to be fed a version that empowers their fantasies so as to better cope in increasingly compressing terror of powerlessness. The ‘devil you know’ is often chosen above an unknown in which to discover – but I say the devil we think we know is boiling its frogs slowly – so that they do not recognize the terminal nature of the heat – nor simply jump out.
Basically Everything is Changing. (Anyway and regardless). Position yourself within the currents that you feel Life in – or cling too the driftwood of ‘paradigm lost’. Uncovering true foundation is the only real option. Now, or defer Now to later – to some other moment of some other day awaiting some other conditions in hope of some other choice.
Currency is corrupt. False economy. Sacrificing the Good into the bad and cooking the books to make it seem as if someone is in any kind of control – apart from control-freakery gone mad! It is the end of the world for such control-freaks – but do they have to drag everyone else down with them?


Dear Adam,
In case you hadn’t noticed, Scotland held an independence referendum in 2014, the result of which was that most Scots opted to remain part of the United Kingdom. A major part of the reason for doing so is that Scotland is highly dependent on subsidies from London to the tune of 9 billion pounds annually. If Scotland were independent, it would have to rely on decreasing supplies of North Sea Oil and the income from that wouldn’t cover what the country needs to maintain its infrastructure and social welfare institutions. If the country were to apply for EU membership, it would be forced to undergo economic austerity treatment by Brussels, similar to what is demanded of Greece, some other southern European EU members and even some countries (like Ukraine) hoping to join the EU. So much for saying that EU economies are thriving.
If you think the UK will suffer as a result of leaving the EU, that will be because of punitive economic actions taken against the UK by the EU (and possibly the US which wanted the UK to stay), not because of going alone in a big bad neoliberal world. And the UK would not be exactly alone: it is part of the British Commonwealth and this organisation now has the potential to become a trading bloc for the British again.
Incidentally Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are not EU members – indeed Iceland decided not to join the EU some years ago and Switzerland rescinded its application this year – and one can hardly say they’re not rich.

Adam Price
Adam Price

Brexit is already costing the UK massive amounts of money and sending the UK into the political, economic, and financially abyss where it will just become an irrelevant little foggy island off the coast of Europe totally isolated from the prosperous UK if Brexit proceeds.
The abysmal stupidity of the low class zero information voters in the UK is beyond mind boggling. Most of those dolts didn’t even know what the EU (European Union) is and that the entire prosperity of the UK over the past 43 years of membership is the very basis for their lowly little existences which are now getting massively worse.
Now they will be finding out what the EU is and they will be:
1) Losing their jobs in droves
2) Seeing UK banks fail at alarming levels
3) Seeing zero influence over the political affairs of Europe
4) Seeing the stock markets in the UK and globally crash
5) Seeing huge crashes in the price of the pound sterling
6) Paying much higher prices for good as the pound sterling crashes
7) Being the laughingstock of Europe and the word for their stupidity.
8) Seeing the UK itself disintegrate with Scotland exiting.
9) Seeing Scotland join the EU decimating the UK’s tax base.
As Kris Kristofferson said, “Freedom is just a word for nothing left to lose.”
The UK wanted POVERTY AND ISOLATION, UK Brexiteers, and that is what you’ll get.


Another one!! Please see above…
Really what do you men do for numeration!? Taxi drivers? The local barman? When you have read all the treaty’s and understood them I’m sure your attitude will change!! Oh wait someone will have to read them first and tell you all about it.


I get it – you did not get ‘your own way’.
Excepting your still insist on seeing everything ‘your own way’ and see everything different in very negative terms – and calling on very negative outcomes.
I voted leave because I feel for a shared humanity worthy of more – so much more – than a corporately contrived and controlled technocracy. But out of the frying pan is not yet clear of the fire. Collectivism operates the sacrifice of individual sovereignty, and a false or corrupted individualism operates an exclusive elitism to which also true or free willingness is sacrificed.
People largely do not have much perspective or articulation of their predicament – or if they might – they keep it hidden because it is not felt safe to come out amidst such a hateful blame culture as has become the basis of socially engineered and managed ‘normal’. In fact it is only felt safe to come out with some kind of hateful negative opinionated put down – as has been established ‘normal’ thanks to the subversion of the institutions of our society – and in particular the Media.
Everything we accept as our thought, colours and paints our world, our part in it and its response to us. It isn’t that I feel we get the world we deserve so much as the world we serve up and make real to our experience by accepting it true. If responsibility = blame, then bad choices condemn you and us all to bad outcomes. But I see true responsibility = choice, and in recognizing a choice that doesn’t align true, I can now make a better one – thus even negative experiences can serve a positive outcome. Blame and hate culture is not this or that system of governance but must undermine any possibility of communication and exchange in any such system. But it is none the less a vote for accepted outcome in which responsibility is not accepted and lived – but denied, evaded and sacrificed to socially engineered ‘rules’ by which those at the top of the hate pile get to dump on everyone else and believe that privilege to be power in life.
The only way to a better appreciation of who and what we are, is an honesty of being that seeks and finds a better sense of self-definition, from which to see – and extend – a sense of worth. Don’t believe for a moment that all the accounting statistics are anything but mass evasion of responsibility. If the environmental and health costs were truly accounted for then almost none of our corporate ‘economy’ would be profitable – and even disregarding the destruction and degradation of Life on Earth – it operates a debt scam into which our Humanity – of the embrace of Life on Earth – is sacrificed for evaporations of wealth, power and self-specialness. For those who want it their own way – and are positioned to get it – are imposing it without the willingness of consent. For we are ‘stupid dolts’ who cannot be entrusted with Life – and so must be socially engineered, managed and manipulated to keep ourselves that way.

Adam Price
Adam Price

Perhaps the Brexiteers can find an old pig farm somewhere in what is left of the UK to house the swines in the new government as they certainly aren’t welcome in London.
Scotland and Ireland will soon vote to leave the UK and join the EU which will bring EU membership back up to 29 and leave the UK with a collapsing economy and little left but a bunch of disgruntled fools dragging the UK into utter poverty, desolation, and isolation.


You’re clearly very angry, but instead of Tourette’s style abuse why not list specific aspects of EU membership that have benefitted the ordinary people of the UK (as opposed to the financial and business sectors).


He simply can’t list anything unless he’s watched ANOTHER YouTube video!!
Asking that question was a shot in the dark.

Johnny Hacket
Johnny Hacket

Yet another article with blatant nationalistic bollocks in regard to workers who happen to be polish, some times I think I have wandered on to some right wing populist website , it wasn’t so long ago we had the Strain refugees are criminals article , this rather Adolf inspired thoughts on the polish worker is so far off to the right wing I had to have a shower after reading it.

Johnny Hacket
Johnny Hacket

strain refugees =syrian refugees.


“the workers who happen to be Polish”: that’s an odd way of putting it, isn’t it? They don’t simply happen to be Polish: they are the citizens of Poland, not the UK. While their country was receiving some 200 billion euros in subsidies, transfer payments, etc., British workers were getting exactly what from the EU that should have endeared it to them?


In the UK, the EU did not force austerity, and privatisation on us. The new labour/tory government and cameron et al did it all by themselves.


But it is EU policy nonetheless. Just because our politicians followed the same line (coincidence?) doesn’t absolve the EU.


How far back behind the puppets and fronting organisations do you need to go to find a globalist agenda that operates destructively under the aegis of creating a new world order – as if hate can be used to serve as a means for a goal that is not hateful. For it is a hateful cold rationalism that operates as the ‘thinking’ of the few imposed upon the many. Indeed the fewer they get the sooner will the ‘one’ seek to claim its ‘place’. There is no satisfying the addictive identity of power because the Place of First cannot be gotten by force or guile – only usurped and thus open to being ‘stolen’ back.
The appeal to a sense of personal power as ‘over others’ and as protection or privilege from aligning with it – is a ‘Luciferian’ dream – in which no ‘other’ can disturb or interrupt, deny, challenge, hold back or hold check, a sense of unlimited power… to serve what exactly? Because without embracing a living relationship of growing trust and recognition is no Life – whatsoever. The fulfilment of such ‘authoritarian rule’ is a dead end – and appeals to, and uses death as power over Life – in wielding terror as hate and rage – masked of course by appropriate personae – until perhaps the curtain raises to revelations of a different movement than that framed as its own thinking.


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Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia

“The European Union is controlled by an Oligarchy, which dictates socio-economic and political decisions in the interest of Bankers and Multi-National business”.
“Who controls money, controls the World.” Henry Kissinger.
“Whosoever controls the volume of money in any country, is absolute master of all industry and commerce” President James Garfield 1881.
“Capitalism and Altruism are incompatible; they are philosophical opposites; They cannot co-exist in the same man or in the same country”…….Ayn Rand

Peter Austin

Would people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other wealthy and philanthropic capitalists be valid exceptions to Ayn Rand’s above statement?

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia

I have no idea. Who knows what the actual set up of these “philanthropic trusts” are. From what I’ve read, about the Facebook billionaire, he has “given away” about 50 Billion dollars, but still “owns” and retains complete control over the funds.
Sounds like a “tax dodge” to me. Maybe someone can clarify how it all works……….


Fronting trusts, organisations and institutions can be and are used as proxies to ‘astroturf’ a larger hidden agenda. Especially when the Media lacks the capacity or the willingness to expose such deceits – and becomes a tool for their operation on the gullible and cynical who like to believe they are sceptical – but are actually captured minds – or part of Branded Mindshare.PLC


No – for they give to get. You can use the internet to uncover more than PR.
But just because Ayn Rand said it – does that make it true?
What is altruism? Service to other? She saw it that way but I disagree.
What is capitalism? Service to self? If no self is celebrated free to discover and share in – where is joy in life? In sacrifice to an ‘idea’ of the ‘good’ of ‘others’?
Serving self and serving others can and often does hide under the mask of the other and operate a mutually exclusive polarisation in which their unity is perpetually obscured or denied: divide and rule.
Division of self and other is presented as self-righteous judgement – whether of victim or perpetrator.
Do you invest your attention, time and energy in that which has no return? BUT if you uncover recognition that being the true of you depends on your willingness to give true witness TO others and To your world – then there is a basis from which to love your brother as yourself – but not as ‘personalities’ or persons. Identity politics begins with the sense of disconnection and loss from that which identifies you perfectly. Thus rises the mind and the mask of a personal sense held over and against that which is associated with disconnection and pain of loss. As such it is negatively or segregatively defined ‘self’. Human being contains the capacity to re-cognize mask as a strategy – and therefore not Self – from this honesty comes an integrative movement of aligning in joy of being rather than in aligning against the conditioned associations with the denial of joy. A positively aligned self is not ‘trying’ to be ‘good or right’ – but simply aligning in a clarity and capacity for communication – rather than seeking to control the narrative to engineer or manipulate agenda or outcomes that assert righteousness or try to present under a seeming ‘good’.
Why don’t we just be open and honest in uncovering and communicating what we want?
Because there is a heavy – indeed terror backed sense of denial – along with a deep sense of unworthiness. Some of us feel more identified in a sense of loss of power – and so dedicate our lives to the attempt to regain it – or the seeming of it. Others in a sense of loss of love – who seek that in the world no less. But the world of the persona is a masquerade or matrix of seeming by which power of love lies hidden – for there is no love in ‘divide and rule’ – nor any power of living in the sacrifice of joy to a blind law (or god).


Ayn Rand’s above statement

And who gives one shit what a failed CIA-sponsored novelist once said?

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia

I was just quoting Rand. I have no respect for her at all, or adherents. She apparently ended her life receiving welfare……………


That’s a cop out Brian! If you felt to quote what she is ascribed to have said – you must have some sense of what she meant as meaningful to you – regardless of where she apparently ended her life.
And who gives a shit for the habit of shitting on others posts by taking the time to publicize derision – as if to grandstand above the humiliated and invalidated scapegoat?
If blame establishes validity – then all you have to do to be ‘right’ is get blame associated with others so as to seem to have none or significantly less. It operates a reverse altruism – and giving or joining in blame operates a sort of reverse philanthropy.
But as I said already – deceits can operate in the form or presentation of genuine currency. Those busy in them are least able to spot their own.


Well either they’re not true capitalists or they’re not truly altruistic. Guess which one my money’s on?

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig

“Would people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other wealthy and philanthropic capitalists be valid exceptions to Ayn Rand’s above statement?”
In general, no. Most of these oligarchs operate their charities as loss-leaders intended to benefit their core businesses, such as when Gates gives away free computers to schools. This is just a ploy to expand the use of his (crappy) platform and put those schools on the hook for future software purchases. And there are also oligarchs such as George Soros, whose NGOs are obviously tools for spreading the oligarchy’s power over society and the world.
Then there’s the deeper, philosophical problem with the whole notion of ‘charity’: when an oligarchic elite manages to control virtually all of the wealth and power in a society, and expects us to jump for joy and act grateful when they oh-so-magnanimously share a tiny percentage of it with us, that is dehumanizing and patronizing. The world doesn’t need charity; the world needs socialism–worker control of the means of production, and of wealth and power in society.


If someone – including the State – offers you something, it is up to you to feel if there are strings attached – and be aware of what you are getting into. If something is truly given – then there are no strings attached.
Any centralized control mechanism is open to being corrupted by political and indeed corporate power. Any attempt to organize a cultural and communitarian solidarity has been undermined, subverted and denied by the power class – regardless their political ‘face’. There is little or no representation for human community. “Socialism” has been co-opted to serve as a face of the corporate-state – as a technocratic bureaucracy of manual mass management or ‘social engineering’.
True charity is never wasted. A mean spirited and miserly inclination to focus on the hateful as self-justification passes off as true currency. I don’t know what the ‘world’ needs in terms of the form it needs to take – but I do know we need a true currency of thought – and a grounding foundation in something that isn’t just more spin.


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