1. Lupulco says

    Very good article.
    But it overlooks the simple fact, [I may be wrong] But people have woken up to the fact that [on both sides of the pond] that Democrats/republicans or be it Labour/Conservatives are just different sides of the same coin.

    The question is who owns the coin?
    Are the professional politicians being used knowingly? or are they just in it for a easy well paid life?

    What we have now is the mass of the people voting for anyone who appears not to be an establishment figure. Or as the recent referendum in the UK. A chance to kick the backside of the establishment by voting against their wishes? [or was it a double bluff] by the establishment?

    Now we have Trump, a career business man, nominated [reluctantly] and the masses are being told anyone but Trump. We have Mrs Clinton with more baggage and more hidden and not so hidden secrets being offered as a credible opposition, and a Woman to boot. [to get the woman’s vote]

    Now I ask my self, is Trump part of the establishment? or an honest broker with his own definite values on how to run a country.

    Or are we being set up to vote for Trump, because we have been told not to?

    I don’t have a clue anymore what the outcome will be, but 2017 is going to be an interesting year.

  2. ralphiesmom says

    what rot. sanders has known since the beginning how the dem party works. and he became a democrat anyway. he was a very energetic sheepdog for the young people of america who followed him idealistic into the cesspool of democratic politics.

  3. michaelk says

    What got me exciled to the small Siberian town of Premoderationgrad by my former comrades at the Guardian, was my naive belief that the facts in the Assange Affair needed to be examined properly. What a quaint, old-fashioned concept, in our post-factual political culture. I’ll admit I was frustrated. I’ve lived in Sweden and know the language, customs and politics, inside out. So, I imagined my comments would be welcomed because the Guardian’s seemed so confused and ignorant. I probably shouldn’t have used the word ‘ignorant.’ I did eventually wonder out loud if the Guardian’s journalists were really as blindingly obtuse as they appeared to be, or were they merely pretending to be because they had an agenda of their own. To fuck Assange regardless of the facts. Still, living in Premoderationgrad does have its advantages.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      Assange deserves a little of what he is getting, and the Real Evil Empire isn’t finished with him yet, and won’t be until he is dead. To co-operate with disinformation sewers like Speigel, NYT and the ultra-loathsome corpse of the Guardian was either madness or worse. And the Guardian then treacherously turning on him, and unleashing its odious feminazi lynch-mob against him was an act of now typical bastardy.

  4. michaelk says

    I think it’s interesting that the Guardian is employing all the worst and most lurid tactics from the Cold War to smear Trump as a stooge of the Kremlin and a fool for Russia. At the same time that they divert attention from the e-mails and the dirty tricks employed to undermine Sanders, which is the real scandal. A rigged election campaign by the party designed to overturn the entire democratic process and secure victory for Clinton. Some ‘democracy’?

    Why isn’t the Guardian examining the story as a inside job, the work of an appalled whistleblower, revealing the truth about a rigged election, rather than as a hack from the outside? This scenario, so much more probable than the Kremlin story, isn’t even mentioned as a possibility by the noble and fearless Guardian. Christ, I simply can’t wait for Luke Harding to focus his mighty intellect on this disturbing story about the evil Russians, who, as usual, are incredibly clever and devious, but at the same time stupid as fuck, leaving a trail of glowing breadcrumbs that lead all the way back to Darth Vader behind the walls of the Kremlin.

    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      Fine comment. Harding and the corpse of the Guardian are so far beneath contempt as to be approaching the planet’s inner core.

  5. Excellent article.
    One thing made me smile. Those that practice the dark arts seem to have a thing about getting behind a Hilary/ Hillary? No?

  6. Orthus says

    Just look at The Markets, or the markets: all those greengrocers and butchers side by side, easily compared for price. Be so much better for them if they could only put some physical distance between them and the competition. Turns out that customers are loathe to make a purchase if they don’t feel they have a choice; it’s the same with voters. Just don’t give them too much choice, as the Blairites found out.

  7. Spot on, Kit. My thoughts exactly. I’m less au fait with the micro detail of Sanders’s campaign but he was always to the right of Corbyn. More to the point here, if the Brit fails in the end – and that old film, A Very British Coup, is instructive in this regard – it won’t be for lack of moral fibre, nor lack of steel either. He’s been tested as few are, and not found wanting.

  8. reinertorheit says

    Corbyn is for nationalising industry sectors and abolishing nuclear weapons

    Sadly, Hazbyn has already backtracked on his lifetime commitment against nuclear weapons, and he’s now prepared to see a ‘limited’ number of nuclear weapons as part of Britain’s arsenal. Needless to say, for a man who has sat on the fence for his entire lifetime, no definition of what ‘limited’ means has been forthcoming. Since he will inevitably resign once he loses the next election, we will never have a chance to find out.

    There is a real prospect that the SNP will make up the Opposition in the next parliament. At least they have demanded a trial for Tony Shitbox Bliar in Parliament – until the greasy little weasel Hazbyn.

    • @reinertorheit, may I recommend you get a prescription for some stronger medication?
      At least your pseudonym is appropriate, or would be if it were grammatically correct.

      • reinertorheit says

        Gee, thanks, Mike. It’s always a pleasure to get a ticking-off from an authentic know-nothing. I realise that neocons like you love to take your orders from Germans like Stinkmeier and Schauble – but haven’t really mastered the old German lingo much? Of course, if you’d ever read Nietzcshe (in German), you’d know where my monicker comes from.

        But as you’re pig-ignorant, I’ll leave you to wallow in your own sty.

        Since your posting didn’t include anything other than a stream of empty invective, it merits no further reply,

        Du hast kein Schiss Ahnung davon. Kein Schiss Ahnung.

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